Monday, September 12, 2016

Jeremy Steig "Energy" 1971

The ultra groovy flautist Jeremy Steigs LP Energy from 1971. the mix of jazz-funk with elements of jazz-rock is very groovy and dopey in parts. Sadly he passed away in april. Dig it!



  1. Groover, thanks for this. Flautist is the term for a flute player.

    I too am anonymous.

    1. Thanks anonymous, glad you find it groovy! And thanks for the flautist, my english isn't the best:-)

  2. This is a effing DOPE blog, as the young people say. Seriously loaded w/ gems I've never even heard of. I really dig that 70's "Synthetic Psych" sound of Nilovic or Nino Ferrer and so many others, finding a ton of stuff to groove to here...thanks for your work...