Sunday, July 31, 2016

George Guzman "Introducing George Guzman" 1968

Here is a great latin/boogaloo LP on the Fanial label from 1968 by George Guzman. Groovy indeed!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

BONANZA: VA - Country Groove vol. 8 - 12

Here is five more mixtapes (vol.8 - 12) I made inspired by the lovely compilations "Country Got Soul 1 & 2" (Casual Records), "Country Funk 1 & 2" (Light In The Attic) and "Delta Swamp Rock 1 & 2" (Soul Jazz Records). None of the songs appears on the titles I mentioned above. More volumes in this serie will come.

VA - Country Groove 8 (1966-1976)

01. James Burton - Rock and Raunch (1971)
02. Roy Orbison - I'm a Southern Man (1977)
03. Brewer & Shipley - Tarkio Road (1970)
04. First Edition - Things Can't Be So Bad (1968)
05. Fred Neil - That's the Bag I'm In (1966)
06. Dale Hawkins - Joe (1969)
07. Wilbur 'Bad' Bascomb - Black Grass (1972)
08. David Allen Coe - Fuzzy Was An Outlaw (1976)
09. Elvis Presley - Spinout (1966)
10. Jim Ford - Long Road Ahead (1969)
11. Euphoria - Through A Window (1969)
12. Tom Rush - Wild Child (1970)
13. Rusty Wier - Cobey's Song (1974)
14. Rita Coolidge - Mud Island (1971)
15. Barefoot Jerry - One Woman (1972)
16. Jimmy Buffet - A Mile High In Denver (1970)
17. Teresa Brewer - Another Useless Day (1973)
18. The Fabulous Rhinestones - Roots With You, Girl (1973)
19. Robin Scott - I Am Your Suitcase Lover (1969)
20. The Artie Kornfeld Tree - Frist Anniversary Cut (1970)

VA - Country Groove 9 (1967-1978)

01. Wayne Carson - No Love At All (1972)
02. Boondoggle & Balderdash - Never Got To Know Him (1971)
03. Jerry Corbitt - Country Girl (1969)
04. Paul Pena - One For The Lonely (1971)
05. Bobby Lance - It Can't Be Turned Around (1971)
06. Chris Gantry - Bone (1970)
07. The Hour Glass - Down in Texas (1967)
08. Redeye - Empty White Houses (1970)
09. Area Code 615 - Sligo/Trip In The Country (1969)
10. Poor Richard - Funky Honky (1978)
11. John Drendall - Old Man Gibbs (1972)
12. Rudy Ramos - Abraham (1972)
13. Rob Galbraith - Willie Was A Honkie (1970)
14. Vernon Wray - Tailpipe (1972)
15. Joey Gregorash - Down By The River (1971)
16. Larry Weiss - Evil Woman (1974)
17. Leigh Stephens - If You Choose Too (1969)
18. Ron Davies - I Wonder (1973)
19. Don Williams - Tulsa Time (1978)
20. Ken Lauber - Undertow (1970)

VA - Country Groove 10 (1969-1980)

01. Love - Which Witch Is Which (1974)
02. Lobby Loyde - Daily Planet (1971)
03. Boz Scaggs - I Will Forever Sing (The Blues) (1971)
04. Stuffin' - Mama Roux (1969)
05. P.F. Sloan - The Night The Trains Broke Down (1972)
06. Marc Benno - Family Full Of Soul (1970)
07. John Henry Kurtz - Drift Away (1972)
08. Nancy Sinatra - Kind Of A Woman (1972)
09. Elkin Bubba Power - Louise (My Cajun Woman) (1970)
10. Delbert McClinton - Ain't No More Cane (1977)
11. Levon Helm - Take Me to the River (1980)
12. Leon Russell - Lost Highway (1973)
13. Kris Kristofferson - Border Lord (1972)
14. ZZ Hill - Country Love (1974)
15. Arrogance - Why Do You Love Me (1973)
16. Tapestry - Everything is Bringin' Me Down (1973)
17. Jim Sullivan - Sandman (1972)
18. Marlin Greene - Ponce De Leon (1972)
19. Ronnie Hawkins - Kinky (1973)
20. Sydney Devine - Spread It Around (1975)

VA - Country Groove 11 (1967-1974)

01. James Burton - Hound Dog (1971)
02. Little Richard - California (I'm Comin') (1972)
03 Tommy James - Tell 'Em Willie Boy's A-Comin' (1972)
04. J.J. Cale - The Woman That Got Away (1976)
05. Supa - Burned (1971)
06. Tom Fogerty - It's Been A Good Day (1974)
07. Howl The Good - The Joke (1972)
08. Don Preston & The South - Circle For A Landing (1969)
09. Travis Wammack - It's Karate Time (1967)
10. Billy Joe Royal ‎- You Can Make Me Feel Good (1969)
11. Browning Bryant - Home (1974)
12. Tom Jones - Puppet Man (1971)
13. John Sebastian - Well, Well, Well (1971)
14. Buck Owens' Buckaroos ‎- Roll Your Own (1969)
15. Country Coalition - Sweet Sweetheart (1970)
16. Chris Moon Group - 2000 B.C. (1970)
17. Connie Eaton & Dave Peel - It Takes Two (1970)
18. Cymbal & Clinger - Nobody Knows (1972)
19. Ry Cooder - Teardrops Will Fall (1972)
20. Cross Country - Choir Boy (1973)

VA - Country Groove 12 (1968-1975)

01. Albert Lee - Best I Can (1969)
02. Bob Darin - The Harvest (1969)
03. Carl Perkins - A Lion In The Jungle (1969)
04. Mordicai Jones - All Because Of A Woman (1972)
05. Meic Stevens - Left Over Time (1970)
06. Ventures - Catfish Mud Dance (1969)
07. The First Edtion - Charlie The Fer De Lance (1968)
08. Bobby Hatfield - The Feeling Is Right (1971)
09. Charlie Brown - I Got (1971)
10. David Lee Daniels - Black Jack Davy (1973)
11. Link Wray - Did You See The Man (1975)
12. Joe South - Stranger In A Strange Land (1975)
13. Linda Ronstadt - Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad (1969)
14. Jesse Winchester - Isn't That So (1972)
15. Glen Campbell - Oh What A Woman (1969)
16. Vicki Britton & Milo Bomp - Big Sur (1971)
17. F.J. McMahon - Sister Brother (1969)
18. Ed Sanders - Albion Crags (1973)
19. Spooner Oldham - The Lord Loves A Rolling Stone (1972)
20. Dan Penn - Nobody's Fool (1973)

Friday, July 29, 2016

VA - Hot Shots Of Reggae 1974!!!

This is a mixtape I made with jamaican reggae from the year of 1974. This was not a try to do a complete or fair overview of the Jamaican music scene in 1974, it was just a try to do a swinging mixtape you can groove to - no more remarkable than that. Do the reggae!

01. Barbe Brown & Nigger Butler - O Lorna
02. Bill Gentles - Give It To Me
03. Randy Russell - Back In My Arms
04. Rupert Reid - See The Dread Deh
05. Jackie Brown - Take A Message To Mary
06. Sindy Brown - If You Should Lose Me
07. Ethiopians - The Beginning
08. Carl Dobson - For Your Love
09. Super Roy - Flying High
10. The Officials - Babylonian
11. The Willows - A Noh Me Trouble You
12. Shelton Walks - Trouble In The Ghetto
13. Norman Watson - Back To Ethiopia
14. Glenn  Adams - Black Cup
15. Rupie Edwards - Dub Master Special
16. Bobby Hunt - Mother's Love
17. Junior Byles feat The Versatiles - Cutting Razor
18. Scatty Bell - Black I Am
19. Mike Robinson - Considering
20. Garth Dennis - Slow Coach


Brian Hyland "Same" 1970

Well, I know nothing about Brian Hyland except he was some kind of teenage pop idol in the early to mid sixties - I'm not a big fan of traditional teenage pop from that period - maybe therefor I know such a little about the guy. This LP from 1970, released on the UNI label is a beautiful one, produced and mostly written by Del Shannon. I think this album was meant to be a comeback? What I understand he had a big AM-Radio hit in US from this album with The Impressions Gypsy Woman, a nice cover version, so are the version of The Thrill Is Gone. The album is actually very groovy, and full of great sunny, often uptempo soft-pop, It's well produced and it reminds me a bit of  both Neil Diamonds best moments, and with Paul Williams lovely LP Someday Man. Feelin' groovy!

Sammy Walker "Same" 1976

In a better and fairer world would Sammy Walker considered one of the greatest and most cherished artists, it's actually somewhat difficult to understand why he isn't. His voice sounds exactly like John Prine's, the songs sounds like their were written by Prine with a help of Gordon Lightfoot and Jerry Jeff Walker. He delivers the songs with the intensity and fragility Bob Dylan did in 1973-75. This  (his debut album) is easily one of the best country-folk/singer-songwriter LP's of the 70s - and it's a damned shame that it hasn't been reissued.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mel Brown "The Wizard" 1968

The guitar player Mel Brown knew how to groove in the late sixties to early seventies, his albums for the hip Impulse label are all top-rated by dusty groover's. My personal favorite of those albums are the strictly uptempo The Wizard from 1968. This could be the most groovy and funky love affair you will hear this summer. So, do the monkey!   

Sword Of Jah Mouth "Invasion" 1981

I don't know much about Sword Of Jah Mouth, their were a reggae group from Manchester in England. Invasion from 1981 was their only release, and it's a very good rootsy reggae album with nice vocals and great bass lines. Groovy!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

VA - Groover's Paradise 6! 20 Global Grooves from 1966-1985!

Here is another mixtape I made, with groovy stuff from all around the world 1966-1985. The mixtape this time includes some Yugoslavian AOR disco, Swedish brass funk, grooves from Cameroon, mambo, flute sallad from Netherlands, modern soul, Jamaican spliffs, Spanish funk,  Lebanon Soul, French disco, weird English library music, deep funk, AOR grooves from Japan, Nigerian disco, and MUCH more. Do the hairdresser!

01. Hysear Don Walker - Poo Jo (1973)
02. William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man (1979)
03. Big Julien and his All Star - Wake the Monster (1970)
04. Lasse Samuelson - Sunnysound (1978)
05. Kristal - Ete Super (1983)
06. Latisha - I am Every Woman (1979)
07. Lennie Hibbert - Chinese Beauty (1971)
08. Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt (1972)
09. Tony Troutman - What's The Use (1976)
10. Ihsan Al Munzer - Jamileh (1979)
11. I.G - Disco Power (1980)
12. Jo Tongo - Piani (1976)
13. Arian - Your Love Makes Me A Winner (1979)
14. Hiroshi Satoh - Say Goodbye (1985)
15. Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations (1978)
16. Fugi - Red Moon (1971)
17. David Coleman With The Hector Rivera Orchestra - Drown My Heart (1966)
18. The Trinikas - Remember Me (1969)
19. Roger Roger - Roger Rhythm No.1 (1972)
20. Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Flute Salad (1976)

Eddie Palmieri ‎"Superimposition" 1968

Here is the Puerto Rico born Eddie Palmieri's 1968 effort Superimposition. This LP is a tight and groovy latin love affair in the nuyorican way, with a nice 70s funky sound. Do the boogaloo!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Poliphony "Same" 1973

A very groovy instrumental jazz psych (featherweight fusion) record, it has a nice library feel as well. There are some nice fuzz leads and stunning flute all over. Poliphony were a four piece band from Birmingham in UK, not so much are known by the band. This LP are one of the most expensive and saught after vinyls, the price are today 1000-1200 US dollars! But, I'm glad Audio Archive reissued it on cd some years back - this is very groovy!


Boogaloo Joe Jones "Right On Brother" 1970

Right On Brother was released by Prestige Records in 1970 by the guitar player Boogaloo Joe Jones, a dude who was one of the grooviest men on earth from the mid sixties to the early seventies. This is his most funky and groovy album (in my opinion). Right on brother, right on!

Roy Richards "Same" 1969

I don't know much about Roy Richards except he released a bunch of singles for different labels in the sixties, was a harmonica player and blind since birth. This is such a sweet and gentle LP from 1969, some says 1972, however this is a caramel from the Studio One's stash - lovely rocksteady and roots reggae from start to finnish. Groovy!


Monday, July 25, 2016

The Heptones "Same" 1967

The Heptones needs no introduction - this is their legendary and groovy first jamaican LP from 1967, released by Studio One. Do the reggae!


Celia Cruz ‎"Son Con Guaguancó" 1966

The legend of the Cuban latin singer Celia Cruz, and the music of her may be worn out by know - I can't help it, I love her voice, and I really dig her mid sixties to mid seventies albums. This is a groovy pearl from 1966. Boogaloo!


Orchestra Harlow ‎"Gettin' Off/Bajandote" 1967

This is one of my favorite LP's from Fania Records early years, Orchestra Harlow's Gettin' Off (Bajandote) from 1967. There may be no shock - but the album is full of lovely latin, boogaloo, descarga and other groovy rhythms. Thanks to Barry for the reminder of Fania Records - been awhile since I listen to this one. So, put on your grooviest hat and made some moves!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

VA - Kaló Taxhidi! 20 Groovy Sounds From Greece 1968-1976

Here is a mixtape I made with some groovy sounds from Greece 1968-1976. The music on this "tape" is mostly some kinda pop, folk or rock (some acoustic), some with a touch of soul, folklore, jazz or featherweight prog. Some of the pop tunes from the early seventies actually sounds like lo-fi or tweedie indie-pop from the eighties, with lovely female vocals. There's also one heavy guitar driven track that reminds a lot of Hawkind (in my ears). If you ever wonder what Kaló Taxidhi means in english (or maybe in swedish or in french or...) - google it! There are a bunch of killers on this tape - so, happy holiday in Greece and fill your head with loads of ouzo!

01. George Loukas - Πόσο Σ Αγαπώ Try (1973)
02. Dimitris Poulikakos - Poli Oreo Stil (1975)
03. The Babylon - Take Me High (1971)
04. Daltons - O Trelos (1972)
05. Despoina Glezou - Einai AperantiI i Gi (1969)
06. Spyros Metaxas - ΖΩΗ (1975)
07. Μπουρμπουλια - Απογοητευση (1972)
08. Νώε - Κάθομαι Πάλι Απόψε Και Στοχάζομαι (1975)
09. Morka - And So She Flies (1972)
10. Annita Koutsouveli - Surrounded By Chaos (1971)
11. Βίκυ Μοσχολιού - Δεν κλαίω για τώρα (1969)
12. Δαμων Και Φιντιας - Ο Κοσμος Τους (1971)
13. Μέρες - Sweetness (1973)
14. Christos Kouloubis - Tin Agnosti Fili Zito (1975)
15. The 4 Levels of Existence - Metamorfi (1976)
16. Μapina - Ena Κaaokaipi Μono (1974)
17. Πελόμα Μποκιού - Μαρί-Μαρία (1972)
18. The Charms - Ela Pali Ela (1971)
19. Μάικ Ροζάκης & Playboys - Μια Μέρα Θαρθής 1968
20. Ανάκαρα - Ένα κορίτσι απ' τον Κολινδρό (1971)


Sigma Fay "Love's Fool" 1979

Sometime we all needs some 70s electronic disco from Greece. So, here's Sigma Fay's debut LP from 1979. Groovy!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires "Disco Reggae" 1975

This is an outstanding set of groovy jamaican music. Everybody knows the maestro Byron Lee, and Disco Reggae was released in 1975, full of uptempo roots reggae with some sort of "disco" touch. They also do a marvelous version of Bob Marley No Woman No Cry (groovier than the orginal). Do the reggae!


VA - African Music Today (2010)

African Music Today is a compilation released by the Brooklyn based record label Truth & Soul in 2010. This cd was a seven years project by record collector Philip Lehman, and the album collects some really wonderful and funky modern sounds from Africa. The music will bring you back to the heydays of Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Mulatu Astetke and other groovy stuff from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Senegal. Do the boogaloo!


Steve Marcus, Miroslav Vitouš, Sonny Sharrock, Daniel Humair "Green Line" 1970

Green Line is an amazing LP lead by saxophonist Steve Marcus and guitarist Sonny Sharrock, recorded and released in Japan late 1970. The album is full of funky jazz and breaks (esp. the first track Melvin) and free jazz exercusions. Blow your mind! 


Friday, July 22, 2016

Tony Allen With The Africa 70 ‎ "Jealousy" 1975

This is the legendary drummer and composer Tony Allen's first solo LP Jealousy released in 1975. He was the musical director and mastermind of Fea Kuti's famous Afro'70. He is still working and performing - in the 2000s he's been involved in different projects with Damon Albarn. The music on Jealoussy is of course very similar to the related seventies nigerian afrobeat of Fela Kuti. Dance dance dance!


Fanga "Natural Juice" 2007

Fanga is an eight member orchestra from the south of France, rooted in the afrobeat from Nigeria and Ghana. Their music is a splendid mix of traditional 70s afrobeat, jazz and funk, with a dazzling brass section and tight rythms as well. Natural Juice is their second album from 2007, which feutered the legends Tony Allen and Segun Damisa. This is groovy!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mij "Yodeling Astrologer" 1969

Mij - Jim Holmberg  was spotted strumming a guitar, singing and yodeling by a fountain in Washington Square Park in 1969. Blown away by his performance ESP-Disk label owner invited him to the studio the next day. In just three hours in the studio Jim created the Yodeling Astrologer. As legend has it Holmberg fractured his skull in a car accident. This trauma left him with impaired hearing and altered his perception of sight and sound for good. He found himself creating sounds that he could not comprehend. Cosmic folk drenched in reverb. This yodeling astrologer takes you on a trip with his guitar and voice alone. This is no ordinary sound - it's freaked out space yodeling. Groovy!


Mahmoud Ahmed "Same" 1973

Mahmoud Ahmed was an singer from Ethiopia, this is his first LP from 1973. Muscically these are in the same territory as Mulatu Astatke for example - a splendid mix of ethiopian jazz, funk, soul, folklore - spiced with some melancholy. Groovy stuff for sure!


VA - Hot Shots Of Reggae 1968!!!

This is a mixtape I made with jamaican reggae (and/or ska, rocksteady) from the year of 1968. This was not a try to do a complete or fair overview of the 1968 Jamaican music scene, it was just a try to do a swinging mixtape you can groove to - no more remarkable than that. Do the reggae!

01. Roy & Enid - Rocking Time
02. Austin Faithful - Ain't That Peculiar
03. The Bees - The Ska's The Limit
04. The Termites - Push It Up
05. Dennis Walks - Belly Lick
06. Drumbago and the Dynamites - Dulcemania
07. The Cables - Baby Why
08. The Cats - Swan Lake
09. Byron Lee And The Dragonaires - Baby Be True
10. Jackie Mittoo - Norwegian Wood
11. Don Drummond & Roland Alphonso - Heaven and Earth (Roll on Sweet Don)
12. Race Fans - Bookie Man
13. Soul Vendors - Real Rock
14. The Groovers - Day by Day
15. Johnny & The Attractions - Cross My Heart
16. Roy Shirley - The World Needs Love
17. John Holt & The Paragons - Man Next Door
18. Junior Soul - Glendevon Special
19. The Conquerors - Won't You Come Home Now
20. The Heptones - Equal Rights


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Orlando Julius & His Modern Aces "Super Afro Soul" 1966

This LP (original a 10inch) was first released in Nigeria in 1966 by Orlando Julius & His Modern Aces. The groovy title Super Afro Soul tells the story bout the music on this nugget - you get a lovely mix of afrosoul, highlife, jazz and american R&B, but the whole production is flirting a lot with the western afro-american sound, and in parts it's actually sounds more american than the typical nigerian sound at the time. They also do a sweet and groovy cover of Temptations My Girl! This album has a reissue on Vampi Soul with several bonus tracks (this is just the original album). Groovy!


Tunde Williams & Afro'70 "Mr. Big Mouth" 1977

Tunde Williams played trumpet with Fel Kuti from 1967-1977, this is his own LP Mr. Big Mouth from 1977 with the legendary Afro'70. The sound is very similar to most of the records Afrodisia released through the seventies - and it off course sound very similar to the music of Fela Ransome Kuti. It has a dark laid back sound and a hypnotic nigerian beat - sensational groovy! This album has a very nice reissue from the hip Honest Jons Records. Dance dance dance!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eero Koivistoinen Music Society ‎"Wahoo!" 1973

Eero Koivistoinen is probably Finlands greatest (or most famous) jazz musician ever. He is definitely one of my all time favorite jazz saxophonists - to me he sounds like a wonderful crossing between Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler. Wahoo! from 1973 is a hell of a groovy/funky and spiritual LP. Hard bop meets fusion and funky grooves in an amazing euphoria. The album has a nice reissue on cd. Groovy!

Monday, July 18, 2016

VA - Reggae Got Soul 2 (20 Soul Cover From The Jamaican 1970s)

Here's another mixtape I made some years ago with groovy soul (some tunes may be a bit funky) covers from the first half of the seventies from Jamaica. There's nothing fancy at all, just an hour from the swingin Jamaica. Do the reggae!

01. Bruce Ruffin - Oooh Child (1970)
02. Al Brown - Love And Happiness (1974)
03. The Righteous Flames - Soul Sister (1973)
04. Derrick Harriott & The Chosen Few - Have You Seen Her (1971)
05. Delroy Wilson - It's A Shame (1975)
06. The Heptones - My World Is Empty Without You (1972)
07. Chosen Few - Am I Black Enough For You (1973)
08. Lloyd Charmers - Colour Him Father (1970)
09. Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine When She Gone (1973)
10. The Pioneers - Papa Was a Rolling Stone (1973)
11. Soul Messengers - Do It (Till You're Satisfied) (1974)
12. Bunny Brown - Rock You Baby (1974)
13. Ken Boothe - Let's Get It On (1974)
14. The Deltones - I'll Take You There (1972)
15. Judy Mowatt - Rescue Me (1971)
16. Claudette Miller - Tonight Is The Night (1975)
17. Otis Gayle - I'll Be Around (1971)
18. Sensations - I Don't Know Why I Love You (1972)
19. Joy White - My Guy (1975)
20. B.B. Seaton - Lean On Me (1972)

VA - Reggae Got Soul (20 Soul Covers From The Jamaican 1960s!)

Here's a mixtape I made some years ago with groovy soul covers from the late sixties Jamaica. There's nothing fancy at all, just an hour from the swingin Jamaica, from totally different labels like Studio 1, Blue Beat, Coxsone, Trojan, etc. I remembered while doing this tape how MANY covers there were of different song from the Temptations! Well, those carribean snobbs;-) Do the reggae!

01. Delroy Wilson - Get ready (1967)
02. The Silvertones - Midnight hour (1968)
03. Prince Buster - Dark End Of The Street (1967)
04. Lloyd & Glen - Keep On Pushing (1967)
05. Carl Dawkins - Cloud Nine (1969)
06. Barry Biggs - My Cherie Amour (1968)
07. Norma Frazer - Respect (1968)
08. Alton Ellis - What Does It Take To Win Your Love (1969)
09. Audrey - You'll Loose A Good Thing (1969)
10. The Techniques - I Wish It Would Rain (1968)
11. Derrick Harriott - Reach Out I'll Be There (1967)
12. The Martinis - I Second That Emotion (1967)
13. Slim Smith - Ain't Too Proud To Beg (1969)
14. Pat Kelly - Somebody's Baby (1967)
15. Hopeton Lewis and Glenmore Brown - Soul Man (1968)
16. Ken Parker - A Change Gonna Come (1968)
17. Ken Boothe - Mustang Sally (1968)
18. Carl Dawkins - Hard To Handle (1969)
19. Derrick Morgan - It's Alright (1966)
20. The Minstrels - People Get Ready (1967)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Pyramids "King Of Kings" 1974

The Ohio collective The Pyramids definitely took jazz to a different place (and to a higher level) in the early to mid 70s. They mix free/spiritual jazz, fusion and hard bop with wild and primal african folklore, spiced with edgy funk and grooves. This is truly one of a kind - but it's fantastic. Sometimes it reminds me of Ginger Baker's early african solo efforts and Miles Davis masterpiece On The Corner, but this is way more spooky and hypnotic. King Of Kings has three long tracks and one short, this is definitely not for everyone, sadly the limited vinyl only reissue is long out of pring and the original vinyl barely exists. This album is for open minded dudes and fans of the related acts I mentioned, for those of us this is a feast and celebrating of life. Groovy!


Sweet Talks ‎"The Kusum Beat" 1976

Sweet Talks were formed in Ghana late 1973, they released this wonderful and groovy LP called The Kusum Beat in 1976 (some says 1974). The funky afrobeat scene back then were huge, and this album is a fine example of their groove. This beauty were reissued by the extraordinary label Soundway in 2010 on both cd and vinyl - grab it while you can!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Gary Bartz "The Shadow Do!" 1975

Saxophonist and clarenitist Gary Bartz released this LP in 1975, and it's a fantastic album full of slick funky soul jazz, some of the tracks even includes vocal. The music has a nice space and the sound is crispy and clear, Larry Mizell made such a great production with the record, and he include a buch of arty young players of synthesizer too. On this hip record Bartz working with musicians like Reggie Lucas, Michael Henderson, Mtume, Hubert Eaves and Howard King. Some of the tunes are typical of it's time and are flirting with fusion, AOR and even smart disco. Sadly this album only has been reissued in Japan, and it's long out of print. Too bad, cause this is such a groovy and "adult" affair. 


Al Moodie "Peace Love Message" 1980

I don't know anything about Al Moodie (except he was a session guitarist, for Horace Andy for example), he released a bunch of singles in the 70s, recorded at highly acclaimed Black Ark Studios, Harry J's and Channel One, mixed at King Tubbys etc. One those recordings he had musicians like The Gaylads, Freddy McGregor, Keith Sterling and Sly & Robbie. This LP was released in 1980, and it seems to me like it is a compilation of his singles. It is an incredible rare vinyl and I believed it has never been official reissued - sadly. Cause this set is full of amazing, moody, lo-fi and groovy reggae!


Friday, July 15, 2016

VA - Hot Shots Of Reggae 1976!!!

1976 - what a great year for reggae (40 years ago!), and for jamaican music overall. This is a mixtape I made with jamaican reggae from the year of 1976. Overall is straight reggae, some flavours of more rootsy stuff, dj's and dub presents. Most of the tracks are from rare and groovy 7inches. This was not a try to do a complete or fair overview of 1976 Jamaican music (no Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry, etc is included), It's just a swinging mixtape - no more remarkable than that. Do the reggae!

01. Dennis Brown - Life's Worth Living
02. B.B. Seaton - All The Best Things
03. Little Joe - Tradition 
04. Winston Bryan & The Rockers - By The Sweat Of Your Brow 
05. Roman Stewart - An Aim In View 
06. The Maytones - Please Let Me Go
07. The Tamlins - Black Beauty
08. Dr Alimantado & Dennis Ferron - Tribute To The Duke
09. Arrows - Seek Fire 
10. Ginger Williams - This Life 
11. Jacko - Brand New Day
12. Johnny Walker - Soul Each
13. Michael Anthony - Living In Sorrows
14. Matsimela [Aka Wailing Souls] - Liberty 
15. Adolphus Scott & The Spinning Wheels - Don't Leave Me Alone
16. Quater Notes - Drifting
17. Beverley Williams - Sufferation
18. Eunice Simpson - Fire Beard
19. Fately Barnett - Every Time I See You
20. Two Plus One - Jah Say Love

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Carl Oglesby "Same" 1969

This LP is a masterpice - no doubt. Carl Oglesby was an american writer and politival activist, and he also made two albums for Vanguard and this is the first from 1969. His voice is very dark and reminds a lot of Nick Drake - I mean a lot. The arrangements (the acoustic guitars, strings and cello for example) reminds a lot of Nick Drakes debut album from the same year - I mean a lot, and the mood is incredible similiar. The lyrics are very political in parts and reminds me of Phil Ochs and Eric Andersen, but also the early Tom Rush. I bet Joe Boyd and/or John Cale heard this album (or heard Oglesby preform) before  they produce Drake. It's sometimes spooky how similar the productions sound. And, it's a mystery and shame that this LP not has been reissued on cd. Well, the album are groovy in parts - but it's even more a cozy one. A true sweetheart!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Vernon Wray "Wasted" 1972

Link Wray's older brother Vernon Wray made this country groovy LP 1972, it's a private pressing and the vinyl is today worth 400-500 american dollars. Wasted sounds very familiar to the self titled LP Link Wray released same year with the now classic Fire & Brimstone. It's a very country funky album, with flavours of swamp and outlaw country. Groovy!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

El Alamo ‎"Malos Pensamientos" 1971

El Alamo was a rock band from Peru, and this is their  only album, and it was released in 1971. The LP is very melodic and has a nice San francisco hippie vibe, mixed with a groovy latin sound. Some people file it under under psychedelic rock, inca rock and even heavy rock - it ain't in my opinion. It's just a very nice and groovy hippie rock album from Peru, and that ain't bad at all!


Monday, July 11, 2016

Chico Buarque "Construção" 1971

A really nice LP by the brazilian singer and composer Chico Buarque from 1971 called Construcao. The album has a splendid mix of bossa, latin and brazilian grooves. This is a winner.


VA - Music Message 2! Pop From Cameroon 1980-1983

This is the second mixtape with music from Cameroon, this one capture the years 1980-1983. The music is full of positive engergy, some kind of uptempo pop or soul music - I think this is makossa or asiko (maybe a crossover), maybe high life, I think it's too early for bikutsi (for example). To me it sounds like groovy afro Pop, sometimes with a flavour of soul, disco or funk, but the music sounds very near to their own culture. The Cameroon music (or at least the tunes on this mixtape) sounds more "africa" than the regular hip afro compilations wich mostly focus on afro funk or "psychedelic". The music of Cameroon sounds more like a happy Talking Heads or high energy Paul Simon (or Swedens Dag Vag, R.I.P.) rather than some cool lofi Fela Kuti copy. But hey - right now, it's time to - shake your hips brothers and sisters!

01. Toto Guillaume - Mba Na Na E (1981)
02. Bill Loko - Nen Lambo (1980)
03. Geo Masso - A muto (1981)
04. Pierre De Moussy - Na Nde Wombe (1981)
05. Sam Fan Thomas - Mogwo (1983)
06. Johnny Tezano Kenfack & Les Kévitas - African Disco (1980
07. Roland Mvogo - Ane Ya Mia Woe Ma (1981)
08. Aloa Javis - Dze Ya Ye Mayi (1983)
09. Jacky Doumbe & Moise Malo - Malam (1980)
10. Dina Bell - Kem (1982)
11. Moni Bile - Muna Nyu (1982)
12. Jean Paul Mondo - Sona Papa (1983)
13. Anina Annie Disco - Man Onon (1980)


VA - Music Message! Pop From Cameroon 1976-1979

This is the first mixtape I made with music from Cameroon, this one capture the years 1976-1979. The music is full of positive engergy, some kind of uptempo pop or soul music - I think this is makossa or asiko (maybe a crossover), maybe high life, I think it's too early for bikutsi (for example). To me it sounds like groovy afro Pop, sometimes with a flavour of soul or funk, but the music sounds very near to their own culture. Right now, it's time to - shake your hips brothers and sisters!

01. Nseke Robert & the Black Styls - Nimele Loko o Boso (1977)
02. Tigui Edmond - Engno Ya Nnem (1979)
03. Mekongo Président - Angono Mana (1979)
04. Tim & Foty - Menze Si (1977)
05. Sam Fan Thomas - Funky New Bell (1976)
06. Tity Edima - Atin Ane Ebamba (1979)
07. Javis Et Les Idoles - Mezik Me Koba (1977)
08. Eko Roosevelt - Kilimandjaro My Home (1978)
09. Uta Bella - Awoé (1979)
10. Jojo Ngalle - Alliance (1977)
11. Marthe Zambo - Nlem Mintae (1979)
12. Bony Mballa - Asu Dzom (1978)
13. Olinga Gaston - Meedzan Beti (1978)
14. Owona Anderson - Memma (1978)
15. Nkotti François - Makom Ma Mala (1977)


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tim Maia "Same" 1970

This is the incredible Tim Maia's debut album from 1970, and the LP is full of uptempo soul, funk and grooves in the brazilian way. Sadly this big personality passed away too early in 1998. Put on your grooviest shirt!


Tender Leaf "Same" 1982

An amazing album by Tender Leaf from Hawaii released in 1982. The LP is a groovy pot of west coast rock, AOR and soft rock (called it want you want) with the vibe of Hawaii. It sounds like the perfect intersection of the early Doobie Broothers, late CSN and America. Sadly the LP has not been official reissued since an old Japan release (hope it will be re-released soon). This must be the greatest LP ever from Hawaii? Groovy!


Pablo Moses ‎"Revolutionary Dream" 1975

Pablo Moses debut album Revolutionary Dream from 1975 (some says 1976). This is a fantastic roots reggae album - and if they are a term/genre called deep reggae, this is it, so groovy. Produced by Geoffrey Chung and enginered by Lee Perry at the Black Ark studios. Do the reggae!


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rita Lee "Hoje É O Primeiro Dia Do Resto Da Sua Vida" (1972)

This is Rita Lee's second solo effort from 1972, but it includes all of the members from her former band Os Mutantes, but the focus here is on Rita Lee and her voice. The music is trippy, jamming and groovy, but also a well structured kind of "rock" album. This LP is really one of a kind - but it's a VERY cool record for sure!