Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eddie Palmieri ‎"Superimposition" 1968

Here is the Puerto Rico born Eddie Palmieri's 1968 effort Superimposition. This LP is a tight and groovy latin love affair in the nuyorican way, with a nice 70s funky sound. Do the boogaloo!


  1. Overall, probably my favorite EP album, right on the cusp between the more traditional salsa of his mid-60's work but not quite as "experimental" stuff from the 70's. I only have it on a not-so-great vinyl pressing from Spain (I think; it's not accessible to me right now), so a real pleasure to see it here and to be able to enjoy it digitally.
    I only recently discovered your blog and love it; so much great stuff and cool mixes! Thanks!

  2. Thank you my friend for this awesome album.