Thursday, November 24, 2016

Not feelin' groovy!

While something is broken in the cellar of my apartment house I have no Internet since a week, and what I've been told they won't be able to solve the problem in a week either, maybe ten days. So, there will be no updates here before the problem is fixed. Very annoying. Thank you for watching. And, don't forget to be groovy. 


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mwanamke Mwafrika ‎"African Woman Abroad" 1982

Mwanamke Mwafrika, or African Woman was the first known all women reggae band, those seven musicians made this lovely LP in 1982 (sadly never reissued), great rootsy and mellow reggae with vibes of dub and african music. The album was engineered by Mad Professor and mixed by Mickey Campbell, no chicken shit. This is groovy!


Friday, November 18, 2016

The Violinaires ‎"The Upper Way" 1970

Here is stunning LP by gospel group The Violinaires from 1970, excellent funky soul-gospel released on Jewel Records. The group recorded several albums through the 70s, but they all get more and more slick and loose their groove (in my opinion). Groovy!

Gospel Six ‎"A Reason To Pray" 1972

Over the years it's most often (or always) the blues that get the big attention when talking about the legendary Chess Records (and their labels Checker & Cadet), very sad and annoying cause the Chess brothers recorded SO MUCH more (and to be honest their Chicago blues standards is pretty hackneyed). The labels of Chess Records released amazing gems in jazz, latin, soul, funk, r&b, psychedelic, pop, doo wop AND gospel. Here is a very groovy soul-gospel LP (sadly never reissued) from 1972 by the group Gospel Six, some of the tunes has a more funky vibe as well. Groovy!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cortex "Troupeau Bleu" 1975

This is a beatiful LP by the french group Cortex from 1975, to me it sounds like the sunshine pop groovers Free Design (or Singers Unlimited) made a soft and cool jazz-funk album with heavenly harmony vocals. Troupeau Bleu had some nice reissues on vinyl (no compact disc). Everybody should grab one. Groovy! 

*link removed by Alain Mion's request (Cortex leader, composer and owner of all rights).

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dave MacKay & Vicky Hamilton "Same" 1969

This gem from 1969 is a groovy festivus, released by Impulse Records. Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton gives you one of the grooviest uptempo jazz-meets-sunshine pop LP's ever, and you also get maestro Bill Plummer doin' his groovy sitar on some of the songs! I hope someone will reissue this "happening" someday (except the already long out of print japan only compact disc). Groovy!


Jean-Luc Ponty "Electric Connection" 1969

The french violinist Jean-Luc Ponty is maybe most famous for his work with dudes like Frank Zappa, George Duke and John McLauglin. He's was getting big attention with his work of Zappa's King Kong in the early 70s, but Electric Connection from 1969 is a bit different than later more progressive albums, here you got an incredible groovy gem - very funky! Sadly this album (as many of the World Pacific Records albums released in the 60s) are poorly reissued. Annoying, cause this is damned groovy!


Mulatu Astatke "Mulatu of Ethopia" 1972

This is fantastic LP from 1972 of Mulatu Astatke, his first own album without the classic Quintet on previous recordings. It's a very mellow and groovy ethiopique jazz album, with his typical hypnotic melodies and sound. Mulatu Of Ethiopia has a numberous of reissues on vinyl (sadly no compact disc, except a Japan release from 2009 that nobody ever has seen). Groovy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oliver Nelson "Skull Session" 1975

In 1975 Oliver Nelson already was some kind of veteran, most remembered for his big bands. Skull Session was released in 1975 by the hip Flying Dutchman, and includes genius Lonnie Liston Smith, the blend of young and old musicians is in some part the signum of the album; you get an experimental fusion of spiritual jazz, groovy rhythms of funk and rock with electric keyboards, and also some big band jazz in new fresh clothes. Groovy!


Freeez ‎"Southern Freeez" 1981

Freeez was some kind of a arty farty dance-jazz-funk combo from London, Southern Freeeze from 1981 is heir debut album, John Rocca was their mastermind. The group may be most famous for their 1983 hit I.O.U., but in my ears their signum is the title track from this album. Very groovy!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Tony Conrad with Faust ‎"Outside The Dream Syndicate" 1973

The violinist and composer Tony Conrad made a true masterpiece with the german krautrockers Faust in 1973. Outside The Dream Syndicate is definitely not for everyone, with only two long and epic tracks Conrad take John Cale's viola work with the Velvet Underground (Venus In Furs, Black Angel's Death Song, Heroin, European Son) two steps forward into the world of drone. The music is spellbinding, monotonous and hypnotic, not groovy at all, but true art! There are numberous of limited reissues of this LP (on compact disc also) out there - just pick one of them and get loose!


Charles Kynard ‎"Professor Soul" 1968

Charles Kynard released this ultra groovy hammond happening in 1968. With just John Kirkwood on drums and Cal Green on guitar, Professor Soul is a true soul-jazz testament, you can see it on the album cover that the combo are flirting with the young groovy hippies around - very atmospheric! Groovy!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Grupo Celeste "Palomita" 1985

Grupo Celeste were one the biggest cumbia/chicha acts in Peru in the seventies and eighties. They mostly recorded with vocals, and has a very groovy vibe with great guitars, nice vocals and cool percussion . There are very little iformation about this LP, but the release date are 1985, but the recordings sounds to me like they were from the mid or late seventies, and their releases straight  after this has a very unpleasant 80s sound with synthdrums, wich not dressed this kind of music very well.Maybe someone out there has some info?

Eje Thelin Group "Same" 1975

Eje Thelin was an extrardinary and profilic swedish jazz trombonist during the 60s and 70s. This LP from 1975 (released by Caprice Records)  includes the musicians Bruno Åberg, Harald Svensson and Leroy Lowe. This album is a cool free jazz gem, but not as far out as you can guess, there's a swedish kind of vibe of it that I really like. Sadly the whole swedish jazz scene from the 70s is very poorly reissued. There are a huge treasure that doesn't seen the light since it's orginal release. Eje Thelin Group is groovy!


Friday, November 11, 2016

Toots Thielemans "Same" 1961

In august this year the belgian harmonica and guitar player Toots Thielemans passed away 94 years old, In the 1960s (and in the 70s as well) Toots were HUGE in Sweden, he was almost everywhere (tv, radio and papers) all the time. He's laid back jazz were nice and pleasant, but also very groovy in parts. This whistling guy is maybe not everybody's cup of tea, some may called the it dorky deluxe, but who cares? I've got his music in the mother's milk as many other swedes (he did music and whistling for children tv-shows/films here in Sweden), may therefor I dig Toots so much? He released a lot of albums in Sweden through the sixties and seventies - this is his first from 1961, released by the legendary Metronome Records. Groovy!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Gabor Szabo "Magical Connection" 1972

It's hard to find words that gives the hungarian guitarist Gabor Szabo justice, he was one of the truly great, and has such a unique and sensetive style. My personal favorite guitar player, and such a groover he was! His significant style blends jazz, psychedelia, east european folklore, soul/funk etc. While most of his recordings for Impulse in the 1960s was jazz-pop-psychedelic love affairs, he find a more mellow and groovy (and dopey) sound in the seventies (he actually recorded at least one LP here in Sweden at the same time with swedish jazz musicians). Magical Connection from 1972 is his second LP for groovy Blue Thumb. Sady this gem never been reissued since 1978. The world needs  a well sounded upgrade right now!

Dave Pike Set ‎"Four Reasons" 1969

Four Reasons is the american vibraphonist Dave Pike's second LP for the legendary MPS label after moving to Germany. Dave Pike Set includes the wonder boy Volker Kriegel on electric guitar and sitar, and together with Pike he made one of the absolute grooviest and best psychedelic soul-jazz records of all time. It's a shame that this album (and the other MPS albums Pike recorded 1969-1973) is so hard to get, the two reissues of this album on cd's was so limited that they are almost as expensive as the rare original vinyls. This is groovy!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

VA - Late Night Grooves 3

Well, here is another mixtape with late night grooves. It's a blend of groovy turkish folk-soul, mellow disco, greek and italian library music, some dreamy 80s UK electronics, laid back and jazzy rare funk, and MUCH more.

I will also congrats USA today for their new president, I hope the poor and the vulnerable, subclass and working class will meet a better future with Trump controlling America. While I'm a swedish/european guy I of course seen the trouble with Trumps foreign policy, and his position to NATO, but that's another story. Today we pray for America.

01. Galt MacDermot - Coffe Cold (1966)
02. Garnegy & Maties - Soupapes (1983)
03. Ahmed Fakroun - Nisyan (1977)
04. Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere (1984)
05. Carl Hall - What About You (1973)
06. Alessandro Alessandroni - Young America (1974)
07. Guardian Angel - Spirit (1980)
08. Hlio Matheus - Mais Kriola (1975)
09. Franco Chiari E Il Suo Quartetto - Alter Ego (1968)
10. Cilla Black - Faded Images (1971)
11. Saint Tropez - Femmes Fatales (1982)
12. Sleep Over - Romantic Streams (2011)
13. Little Janice - Since You've Been Gone (1969)
14. Claudia - Com Mais de 30 (1971)
15. Sandra de Sá - Olhos Coloridos (1982)
16. Gary (S)Low - I Want U (Instrumental) (1983)
17. Özdemir Erdoğan - Aç Kapıyı Gir İçeri (FOC Edits) (2011)
18. Giannis Spanos - Monaxia (1971)


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pablo Gad "Blood Suckers" 1979

This is the fantastic Pablo Gad's debut album from 1979 released on the lovely Burning Sounds, he wrote, arranged and produced this gem by himself. Blood Suckers is one of the true classics with one foot in the old roots reggae tradition, and one in the new generation of dub. The dub version of the title track is a killer! Groovy!


Monday, November 7, 2016

Horst Jankowski ‎"Baby, But Grand!" 1967

Baby, But Grand! is a gem in the easy listening genre, a very groovy and in parts heavy orhestrated album from 1967. The blend of gentle jazz-pop with Horst Jankowskis piano are very enjoyable and dreamy/cheezy. Groovy!


Saturday, November 5, 2016

VA - Reggae Got Soul 3 (20 Soul Covers From The Jamaican 1970s)

Well, here is a third mixtape with groovy jamaican-reggae soul covers from the 70s. This mix along with the two previous in this series is some kind of compliment to the highly recomended soul-cover projects by Soul Jazz Records (Studio One Soul 1 & 2), Funky Kingston and Soul Power by Trojan, and of course Blood & Fire's lovely Darker Than Blue. None of the songs on my three mixtapes appears on the compilations I mentioned. Keep on pushin'.

01. Al Brown - Here I Am Baby (1973)
02. Elizabeth Archer & The Equators - Feel Like Makin' Love (1977)
03. Winston Francis - Stand (1970)
04. Big Youth - What's Going On (1976)
05. Burning Spear - Get Ready (1973)
06. Winston Gruvy - You Send Me (1970)
07. Hortense Ellis - Woman Of The Ghetto (1973)
08. Bunny Rugs - To Love Somebody (1974)
09. Prince Buster - Sister Big Stuff (1972)
10. Susan Cadogan - Fever (1975)
11. Jacob Miller - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (1976)
12. Pat Rhoden - Living For The City (1974)
13. The Soul Messengers - Do It (Until You're Satisfied) (1974)
14. Glen Brown - I'm Your Puppet (1974)
15. Derrick Harriott - Float On (1978)
16. B.B. Seaton - Thin Line Between Love And Hate (1973)
17. The Chosen Few - Tears Of A Clown (1975)
18. The Maroons - Rock Your Baby (1974)
19. Veronica Adams - Midnight Train To Georgia (1975)
20. Mahalia Saunders - Piece Of My Heart (1971)

Friday, November 4, 2016

London Afrobeat Collective "L.A.C." 2009

London Afrobeat Collective is an extraordinary swingin' combo from UK, this is their self-released debut album from 2009. Their afrobeat with vibes of soul/funk/jazz is awesome, and they are still releaseing albums and touring round the world. Support the band here. Groovy!

Keith Hudson ‎"Rasta Communication" 1978

Rasta Communication is a great album from 1978 by legendary jamaican Keith Hudson, this ain't a dopey dub LP, it's just a plain and mellow roots reggae album released by the lovely Greesleeves. Groovy!


La Lupe ‎"Queen Of Latin Soul" 1968

Cuban-american  La Lupe was a energetic latin soul singer,  also worked in the genres boleros, salsa and guerachas. The Queen Of Latin Soul from 1968 includes her version of Fever, wich by many regarded as the ultimate version. This LP is full high energy latin soul, salsa and a bunch of ballads. Groovy!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Willie Bobo ‎"Bobo Motion" 1967

This is one of the american latin-jazz maestro and percussionist Willie Bobo's grooviest effort. Bobo Motion was released in 1967 and has a amazing blend of latin, jazz and groovy soul rhyhms. His version of Evil Ways is after all the coolest, Groovy!


Don Cherry ‎"Hear & Now" 1977

Maybe Don Cherry's most groovy album, Hear & Now from 1977. This album is a spiritual jazz-funk gem, and has almost nothing in common with the free jazz he devoted himself on the previous albums from the 70s. Groovy!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Tempests "Would You Believe!" 1968

Would You Believe! is a great (and very rare) classic 60s soul album from 1968 by The Tempests. The music is a hentle mix of typical of time northern and souther soul, r&b and blue eyed soul. Almost uptempo all over - in stereo (not mono as the cover says).  In 2007 a very welcome reissue was released on compact disc by Poker Records. Groovy!

The Politicians "Same" 1972

The Politicans were a bunch of bad asses housed in Detroit, wich worked as a house band for the Invictus label. MicKinley Jackson, a trombone player and producer from the Parliament/Funkadelic camp made this happen. The result here is a funky soul gem with psychedelic vibes. Groovy!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Arabs ‎"Cry Tuff Dub Encounter - Chapter 1" 1978

This heavy dub classic from 1978 by The Arabs is one of those groovy pearls that has a kind of tropical heat around it. The music lumbers around in a mellow mood with lots of effects and rootsy percussion that sometimes reminds of Dadawah. It's lovely produced by Prince Far I, and mixed by Adrian Sherwood. Groovy!

Brother Jack McDuff ‎"Moon Rappin'" 1970

Moon Rappin' is so groovy that it's impossible to sit still. A funky masterpiece from 1970 by Brother Jack McDuff. God knows why he titled a song Made In Sweden - but I guess is something nasty!

Vis-A-Vis ‎"Obi Agye Me Dofo" 1977

Vis-A-Vis was a groovy combo from Ghana, they released this LP 1977. Side A has two long tracks of very nice haunting afrobeat with mean farfisa organ. Side B has three tracks of a more highlife oriented tunes. Continental Records made a great reissue of this record in 2011. Groovy!