Friday, June 17, 2016

VA - Disko Türk Müzik! 18 Turkish Floorfillers 1978-1981

This is the first of two mixtapes with groovy disco music from Turkey, this one is from the years 1978-1981. I included a b-side with Claire Evren, she is from Turkey but recorded both her singles singin' in french (or a mish mash of both language) in France in the early eighties. I also read somewhere that the duo Derdiyoklar where a duo from turkey that moved to germany 1979 and record their debut?  

For snobs that only listen to disco music with productions like Nile Rodgers - this is not a mixtape for you. What I can hear the turkish disco music from those years are more related with european easygoing acts like Boney M for example (and what's wrong with Boney M?) rather than the licked sounds from american labels like Casablanca or Phladelphia Internationals. If you are into turkish folklore and catchy disco - I'm sure you find this tape as groovy as I do!

01. İstanbul Çalgıcıları - Köroğlu Dağları (1979)
02. Nil Burak - Ağladımmı Güldümmü (1980)
03. Sevda Karaca - Cik Ortaya (1978)
04. Zerrin Özer - Yalan (1980)
05. Claire Evren - Müzik Ve Ben (1981)
06. Mehmet Pekün - Sabret Dostum (1980)
07. Senay - Dalkavuk (1979)
08. Ayşe Mine - Demek Ki Öyle (1978)
09. Ersan Erdura - Aşıksın (1980)
10. Erol Evgin - Rüya (1981)
11. Nazan Şoray - Tatli Bela (1980)
12. Nazia Hassan - Disco Deewane (1981)
13. Deniz Erkanat - Yetersin Bana (1978)
14. Yasemin Kutsi - Duysun Dünya (1980)
15. Derdiyoklar - Alman Marki (1979)
16. Sibel Egemen - Yine Yalnizim (1981)
17. Yeliz - Rüya (1980)
18. Serpil Örumcer - Hayat (1981)


  1. many thanks for another great drop!

  2. Thanks a lot, can't wait to listen to all these goodies!

    1. That sounds great, hope you find them groovy:-)

  3. BTW in case you're interested here's some Latvian space disco from the Soviet times (no need to publish this comment, it's just for you)

    1. Thanks a lot for Latvian disco, much appreciated - will check it out first thing in the morning :-)

  4. Very interesting stuff you do here. Thanks.