Thursday, May 26, 2016

VA - Do The Reggae! 20 Splashes 1980-1982

Well, here is the first mixtape a made with reggae from the years 1980-1982. I choosed the single versions of the tracks below, no dub versions or 12inch versions. I think those  years is poorly represented when it comes to retrospective reggae compilations - too often is focus on the early to mid seventies and even earlier. It's not a try to do a fair overview of this part in the history of reggae, this is just a groovy mixtape i made wich sounds good in the ears. Do the reggae!

01. Clair McLean - Back Together Again (1980)
02. George Allison - Hard Times (1980)
03. Nianatty - One Love Stylee (1981)
04. Pablo Gad - Hard Times (1980)
05. Don Carlos - Can't Waste Time (1982)
06. Melody Beecher - Illusions (1982)
07. Sharon Little - Don't Mash Up Creation (1981)
08. Negro - Unite (1980)
09. Pablo Moses - Music Is My Desire (1982)
10. Little John & Billy Boyo - Janet Sinclair (1982)
11. Glen Adams - A Beat For You (1982)
12. Keith Hudson - Healing Of The Nation (1982)
13. Blood Sisters - What About Me (1980)
14. General Saint & Clint Eastwood - Young Lovers (1981)
15. Tony Clarke - Going Home (1982)
16. Barrington Levy - Tomorrow Is Another Day (1982)
17. Jennifer Lara - I Am In Love (1981)
18. Ronnie Davis - Strange Things (1981)
19. Carol Cole - Ethiopia (1980)
20. Sonya Spence - Let Love Flow On (1981)



  1. Aaron - You have a keen eye and ear for under-appreciated periods or genres of music. I was a classic reggae fan and collector from 1978-1984 (high school & college), but I lost interest as it became slick.

    1. Thank you so much Gyro! I agree with you, after 1984 I'm totally lost when it comes to reggae, and I think it became to slick and too impersonal. I'm sure you can find great reggae stuff in modern days, but I don't have that time to dig that genre:-)

  2. Thanks again Aaron - it's amazing how we obviously share tastes in music, I'm just less into blues, maybe should listen to more of that. Great selections again, post roots, pre-MIDI! BTW 12" versions from the period were amazing too, I have a couple of Greensleeves compilations. And if it's not too rude to ask - do you by any chance have Clint Eastwood's solo records? Namely, Sex Education; used to love that a lot in the 80s, but the vynil I owned was lost to time, unfortunately.

    1. Iron Toad - Blues can be amazing, but it can also be the most boring genre ever depent what it is. I agree with you, there is plenty of great 12inch versions, especially on Greensleeves! I know I've got Eastwoods "Sex Education" - I'll post it HERE in the comment field tomorrow! So, keep an eye here in this comment below tomorrow afternoon:-)

    2. Thank you Aaron! Looking forward to that!

    3. Here you go Iron Toad:

      Clint Eastwood ‎- Sex Education (1980)

  3. Your mixtapes continue to surprise me with their wonderful mashups of artists, genres and moods. Have you listened to Dylan's satellite radio shows? His swath is broad, but like you, he unearths many less-familiar performances then programs them in sequences that make astoundingly good sense to my ears. Thanks for your labor of love Aaron!