Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mij "Yodeling Astrologer" 1969

Mij - Jim Holmberg  was spotted strumming a guitar, singing and yodeling by a fountain in Washington Square Park in 1969. Blown away by his performance ESP-Disk label owner invited him to the studio the next day. In just three hours in the studio Jim created the Yodeling Astrologer. As legend has it Holmberg fractured his skull in a car accident. This trauma left him with impaired hearing and altered his perception of sight and sound for good. He found himself creating sounds that he could not comprehend. Cosmic folk drenched in reverb. This yodeling astrologer takes you on a trip with his guitar and voice alone. This is no ordinary sound - it's freaked out space yodeling. Groovy!



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