Monday, August 1, 2016

VA - Late Night Grooves

Here is a mixtape I made with groovy stuff from all over the world 1970-2016.  The tape was a try to do a groovy, but with a more laid back feel, a more "late night" atmosphere. And, it was inspired by the great series of "Late Night Tales", wich now have been releasing "mixtapes" for at least 15 years now. This compilation includes soft funk, dark synth noir, library music, slowdisco, chill, dreamy ambient electro grooves, soft pops from Brazil, and MUCH more. Groovy!

01. Domenique Dumont - Comme Ça (2015)
02. Juan Demonio - Es Cana (1975)
03. Bob James - Nautilus (1974)
04. Ryo Kawasaki - Hawaiian Caravan (1982)
05. Virna Lindt - Underwater Boy (1984)
06. Dip In The Pool - On Retinae (1989)
07. Popcorn - Song For You (1983)
08. Napoleon Cherry - Stay With Me (1993)
09. The System - Find It In Your Eyes (2016)
10. Rexy - Running Out Of Time (1981)
11. Claudia - Com Mais de 30 (1971)
12. Janko Nilovic - Roses And Revolvers (1970)
13. Lil Peep - The Way I See Things (2015)
14. Joan Bibiloni - Migas (1987)
15. Lumumba - Sing With The Birds (1974)
16. Cortex - Huit Octobre (1971) 
17. Evihna - Esperar Pra Ver (1971)
18. The Roger Webb Sound - Moon Bird (1971)



  1. Looking forward to this one. I have always been a big, big fan of the Late Night Tales series (there was also one called Back To Mine) that allowed a glimpse into the record collections of the artists. Many amazing tracks were found.
    Incidentally I am just listening to the LNT of Nils Frahm and have just ordered another 6 or 7 on vinyl (Trentemöller, Cinematic Orchestra etc.)
    By the way, a few years ago I have done a similar thing with a friend - ping pong - one tracks from me, one from him, musically inspired by the LNT by Air (still my fave in the series). It is called Lazin' On A Sunday Afternoon. If you (or anyone else) is interested I can do an upload and link it in the comments.

    1. Thanks R-man! Sounds very cool with the mix you and your friend did! It would be nice if you would share it? Please share a link with your mix in "The Room" so people can find it:-)

  2. Oh, Virna Lindt! Love her, I've got her Shiver album, alas in a heavily compressed 'remastered' edition. Thanks a lot for this mixtape, looking forward for the whole series ;)

    1. Thanks! Sounds cool with Virna Lindt - I have only heard the song I incuded on the mix above. If you like to share it, it would be groovy! If, please share a link in "The Room":-)

      I think there will be another mix or two in this series;-)

    2. In the Room, my firend, grab it!))

    3. Oops, for some mysterious reason the Room disappeared (for me at least -- but was there some 10 minutes ago). OK, here's Shiver

    4. "The Room" isn't that stable I have discovered - I don't know why:-(

      But thank my friend for the Virna Lindt Shiver Link:-)

      Have a great eveing!

  3. Here is the covercard and tracklisting for Lazin' On A Sunday Afternoon. I think it is a pretty good late night mix...

  4. Thank you, Aaron, but what the heck is Library Music? I've seen you mention it before.

    1. While my english isn't the best, I'm not going to try explain the "term" or "scene". But, what I understand the term was more of a european thing. Library music was big, and often came from England, France, Italy and Germany. Often it's very groovy/funky and atmospheric (mostly instrumental) and the music was recorded for, and used in tv-movies and tv-series late sixties through the whole seventies. The TV-company often hired a musician to record the "soundtrack" (often short songs). I gave you two links that you can read about the term, I also guess it explains it in a more understandable english;-)


  5. Hi, greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia! Just want to say thank you for this lovely mix. Most of it are my favorites and glad to discover new tracks also. Looking forward to another mixes from you :)


  6. This is absolutely killer, thank you for sharing.