Wednesday, June 8, 2016

VA - A New Birth! 18 Groovy Cuts From 1970s Iran!

Well, this is one of those genres that is hard to find some sensible information about, maybe because much of the information is written in their own language? The tracks is what I suppose recorded before the revolution in the late seventies - sadly I didn't find the year of each recording so I skipped to wrote the few I find on the list below. This mixtape includes groovy pop, some funky stuff, a few with a jazzy and psychedelic touch - every tune is of course tinged by the iranian/persian folk music. Some cuts here are involved at compilations released by different labels (some official, som not) that you still can buy on cd or lp out there. The "signs" on the cover means "a new birth", I used a translation program to get them on the front - hope it's correctly:-) Feel the groove!

01. Dia Prometido - Hava Nagila
02. Neli - Ki Blood
03. Sattar - Shaazdeh Khaanoom  
04. Googoosh - Age Mishod Che Mishod
05. Beti - Gharibaneh
06. Kourosh Yaghmaee - Gole Yakh
07. Mehrpouya - Dokhtare Shab
08. Hassan Shamaizadeh - Safar
09. Amir Rassaie - Tisheh O Risheh
10. Farzin - Khodahafez
11. Giti - Dar Salaame Man Tou Bashi
12. Nooshafarin - Gole Aftabgardoon
13. Shohreh - Del
14. Habib Mohebian - Maadar
15. Afshin Moghaddam - Gharibooneh
16. Morteza - Morteza
17. Azita - Bi To
18. Amir Rassaie - Aroos Khanom


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