Tuesday, September 6, 2016

VA - Country Groove 13 (1966-1978)

Well, here is a new mixtape I made inspired by the lovely compilations Country Got Soul 1 & 2 (Casual Records), Country Funk 1 & 2 (Light In The Attic) and Delta Swamp Rock 1 & 2 (Soul Jazz Records). None of the songs appears on the titles I mentioned above.

01. Donnie Fritts ‎- Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry (1974)
02. Al Anderson - I Haven't Got The Strength To Carry On (1973)
03. Barbara Clawson - Mad Mummy (1970)
04. Swampwater - Louisiana Woman (1970)
05. Hank Cochran - Watcha Think About That (1978)
06. Henson Cargill - She Likes Warm Summer Days (1972)
07. Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick - Spread A Little Love Around (1973)
08. Connie Eaton - Get Together (1971)
09. Charley Pride - Love Unending (1973)
10. Jim Ed Brown - Going Up The Country (1970)
11. Floyd Cramer - Joy To The World (1974)
12. Bobby And I - Mohair Sam (1968)
13. Maria Dallas - Ambush (1966)
14. Lorene Mann - Tell It All (1969)
15. Earl Grant - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (1970)
16. Charlie Rich - Got To See My Baby (1968)
17. Jim Stafford - Midnight Snack (1975)
18. Happy & Artie Traum - Trials Of Jonathan (1970)
19. Rick Roberts - Drunk And Dirty (1972)
20. Delbert & Glen - If You Don't Leave Me Alone (I'm Gonna Find Somebody That Will) (1973)



  1. I've been waiting for this a long time. Thanks. You know, this time you are using Arabic numerals "13" instead of Roman numerals "XIII," not that it makes a heck of a difference.
    What's that guy smoking in his pipe?

    1. Cool that enjoy that serie. I was just tired of those roman numerals, but hey - feel free to change the file names;-)

      Oh, that guy only smokes some turkish tobacco with cherry or vanilla flavour!

  2. Back in the groove!

    Cheers Marlon

  3. Thanks - I enjoy your country groove comps

  4. Thanks Aaron, this is great summer music!

    1. I agree with you - sadly the summer ain't that long here in Scandinavia....

  5. Aaron: Thanks for this and the wealth of other treasures to be found at GC! I don't get it: I barely find time to listen to all your posts; how on earth do you manage to rip, compile, curate and upload all that you do. Is sleep part of your regimen?
    Note to Johnny D: Love all the chatter about proper tagging. Like all matters of style, the variations and convolutions are endless. Thank god for Doug's Scripts and the other tools available that facilitate tagging your library the right (your) way!

    1. I sleep a lot, thanks;-)

      Most of the "mixtapes" are stuff I made a few years ago, and the albums are pretty easy to rip and zip:-)