Monday, July 11, 2016

VA - Music Message 2! Pop From Cameroon 1980-1983

This is the second mixtape with music from Cameroon, this one capture the years 1980-1983. The music is full of positive engergy, some kind of uptempo pop or soul music - I think this is makossa or asiko (maybe a crossover), maybe high life, I think it's too early for bikutsi (for example). To me it sounds like groovy afro Pop, sometimes with a flavour of soul, disco or funk, but the music sounds very near to their own culture. The Cameroon music (or at least the tunes on this mixtape) sounds more "africa" than the regular hip afro compilations wich mostly focus on afro funk or "psychedelic". The music of Cameroon sounds more like a happy Talking Heads or high energy Paul Simon (or Swedens Dag Vag, R.I.P.) rather than some cool lofi Fela Kuti copy. But hey - right now, it's time to - shake your hips brothers and sisters!

01. Toto Guillaume - Mba Na Na E (1981)
02. Bill Loko - Nen Lambo (1980)
03. Geo Masso - A muto (1981)
04. Pierre De Moussy - Na Nde Wombe (1981)
05. Sam Fan Thomas - Mogwo (1983)
06. Johnny Tezano Kenfack & Les Kévitas - African Disco (1980
07. Roland Mvogo - Ane Ya Mia Woe Ma (1981)
08. Aloa Javis - Dze Ya Ye Mayi (1983)
09. Jacky Doumbe & Moise Malo - Malam (1980)
10. Dina Bell - Kem (1982)
11. Moni Bile - Muna Nyu (1982)
12. Jean Paul Mondo - Sona Papa (1983)
13. Anina Annie Disco - Man Onon (1980)


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