Thursday, July 20, 2017

Livy Ekemezie ‎"Friday Night" 1983

Friday Night by Livy Ekemezie is one of the most sought after (and best) nigerian boogie/disco albums ever, recorded at Nigerias finest studio at the time in Enugu in 1983. The masterpiece has reccently been reissued by the a new label called Odion Livingstone, support them and their work here. Groovy!


Dadawah ‎"Peace And Love (Wadadasow)" 1974

Peace & Love by the short lived project Dadawah by Ras Michael (his monik, and was released between the work of his own group The Sons Of Negus) is not a traditional reggae album, it's called nyahbingi, named after the drums and the hypnotic spiritual rhythms. With help from the studio musicians Lloyd Parks, Paul Williams, Willie Lindo and Lloyd Charmers the album was released by Michaels own Zion label in 1974 (between. The album contains four long spacey and hypnotic tracks, with lovely harmony vocals, trippy and "psychedelic" guitar work, and monotonous bass and drums. The music presents the deep of the jamaican heart. Very moody, hypnotic, laid back and also a bit scary at the same time. This is one of a kind. Groovy!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shabaka And The Ancestors ‎"Wisdom Of Elders" 2016

Sax player Shabaka Hutchings was born in London 1984, his parents were natives from Barbados. Wisdon Of Elders was recorded in South Africa in one day, and started as a tribute to the former Cape Town jazz scene back in the late 70s - with the classic Nguni rhtythms. Musically it's some kind of hymn, or even a psalm to the era when jazz was part of the freedom fight. It's a very spiritual and moody album, a very structural but also full om improvisation. The eight piece group has a lot of horns and diverse percussion. This is a true adventure.


Winston Francis "California Dreaming" 1971

Singer Winston Francis were born in Kingston, Jamaica back in 1948. In the late 60s he made some singles for the legendary Coxsone/Studio One, his first full length album came out in 1970. California Dreaming is his 2nd album - great soulful reggae/rocksteady with a lot of covers from the american pop and soul scene. Groovy!


Brother To Brother "Let Your Mind Be Free" 1976

Brother To Brother were a group from St. Louis, they were active 1974-80 and led by native america Michael Burton. 70s groovy soul with hints of mid 70s chill funk. The track Visions should have been a minor hit. Groovy!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jack (Bongo) Burger ‎"The End On Bongos" 1957

The End Of Bongo is a very nice and sweet, moody and loveable album from 1957, a typical of time cross between latin and mid 50s hip jazz by the west coast percussionist Jack (Bongo) Burger. Great work by Buddy Collette on flute and sax, and off course great bongo work by Mr. Burger. Groovy!


Paul Horn "Vision" 1974

The canadian jazz flautist, saxophonist and composer Paul Horn was born in Vancaouver 1930. Visions from 1974 is full of groovy soul-jazz-funk with marvellous flute, with a strong hippie vibe, four songs on the album are well known songs by David Crosby, and three by Stevie Wonder, and so on. Tom Scott is the producer. Groovy!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Showbiz & A.G. "Runaway Slave" 1992

Showbiz & A.G. is a american hip hop/rap duo from Bronx, New York, and they started back in 1990. Rodney LeMay (showbiz) is the producer and Ander "The Giant" Barnes (A.G.) is the rapper. Runaway Slave from 1992 was their full lenght debut - and it's full of funky and groovy sampling. Both dudes are still active in the business, sometimes they reunite as well. Groovy!


Binker And Moses "Dem Ones" 2015

Binker And Moses is tenor saxophonist Binker Golding (Nu Civilisation Orchestra) and Moses Boyd (The Exodus) on drums and percussion - both the youngsters are highly regarded at the British nu-jazz scene. The duo recorded Dem Ones in 2015, and the music is contemporary and modern ecstatic jazz with a hip and spiritual vibe, some tunes have a african and middle eastern twist. Support Binker here, and Moses here, and the enthusiasts of Gearbox Records here. Groovy!


Marvin Peterson And The Soulmasters "In Concert" 1969

The american trumpet player and composer Hannibal Marvin Peterson was born in Smithville, Texas in 1948. This is his debut album from 1969 (recorded live in Texas at the end of 1968). In Concert (sounds more like studio to me) includes the tribute Groovin For Otis and a cover of James Brown's I Can't Stand It. Musically it's a funky and instrumental soul-jazz album. Groovy!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Singers & Players "War Of Words" 1981

Singers & Players were a loose collective of musicians, DJ's and vocalists of Adrian Sherwood's On U-Sound Label. On this album Prince Far I, Jah Woosh, Keith Levine and Bim Sherman is the bildning. Musically it's a cross between deep dub and reggae with vibes of chill and cosmic post-punk, produced by Sherwood himself - with his british and typical of time production. Highly recommended.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kondi Band ‎"Salone" 2017

This is a very inspired new afro-electronic project by the Sierra Leone blind thumb piano player Sorie Kondi and the US DJ and producer Chief Boima. The result is a lovely cross between West African folk music and modern minimal house and electronic, Salone is a very groovy, atmospheric and fresh album, and deserve everybodys attention. Support Strut Records here. Groovy


Pax Nicholas And The Nettey Family ‎"Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef" 1973

The Ghana born Pax Nicholas was a member of Fela Kuti's band 1971-1978, and as many of the members he had his own "career". Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef was released in 1973, and musically it's just as groovy as any of Fela Kuti's records from the same period, great and funky afrobeat. Daptone Records made a reissue of the album in 2009 (support them here), and Nicholas himself is still active, support him here. Groovy!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Black Moon "Enta Da Stage" 1993

Black Moon is an hip hop group started back in 1992, and they were formed in Brooklyn, New York by members Buckshot, 5ft and Dj Evil Dee. Enta Da Stage was their debut album, and is highly acclaimed among fans of early rap/hip hop today - very groovy and funky. This album was released by the lovely New York underground label Wreck Records. Groovy!


Bloque 53 "Tumba Puchunga" 2012

Bloque 53 is a groovy and smokin' hot latin/salsa group from Barcelona in Spain, with both male/female vocals - lovely rhtm section and powerful horns. This is their debut album from 2012. Support the band here and here. Groovy!


Angel Hoytt "Wanna Be Your Lover Tonight" 1983

I don't know much about this record. It seems like Angel Hoytt was  an jamaican reggae singer, released this only album in 1983 on the Subsidiary Records label (US release only). The classic Roots Radics is backing her. Musically it's roots reggae with dancehall/lover's rock elements, and some really nice dub effects. Groovy!


Music Inc. "Same" 1971

Music Inc. from 1971 (recorded in 1970) was the first album Strata Easte Record ever released. This "big band" plays hard bop and modal jazz, some of the tunes have a spiritual vibe, also some kind of funky/groovy vibe in parts. Stanley Cowell and Charles Tolliver has composed and arranged the all of the songs, nice trumpet work by Virgil Jones, trombone work by Curtis Fuller and Clifford Brown on flute (among others). Lovely album - and a great historical landmark. Groovy!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström "Hunden & Paddan" 2012

Hunden & Paddan is a instrumental studio project by the Swedish duo Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström - both dudes are very famous in Sweden (musicians, producers and artists ). This album from 2012 was self released on vinyl only (very limited). Musically it sounds like the Jon Spencer & The Blues Explosion made a vintage sounded and psychedelic album with middle eastern influences crossed with blues, rock, folk/jazz and funk, produced by Tom Waits. It's a very groovy (and part trippy) album, in my opinion a sadly overlooked album.


Boss Capone "'69 Reggae Bonanza" 2015

Boss Capone is a Dutch reggae/rockseady (and some ska as well) band, and a sideproject by The Upsessions vocalist and composer Boss Van Tright (vocalist and comper). '69 Bonanza Reggae are recorded in glorious mono, and the music sounds like it was recorded in 1969 by Lee Perry himself. This is pure jamaican dynamite, every song would easily place on Soul Jazz Records early dynamite-series. Support the band here. Groovy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Keith Mansfield Orchestra And Chorus ‎"Face On The Wind" 1969

We all need cheezy groovy easy listening from 1969 sometimes. Face On The Wind by the british composer, arranger and producer Keith Mansfield is a true gem in the genre. Groovy jazz-pop as it best.