Friday, September 30, 2016

High Voltage "Same" 1972

This is a funky knockout from 1972. High Voltage only LP, It's full of hard driven groovy funk from start to finnish (one ballad in the end), great female vocals and edgy guitars. Groovy!

Terumasa Hino Quintet ‎"Into the Heaven" 1970

This is a lovely jazz LP by japanese trumpeter Terumasa Hino and his Quintet from 1970. Into The Heaven is a very groovy hard bop album, one of my all time favorite jazz albums (there is a nice reissue of the album from 2000 available). Dig it!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Marie Queenie Lyons "Soul Fever" 1970

This amazing album from 1970 was Marie Queenie Lyons only effort, a true soul/funk knockout. The ultimate version of Fever (along with La Lupe's version) are inclunded. Thanks to Vampi Soul this gem was reissued in 2008 on both vinyl and cd. Groovy!

Mel Tormé ‎"Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" 1970

Mel Tormé's recordings for Reprise Records is fantastic, this groovy LP from 1970 has sadly never been reissued (just as is previous Reprise album) and it's a shame. The crooner offers some groovy and funky jazz-pop typical of time, he does swingin versions of Sunshine Superman, Spinning Wheel and the title for example. Groovy!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

VA - Down Under Funk (Funky Sounds From Australia 1970-1975)

Here is mixtape I made with funk from Australia 1970-1975. You get hard driven funk, folky gospel funk, moody library funk and SO MUCH more. Let's go down under and groove!

01. Brute Force And His Drum - Weird And Wonderful (1973)
02. Claude Papesch - Trini Baby (1974)
03. Passionfruit - Smilin' Ed (1975)
04. MS Affair - More Bananas (1972)
05. The Instrumentals - Everybody Gonna Pray (1971)
06. Skylight - Get It Happening (1974)
07. The Life Organisation - Pink Steamroller (1974)
08. Gas Company - Groovie Guru (1970)
09. Dave Bridge - Theme From Anne (1972)
10. Terry King and Sounds United - Heaven On Their Minds (1970)
11. Abigail - My Baby Does It Good (1974)
12. Doug Parkinson - I'm Gonna Get You (In The End) (1975)
13. Renee Geyer band - Sweet Love (1975)
14. Miguel Salerno - Astrokat (1971)
15. Kerrie Biddell - Harlem (1975)
16. Quincy Conserve - Person To Person (1975)
17. Good News Band - Harvest (1975)
18. Hank Meadows - Donnas Samba (1975)
19. Col Nolan Soul Syndicate - Whats The Use (1973)
20. Donovans Druids - Love Potion No. 9 (1974)


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wanda Sá "Wanda Vagamente" 1964

The great barzilian bossa nova singer and guitarist Wanda Sá's debut LP from 1964, a very grovy record. 


Bruce Hamana "Same" 1974

Bruce Hamana was an american native, he wrote, recorded and played all instruments on this groovy gem from 1974. The LP is a nix mixture of west coast hippie rock, country-rock and folky pop, everything with an incredible groovy feel. Thanks to World In Sound who made a reissue on this one.


Monday, September 26, 2016

VA - SKA'64

Here is a mixtape I made with swingin jamaican SKA from 1964. Hope you like it.

01. Owen & Leon Silvera  - I Want My Cock
02. The Watermen - Out The Fire
03. Azie Lawrence - Pempelem
04. The Blues Busters - I Won't Let You Go
05. Roland Alphanso & His Group - Crime Wave
06. Lord Bryner - Congo War
07. The Riff - Primitive Man
08. Jackie Mittoo & The Skatalites - El Bang Bang
09. Castle Sisters - Solid As A Rock
10. The Maytals - It's You
11. The Skatalites - Exodus
12. Country Boy - I'm A Lonely Boy
13. Desmond Dekker - King of Ska
14. Keith & Ken - Walk Like A Dragon
15. Don Drummond - Don D Special
16. The Virtues - Amen
17. The Royals - Save Mama
18. Lester Sterling with Randys All Stars - Skaramont
19. Eric Monty Morris With Byron Lee And The Dragonaires - Sammy Dead
20. Sugar 'N Dandy - What A Life


Chocolate Milk "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" 1975

Action Speaks Louder Than Words is a very groovy deep bayou funk LP by Chocolate Milk from 1975. At the time they were working as a backing band in Allen Toussaints studio, and were located in New Orleans. If you're a fan of The Meters seventies recordings, this is the shit. Groovy!

Pretty Purdie And The Playboys ‎"Stand By Me (Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get)" 1971

A lovely set by Pretty Purdie & His Playboys, originally released on the hip label Flying Dutchman in 1971. It's a funky soul-jazz love affair filled with groovy covers of Motown, Stax and Carole King. Dig it!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bob Azzam And His Orchestra ‎"New Sounds" 1968

New Sounds by Bob Azzam & His Orchestra from 1968 is a very groovy and varying set, they offer a typical of time british smorgosboard of mod jazz/pop, sometimes with a latin or funky flavour, other with a cool psychedelic vibe. It's very strange that this LP never have been reissued. Dig it!


Ricardo Ray Orchestra "Let's Get Down To The Real Nitty Gritty" 1968

This is a true feel-good gem, a kind of uptempo latin/salsa/boogaloo-rock'n'roll by the Brooklyn Puerto Rican pianist and arranger Ricardo Ray and his orchestra from 1968. They invite you their party with some New Orleans tunes (Ya Ya, Nitty Gritty) in their own way, some hits of the day (California Sun, Soul Man, Sookie Sookie) and more. This groovy LP will definitely get you in a good mood. Boogaloo!


Nzimande All Stars - Sporo (1978)

Here is a groovy and tropical South African disco LP from 1978 by Nzimande All Stars, two long tracks, hypnotic and swingin, Dig it!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

VA - Down Under Groove! Soul Funk & Disco From Australia 1970-1981

Here is two mixtapes I made with groovy sounds from Australia (there are one tune from New Zeeland and one from Tazmania too) 1970-1981, focus may be from the mid to late seventies period. So, this was not a try to do fair overview or something like that, just some groovy mixtapes. You get well orchestrated disco, folky gospel groove, library music, deep soul, some odd funky covers, latin, jazz-funk and MUCH more. Enjoy!

01. Chris Williams - The Funky Get Down (1975)
02. Daly-Wilson Big Band Featuring Kerrie Biddell - Dirty Feet (1975)
03. Allison Durbin - It's Your Thing (1973)
04. The Ritz - In By Ten (1975)
05. Garry Hyde Tradition - La Tosito (1970)
06. John Sangster - Hair (1969)
07. Kindekrist - Watch Out For The Wolf (1973)
08. Terry Hannagan - Who Killed Juanita (1976)
09. The Rankin File - Fire and Rain (1974)
10. Afrika - I Love Music (1979)
11. Rob Thomsett Group - Hara (1978)
12. Sven Libaek - On Green Dolphin Street (1976)
13. Sue Barker - Love To The People (1976)
14. Silver Bump Band - Feelin Funky (1976)
15. Hiroshi & Claudia - Beats In The Depth (1979)
16. Johnny Nicol - Time Is Running Out (1975)
17. Stepps - Kryptonite (1976)
18. Sam McNally - The Dance of the Funky Rabbits (1981)

01. Angy - Dancing With Your DJ (1976)
02. Wayne Roland Brown - Troubled Young Man (1977)
03. Solid Rock Big Band - Oh Saviour (1979)
04. Coco York - Come On Everybody (1981)
05. Jackie Orszaczky & The Marcia Hines Band - Let's Go And Make It (1976)
06. Leong Lau - City Bleus (1977)
07. MSC Big Band - The Raven (1981)
08. Wrigleys Dance Connection - Do The Hubba Bubba (1980)
09. Savanna Silver Band - Foolish People (1978)
10. Johnny Nicol - Regrets (1980)
11. Charles Hull - Bring Me The Day (1978)
12. Esther King - Save The People (1979)
13. Justine - Wordless Song (1979)
14. Jackie Orszaczky - Friends of Mrs S. (1976)
15. Ralph White - Fancy Dan (1978)
16. Bill Shepherd Disco Orchestra - You're The Only One (1979)
17. 1860 Band - That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You (1978)
18. Tommy Clarke - Soulful Strut (1978)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Nathan Davis "Rules of Freedom" 1969

This is a fantastic LP by Nathan Davis Quartet from 1969, you get a gard swingin' hard bop jazz mixed with more spiritual ballads. The version of Blues For Trane is a true knock out. Dig it!


Phillis Dillon ‎- One Life To Live (1972)

One of my all time favorite albums, One Life To Live from 1972 by the lovely Phillis Dillon is a gem, amazing soul-reggae from start to finish. This is the original LP only, there are a couple of nice reissues out there with a bunch of bonus tracks. Groovy!


Aktion "Groove The Funk" 1975

This gem from 1975 is one of the toughest nigerian funk albums. groovy organs and fuzzy guitars, great english vocals and fabulous rythms. Aktion definitely knew how to Groove The Funk. Dig it!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

James Moody ‎"Sax & Flute Man" 1973

James Moody is a bit overlooked today, he was an incredible groovy flautist from the fifties and onward. This LP from 1973 is a great soul jazz album with cool funky vibes. Groovy!


Bruce And Vlady ‎"The Reality" 1970

This is an obscure LP from 1970, then Sweden only release. The duo Bruce & Vlady were a short lived project, drummer Vlady came from Poland and Bruce from America, they met at a rock club and begin to jam. The Reality is a funky/groovy and psychedelic hammond and drums album only, Bruce recitates some poetry to the music in parts. Vampi Soul made a lovely reissue of this last year (cd and vinyl). Groovy!


Black Slate "Same" 1980

Black Slate was (and is) a reggae band based in the UK, the members were from both Jamaica and Great Britain when this record were released. In the seventies they toured heavily with jamaican acts ike Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson and Ken Boothe. This is their third LP from 1980 (sadly never reissued), a great rootsy (a couple of tracks are dub) and groovy album.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Marcia Griffiths "Sweet & Nice" 1974

This LP by Marcia Griffiths from 1974 is a groovy and mellow reggae affair, the title of the album actually describes it pretty well - Sweet And Nice!


Rice & Beans Orchestra "Cross Over" 1977

This LP from 1977 is a true gem, orchestral disco with vibes of funk and latin. Rice & Beans Orchestra was led by the Puerto Rican mastermind Pepe Louis Soto. Put on your boogie shoes!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Clarence Carter "Sixty Minutes With Clarence Carter" 1973

Clarence Carter's recordings for Atlantic Records 1968-1970 may be his most famous, but in my opinion this groovy LP from 1973 is his best. Dig it!


Armando Peraza ‎"Wild Thing" 1969)

Wild Thing is nice, and in parts a bit cheezy latin, jazz, salsa cocktail by Cuba born bongo player Armando Peraza from 1969. Half of the LP is groovy covers of Money Money, Funky Broadway and (surprise) Wild Thing. Dig it!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Al Wilson "Searching For The Dolphins" 1968

Al Wilsons wonderful and groovy soul-folk album Searching For The Dolphins from 1968. There's a very nice reissue on this album by Ace Records with ten lovely bonus tracks. Groovy!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

D.J. Rogers "Same" 1973

A rare and overlooked funky soul LP from 1973 by the multi instrumenatlist and producer D.J. Rogers. The more funky numbers reminds a lot of Sly Stone's early 70s stuff. This is groovy!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

VA - Hey Whitey! Listen Up! Afro-Americans Sings The Hippie Anthems 1968-1973

Here is a mixtape I made with groovy afro-americans doin' those highly acclaimed and beloved hippie anthems in their own funky versions, the recordings are from 1968-1973 and got a whole lot of soul. Dig it!

01. Clarence Reid - Polk Salad Annie (1969)
02. Betty Wright - Cry Like A Baby (1968)
03. Rhetta Hughes - Light My Fire (1969)
04. Barbara & Ernie - Somebody To Love (1971)
05. Lou Rawls - Season Of The Witch (1969)
06. Benny Latimore - For What It's Worth (1973)
07. Lee Moses - California Dreaming (1971)
08. Tina Britt - Born On A Bayou (1969)
09. Spanky Wilson - Sunshine Of Your Love (1969)
10. Ike & Tina Turner - Ode To Billie Joe (1969)
11. Mary Jane Hooper - Harper Valley P.T.A. (1968)
12. Jimmy Sabater - Wichita Lineman (1970)
13. Blossoms - Fire And Rain (1972)
14. Bettye LaVette - Heart Of Gold (1972)
15. Mike James Kirkland - It's Too Late (1972)
16. Billy Paul - Magic Carpet Ride (1971)
17. David Ruffin - Feelin Alright (1969)
18. Bobby Powell - Crazy Love (1973)
19. Mavis Staples - Son Of A Preacher Man (1969)
20. Maxayn - Gimme Shelter (1972)


Friday, September 16, 2016

Doug Carn "Adam's Apple" 1974

Doug Carn is an american jazz musician wich released a bunch of groovy LP's for Black Jazz Records during the seventies, Adam's Apple from 1974 is my favorite. Dig it!


Waltel Branco "Meu Balanço" 1975

This is a colorful adventure of the bandleader Waltel Branco from 1975, it's a boiling pot of funky feels, library grooves and brazilian spices. This LP has a nice reissue by Mr. Bongo. Groovy!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Duke Lumumba ‎"Jungle Funk" 1969

This is an incredible groovy set by trumpeter Duke Lumumba from 1969. Jungle Funk is soul-jazz-funk love affair with both latin and african vibes. Dig it!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Black Sugar "Same" 1971

This is a great LP by Black Sugar from Peru, released in 1971, it's a nice mix of funk, latin, jazz, soul and some funky guitars. Dig the groove!


Al Anderson "Same" 1972

This overlooked solo debut by former NRBQ member Al Anderson is a slight of a masterpiece, released by Vanguard in 1972, the LP is full of low key "country soul", groovy laid back "rock" and some more straight country tunes (of course in his own way). Groovy!


Harlan Howard "Down To Earth" 1968

The great Harlan Howards 1968 LP Down To Earth is a lovely country album, one of the strongest songs are It's Nothing To Me  (Johnny Winter  did a phenomenal version of the tune on his Still Alive & Well  LP in 1973). This album has a nice typical time folky-pop-tinged edge. Groovy!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boris Gardiner "Reggae Happening" 1970

Here is Boris Gardiner's own Reggae Happening from 1970, a groovy and charming LP. Dig it!


Monday, September 12, 2016

Blue Rivers & The Maroons "Blue Beat In My Soul" 1967

Blue Beat In My Soul with vocalist Blue Rivers is a very groovy album recorded in London 1967, half of tunes is pure jamaican ska, and the other half is unpolished and in parts raw american r&b, the mix is very pleasant. The six members in The Maroons changed their name in 1968 to Demon Fuzz, and two years later they released the epic LP Afreaka! Dig it!

Jeremy Steig "Energy" 1971

The ultra groovy flautist Jeremy Steigs LP Energy from 1971. the mix of jazz-funk with elements of jazz-rock is very groovy and dopey in parts. Sadly he passed away in april. Dig it!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Archie James Cavanaugh ‎"Black And White Raven" 1980

This must be one the best soft-rock/blue eyed-soul albums ever, and the story how A&M only released the LP in Alaska 1980 is a nowadays a legend. Thanks to the connoisseurs in Japan this masterpiece been reissued a couple of times the last fifteen years. I immediately think about Boz Scaggs (What Can I Say, Lowdown, etc) finest moments from the mid seventies when I hear this. The producition is very slick and adult oriented, and there were a bunch of groovy studio musicians on this LP. Sadly Archie James Cavanaugh didn't get the attention and standin ovations back then, but he has surely got it recently. This IS groovy!


Thanks to "erasmus" I saw a groovy video on youtube with Archie, you can also buy this groovy album directly from him here!

Bobbi Humphrey "Dig This!" 1972

The flautist Bobbi Humphrey was such a groover in the seventies, her funky soul-jazz just blew my mind in parts, this is her second LP from 1972. Dig This!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

VA - Blues Groove 5 (1967-1975)

Well, here is a new mixtape with a more funky and groovy vibe of the blues.

01. Earl Hooker - The Screwdriver (1967)
02. Charlie Musselwhite - My Buddy Buddy Friends (1968)
03. J.B. Hutto - Shy Voice (1972)
04. Luther Allison - Now You Got It (1974)
05. Bobby Powell - Thank You (1973)
06. Jimmy Reeves Jr. - Don't Let The Music Die (1970)
07. Little Junior Parker - I Found A Good Thing (1969)
08. Junior Wells - The Train I Ride (1975)
09. Otis Rush - All Your Love (1975)
10. Roy Brown - Deep Down In My Soul (1973)
11. Albert Collins - Jawing (1969)
12. Arthur Adams - Gimmie Some Of Your Lovin' (1967)
13. Phillip Walker - I Can't Lose (1973)
14. Big Maybelle - How It Lies (1968)
15. Muddy Waters - Blues and Trouble (1969)
16. Johnny Copeland - Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind (1967)
17. Golden Nuggets - Gospel Train (1973)
18. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - I Couldn't Believe My Eyes (1973)
19. Koko Taylor - Tease Your Man (1972)
20. Andrew Mcmahon - The Sky's The Limit (1973)

Les McCann ‎"Talk To The People" 1972

A very groovy LP from 1972 by Les McCann, a soul-jazz album with some really funky edge on some tracks. Les McCann sings on four of the seven tracks, sometimes you get the vibe of Gil Scott-Heron. Groovy!

Dorothy Ashby ‎"The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby" 1965

Dorothy Ashby was one of the coolest of the sixties with her harp, this LP from 1965 is a very swingin' affair. This album is much more groovy than her previous, in parts it sounds more like her recordings for Chess/Cadet some years later. There is a new awesome reissue of this album (both cd and vinyl) out there! Damned groovy!


Friday, September 9, 2016

Elza Soares "Same" 1974

This is a samba knockout from 1974, Elza Soares in her prime on this groovy LP!


Sunbirds "Same" 1971

This is a german masterpiece from 1971, Sunbirds delievers a moody funky groove with some lovely elements of both jazz and psychedelia. Some tunes are definitely"kraut". This is a very groovy LP.


Pablov Black "Mr. Music Originally" 1979

Pablov Black may have been standing in the shadows of Jamaica's keyboard king Jackie Mittoo (both working for Studio One), but I think this instrumental LP from 1979 is pretty groovy.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

VA - Late Night Grooves 2

Here is another mixtape I made with groovy stuff from all over the world 1968-2015.  The tape was a try to do a groovy mix, but with a more laid back feel (a "late night" atmosphere). And, it was inspired by the great series of "Late Night Tales", wich now have been releasing "mixtapes" for at least 15 years. This mix includes soft funk, dark synth noir, library music, slowdisco, brazil chill, dreamy french erotic disco, AOR from Japan, and MUCH more. Groovy!

01. Renée - Lay Me Down (1982)
02. David Koven - Samba Maria (1983)
03. I Beats & l'Armonica Di Franco Di Gemini - Ciao Dal Muretto Alassio (1968)
04. José Roberto e Seu Conjunto - Diamante Cor de Rosa (1970)
05. Orlandivo - Onde Anda O Meu Amor (1977)
06. Motion - No Man Is An Island (1981)
07. Plus Two - Stop Fantasy (1983)
08. Roger Webb - New York (1977)
09. The Lost Generation - This Is The Lost Generation (1972)
10. Bagarre - Dirty Love (1982)
11. Chiemi Manabe - Untotooku (1982)
12. Colin Blunstone - Touch (12inch Version) (1983)
13. Blossom Dearie - I Like London In The Rain (1970)
14. Boban Petrović - Zajedno Srećni (1984)
15. Block Sistem - Don't Leave Me Now (1983)
16. Dos Palos - I've Been Around (2015)
17. Grand Theft - Paris To Peru (1978)
18. The Sound Stylistics - Night Theme (2007)


Har-You Percussion Group "Sounds Of The Ghetto Youth" 1969

This is a fantastically dynamic blend of afro-cuban rhythms with richly melodic jazz overtones from 1969, recorded by a group of cubans in Harlem, New York. Groovy!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers "Same" 1973

This was Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers first and only album, it was released by Stax Records in 1973. I have not heard all of the LP's Stax put out in the 70s, but I'm sure this record is one of the absolutely best and most uncompromising funk albums from the label, and it sure has been sampled a lot ever since. This is a vinyl-rip. There is a nice cd-reissue of this album from 2010 out there to catch! Groovy!

Denise LaSalle "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" 1972

Well, this LP is a true ace, Denise LaSalle's debut from 1972. From start to finnish this an display what groovy funk-soul is all about. Hallelujah.


Marcos Valle "Selva De Pedra" 1972

Here is a very groovy soundtrack that maestro Marcos Valle wrote the music for in 1972. Some of the acts and singers are Djalma Dias, Luis Roberto and Angla Valle. Groovy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

VA - Country Groove 13 (1966-1978)

Well, here is a new mixtape I made inspired by the lovely compilations Country Got Soul 1 & 2 (Casual Records), Country Funk 1 & 2 (Light In The Attic) and Delta Swamp Rock 1 & 2 (Soul Jazz Records). None of the songs appears on the titles I mentioned above.

01. Donnie Fritts ‎- Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry (1974)
02. Al Anderson - I Haven't Got The Strength To Carry On (1973)
03. Barbara Clawson - Mad Mummy (1970)
04. Swampwater - Louisiana Woman (1970)
05. Hank Cochran - Watcha Think About That (1978)
06. Henson Cargill - She Likes Warm Summer Days (1972)
07. Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick - Spread A Little Love Around (1973)
08. Connie Eaton - Get Together (1971)
09. Charley Pride - Love Unending (1973)
10. Jim Ed Brown - Going Up The Country (1970)
11. Floyd Cramer - Joy To The World (1974)
12. Bobby And I - Mohair Sam (1968)
13. Maria Dallas - Ambush (1966)
14. Lorene Mann - Tell It All (1969)
15. Earl Grant - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (1970)
16. Charlie Rich - Got To See My Baby (1968)
17. Jim Stafford - Midnight Snack (1975)
18. Happy & Artie Traum - Trials Of Jonathan (1970)
19. Rick Roberts - Drunk And Dirty (1972)
20. Delbert & Glen - If You Don't Leave Me Alone (I'm Gonna Find Somebody That Will) (1973)