Wednesday, June 1, 2016

VA - People In Motion 2! 20 Cuts From The Groovy Norway 1966-1976

Here is the 2nd mixtape with norwegian acts from the creative period 1966-1976. For some unknown reasons the norwegian artists handle (when they sung) the english language much better than many other europeans (sweden for example) artists - maybe it's some dialectal thing. This compilation includes some groovy hippie tinged folkrock (norway must have been obsessed by Jethro Tull at the time), sometimes with a progressive, psychedelic or heavy touch, there's also some groovy anglophile late sixties pop, jazzy funk grooves and some blue-eyed soul! This was not a try do a fair overview of the scene, some groups in the vein progressive/symphonic rock are excluded (cause I'm not a big fan of those genres), there ain't no lausy Shadows or Searchers copycats either. Have fun with the people in motion!

01. Karin Krog - We Could Be Flying (1975)
02. Tobben og Ero - Lina (1973)
03. Freddy Lindquist - The Green And Pink Little Man (1970)
04. Asa - Rekkene (1969)
05. Happie - Marianne (1969)
06. Terje Rypdal - Bleak House (1968)
07. Titanic - Sultana (1971)
08. Åse Kleveland - Midt På Natta (1976)
09. Hole In The Wall - The Letdown (1972)
10. Kristin Berglund - Vi Holder Livet (1975)
11. Folque - Ravnene (1974)
12. Prudence - Small Things In Life (1971)
13. F.G. - Before The Start (1972)
14. Jan Groth And Voodoes - Bye Bye Baby (1968)
15. 1-2-6 - Graveyard Paradise (1967)
16. Inger Lise Andersen - Fru Johnsen (1968)
17. Little Earl & The Sapphires - Nighttrippers Jerk (1966)
18. Enemies - I Don't (1967)
19. Difference - Sweet Sounds Everywhere (1968)
20. Andersen & Pleym - Life Is Allowed To Last (1971)



  1. Hi
    Thanks for the great mix. Just a point, when analysing the sound wave of the files in the mix the volume levels are too high and are all clipped. Any chance of turning the volume down on future mixes so the wave remains within the parameters of the sound window without clipping? Thanks again for the tunes

    1. Thanks gor letting me know! I must have a too high level Point when I neutralize the sound (so every song have about same level). Glad you enjoy the mixes except that:-)

  2. Many thanks!Looking forward to this one.