Thursday, June 30, 2016

Heikki Sarmanto Quintet "Counterbalance" 1971

You can almost see on the front cover how groovy this album is. Counterbalance was released in 1971 by Heikki Sarmanto Quintet, and it's another fine example how prosperous and experimental the jazz scene was in Finland back in the days. The LP is a groovy mix of contemporary jazz, fusion, elements of spiritual arty rock, and a nice touch of both free jazz and finnish folklore. Groovy!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

VA - Country Groove 7 (1966-1976)

Another mixtape I made inspired by the lovely compilations "Country Got Soul 1 & 2" (Casual Records), "Country Funk 1 & 2" (Light In The Attic) and "Delta Swamp Rock 1 & 2" (Soul Jazz Records). None of the songs appears on the titles I mentioned above. More volumes in this serie will come.

01. Roger Tillison - Down In The Flood (1971)
02. Gary Atkinson - Wanderin Soul (1975)
03. Jerry Reed - Ko-Ko Joe (1971)
04. Duncan Pain - Those Who Help Themselves (1970)
05. Dennis Linde - Burning Love (1973)
06. Jimmy Walker - Swamp Country (1966)
07. Sanford Clark - It's Nothing To Me (1968)
08. The Hubbels - City Woman (1969)
09. The Hardy Boys - Old Man Moses' Front Porch Rhythm Band (1970)
10. Vicki Britton - Shootout on the Plantation (1972)
11. Tom Jones - See Saw (1970)
12. Gregg Allman - Melissa (Demo) (1968)
13. Adam Taylor - My How You've Grown (1973)
14. Earl Scruggs - Some Of Shelley's Blues (1972)
15. Swamp Salad - Ode to Billy Joe (1971)
16. Vernon Wray - Prison Son (1972)
17. The Carolyn Hester Coalition - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (1970)
18. Curt Johnson - Lay Back (1976)
19. The Cornbread - Harley Street (1971)
20. Andy Robinson - Every Mother, Father, Brother, Sister (1970)


VA - Country Groove 6 (1968-1975)

Another mixtape I made inspired by the lovely compilations "Country Got Soul 1 & 2" (Casual Records), "Country Funk 1 & 2" (Light In The Attic) and "Delta Swamp Rock 1 & 2" (Soul Jazz Records). None of the songs appears on the titles I mentioned above. More volumes in this serie will come.

01. The Cates Gang - One Woman Man (1972)
02. Goose Creek Symphony - Gearheart And God (1972)
03. Priscilla Coolridge - On The Road (1970)
04. Gloria Ann Taylor - Jolene (1973)
05. Timbercreek - Nobody on the Streets (1975)
06. Bonnie Dobson - I Got Stung (1969)
07. Ben Atkins - I Love This Song (1971)
08. Charlie Rich - Memphis And Arkansas Bridge (1970)
09. Bobby Bloom - We're All Goin' Home (1970)
10. Mike Hurst - Scarlett Revisted (1970)
11. Lee Hazlewood - Lars Gunnar And Me (1975)
12. Bob Dylan - Gotta Travel On (1970)
13. Ron Davies - It Ain't Easy (1970)
14. Robert Lamm - Skinny Boy (1974)
15. Connie Eaton & Dave Peel - To Love Somebody (1970)
16. Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn - Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (1973)
17. Arthur Alexander - Another Place, Another Time (1968)
18. Dave Dudley - Shoeshine Man (1970)
19. Paul Pena - Lullaby (1971)
20. Bruce Cockburn - You Don't Have to Play the Horses (1971)


De Frank & His Professionals ‎"Psychedelic Man" 1976

Don't get fooled by the album title - this LP has nothing to do with psychedelia. De Frank was a groovy and funky dude from Ghana, he released a couple of albums in the late seventies. This is superb afro-funk with funky horns and hard driven organs, etc. This cool album from 1976 has a very american soul/funk sound, and they also deliever a reggae number. Feel the groove!


Jackie Mittoo "Now" 1970

Here is the fourth LP by the keyboard king of Jamaica Jackie Mittoo. Now was released 1970, and is in my opinion his best, his own style is in full bloom and it's so cool and funky. Without exaggeration this is one of the grooviest music a human being can listen do. Do the reggae!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Horace Andy "Skylarking" 1972

Horace Andy is one of my absolute favorite singers of all time, here is his debut LP Skylarking from 1972, released by the classic jamaican label Studio One. This is the original album, not some post-construction that some bungler put together for some bootleg cd-release. This is the real deal - and it's damned groovy. Do the reggae!

Monday, June 27, 2016

VA - Groover's Paradise 5! 20 Global Grooves 1967-1982

Here is another mixtape with grooves from all around the world, this from the years 1967-1982. The mixtape this time includes some spanish flamenco funk, modern soul, aussie folk gospel, disco from brazil, yugoslavian fusion funk, algerian soul, french library peat, us jazz-funk, zambia groove, disco from India, slow greek disco, and MUCH more. Do some popcorn!

01. Ait Meslayene - El Fen (1976)
02. Marquis of Kensington - Flash (1967)
03. Kindekrist - Watch Out For The Wolf (1973)
04. Mario Balaguer - Patio Andaluz (1975)
05. Witch - Let's Get Together (1980)
06. Parvati Khan - Jimmy Jimmy Aaja (1982)
07. Rabo De Saia - Ripa Na Xulipa (1979)
08. Timeless Legend - I Was Born To Love You (1980)
09. Waltel Branco - Meu Balanço (1975)
10. Silke Schwinger & Fatty George & ORF Big Band - Strassenfahrt Durch Wien (1972)
11. Righteous Flame (Winston Jarrett) - True Born African (1973)
12. Erwin Bouterse & The Group Roetoe - Groovy Weekend (1979)
13. Jean-Claude Pelletier - Hello Streakers! (1974)
14. Marc Moulin - Balek (1975)
15. Predmestje - Karikatura (1980)
16. Chantana Kittiyapan - Sleak Kyol Saravan (1979)
17. Enos Mcleod - Sweet Sexy (1982)
18. Al Caiola - For A Few Dollars More (1967)
19. Waipod Phetsuphan - Ding Ding Dong (1960s)
20. Giorgos Hatzinassios - Pursuit (1977)


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kelenkye Band "Moving World" 1974

Kelenkye Band was at the time Ghana's own supergroup. They released this only LP in 1974 called Moving World. All members has worked with the countries elite musicians before this recording session (like Oko Ringo, Officer Toro and Leslie Addy), but they have never played together earlier. The music on the album has a wide range (for Ghana bands) - afrobeat, highlife, funk, reggae and rock - but everything is played in a very distinctive Kelenkey way and sounds marvelous. This is a damned great and groovy pearl!

Scientist "The People's Choice" 1983

This is a late LP from Scientist, he was extremely productive in the early eighties, and this album from 1983 is one of his last before taking a break. Through the whole seventies he was King Tubby's novice, they worked together until 1979. The People's Choice is not a far out dub record as many of his early records. This is more a restrained and groovy dub reggae album, it sounds more it was recorded in 1977 rather than 1983. Do the reggae!


Pioneers "Freedom Feeling" 1973

Pioneers was one of the biggest groups in jamaica in the mid to late sixties, they were securely big in the seventies too. This LP from 1973 is really nothing special - just a great roots reggae album that makes you feel groovy. Maybe what's the world needs right now, Freedom Feeling. Do the reggae!


Friday, June 24, 2016

VA - Space Disco 3! 15 More Cosmic Grooves 1977-1979

Well, here is the 3rd mixtape with space disco from the years 1977-1979. Do some groovy walks on the moon!

01. Meco - Moondancer (1979)
02. Metropolitan Band - Lucia's Dance (1979)
03. The Warlord - The Ultimate Warlord (1978)
04. Luna - Iron Far (1978)
05. Universal Energy - Universal Energy (1977)
06. Stratosferic Band - Splashdown (1977)
07. By The Savers - Help Me (1977)
08. Cristal - Phonic (1977)
09. Mankind - Dr. Who (1978)
10. Shane Gould - Spiderman (1979)
11. Ambros Seelos Orch. - Crazy Pelican (1978)
12. Milkways - Love for N.R. (1978)
13. DJ's Group - 10 Hours From L.A. (1979)
14. Bamboo - Traveling Through Space And Time (1979)
15. Cosmic Gal - Moon dream (1979)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Los Destellos "Same" 1968

A fantastic LP from 1968 by the peruvian kings of cumbia/chicha Los Destellos. This is their debut album - no fillers, just killers. Do some sombreros!

Los Belking's "El Sondido De" 1967

In my opinion a great LP from 1967 by the peruvian instrumentals Los Belking's. The album includes some great surf with a peruvian flavour, nice and mean fuzz guitars and even some evil american styled garagerock. Load your gun!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

VA - Trópical Disco 2! 20 Groovy Cuts From Brazil 1976-1980

Here is the 2nd mixtape with groovy tunes from Brazil. This time with focus on funk, disco and soul from the years 1976-1980. Put on your grooviest shirt and do some parrots!

01. Samba Soul - Black Coco (1978)
02. Gerson King Combo - Uma Chance (1977)
03. Tim Maia - Lábios de Mel (1979)
04. Lady Zu - Dança Louca (1979)
05. Carlos Dafe - Escorpiao (1978)
06. Harmony Cats - Margarida (1980)
07. Crystal Grass - Taj Mahal (1976)
08. Bebeto - Princesa Negra De Angola (1977)
09. Doris Monteiro - Maita (1976)
10. Marcelo - Algo No Ar (1978)
11. Mita - Som Amor Trabalho E Progresso (1977)
12. Cristina Camargo - Moral Tem Hora (1980)
13. Octavio Burnier - Danca Infernal (1979)
14. Aquele Um - Djavan (1980)
15. Dom Um Romao - Escravos de Jo (1976)
16. Miguel de Deus - Black Soul Brothers (1977)
17. Cesar Mariano & Cia. - Metropole (1977)
18. Banda Black Rio - Mr. Funk Samba (1977)
19. Ana Mazzotti - Io Sono Lo Eu Sou Mais Eu (1978)
20. Quinteto Ternura - Linda Manhã (1978)

VA - Trópical Disco! 20 Groovy Cuts From Brazil 1970-1975

Well, here is a mixtape I made with some soulful music from Brazil 1970-1975. The mix includes all kinds of groovy genres except rock. So, here is an hour of bursting groovy funky stuff you can shake your rigid hips to. Do the parrot!

01. Marcos Valle - Democustico (1972)
02. Abilio Manoel - Cavaleiro Andante (1970)
03. Burnier e Cartier - Mirandolina (1974)
04. Fred Falcao & Arnaldo Medeiros - Feriado em Caruarú (1972)
05. Jean Sullivan - I Saw The Light (1972)
06. Secos & Molhados - Amor (1973)
07. Alypyo - Vermelho E Branco (1972)
08. Marilene - Sinal Vermelho (1973)
09. Os Diagonais - Não Vou Chorar (1971)
10. Trio Ternura - Filhos de Zambi (1974)
11. Tom Zé - Jimmy Renda Se (1970)
12. Piry - Heroi Moderno (1975)
13. Di Melo - Pernalonga (1975)
14. Getulio Braga - Meu Pai Obaluaê (1974)
15. Agnaldo Rayol - Do Bicho Ao Lixo (1973)
16. Trio Mocotó - Tudo Bem (1974)
17. Ana Mazzotti - Feel Like Making Love (1974)
18. Wilson Simonal - Nem Vem Que Não Tem (1970)
19. Quarteto Em Cy - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser (1972)
20. Antonio Adolfo e A Brazuca - Transamazonica (1970)


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

VA - Groover's Paradise 4! 20 Global Grooves 1968-1985

Well, here is the fourth installation of global grooves, this time from the years 1968-1985. This mixtape includes some moog disco from Romania, Turkish kebab, german latin, boogaloo from Venezuela, grooves from Greece, Lebanon funk, US boogie, East German disco, Italian latin library lounge, Barbados funk, a couple of Jamaican joints, funk from Argentina, and much more! Do some penguins!

01. Miguel de Deus - Black Soul Brothers (1977)
02. Mikis Theodorakis - On The Streets (1973)
03. Die Caufner Schwestern - Komm Doch (1978)
04. Ihsan Al-Munzer - Shish Kebab (1980)
05. King Nando - Mama's Girl (1969)
06. The Organization - Smokey Feeling (1974)
07. Trio Expres - Ploaia Nu E In Zadar (1983)
08. Record Player - Free Your Mind (1979)
09. Puccio Roelens - The Taste Of Repeat (1976)
10. Joy White - It Dread Out Deh (1978)
11. Stelvio Cipriani - Le Cerbiatte (1972)
12. Ray Christophs New Sound - Wordless Blues (1969)
13. Mehrpouya - Soul Raga (1976)
14. Esin Afar - Zht (1976)
15. Kjell Öhman - Organ Funk (1977)
16. Fooka Mainty Band - Let's Get It Together (1975)
17. Jennifer Lara & Devon Russell - Traffic Jam (1985)
18. Rose Lynch - I Don't Need No Help (1968)
19. The Pacific Band - Sally Row (1971)
20. Ricardo Marrero And The Group - A Taste of Latin (1976)

VA - Suomi Au Go-Go! 20 Groovy Cuts From Finland 1967-1970

Here is a mixtape I made with some groovy tracks from Finland 1967-1970. Nearly half of the tracks are covers of contemporary pop hits. This mix are focused on catchy groovy pop with strings (no rock at all), jazzy and funky stuff, bossa and some melancholic dramatic ballads (the famous finnish mentality;-) Do the sauna!

01. Danny - Tuuliviiri (1968)
02. Anki Lindqvist - Vielä Pois (1968)
03. Kirka ‎- Pitkän Tien Pää (1969)
04. Seija Simola - Rakkauden Katse (1970)
05. New Joys - Kuuluthan Mulle Windy (1967)
06. The Otto Donner Element All Stars - Haka Blues (1968)
07. Jarkko ja Laura - Kuin Pieni Tyhmä (1967)
08. Pepe Willberg - Belle (1969)
09. Päivi Paunu - Niin Aina On (1970)
10. Jari Lappalainen - Vastatuuleen (1970)
11. Rauno Lehtinen - Dancing Shoes (1969)
12. Lasse Mårtenson - Kukka Hiuksissaan (1967)
13. Paula Karppanen - Norwegian Wood (1970)
14. Soulset - Sauna Soul (1969)
15. Tapani Kansa - Ei Itketä Lauantaina (1969)
16. Eddy - Kun Tyttöjä Katselen (1967)
17. Ernos - Kaikki Hyvin (1969)
18. Carita & Marianne - Vart Ska Jag Gå (1969)
19. Anita Hirvonen - Itke Vaan Jos Helpottaa (1967)
20. Eero Koivistoinen & Seija Simola - Hiljainen Hetki (1968)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mammane Sani "La Musique Électronique Du Niger" (1979)

Well, i don't know much (nothing) about the Nigerian electronic scene from the late seventies (is there a huge world community of this genre maybe?). But Mammane Sani Abdoulaye is apperently a legend. This LP is an 2013 reissue by Sahel Sounds Records of an extremely rare cassette Sani released in 1979 (recorded in 1978). It was recorded at the National Radio Station in Nigeria, the music was transposed and overdubbed in two takes - and the result is a totally unique piece of art. The instrumental music is very dark and dreamy, repetitive but hypnotic and dopey, and has a timeless beat. These recordings are quite primitive and has a charming lo-fi sound. When I listened to it I immediately thinking of the Wisconsin-based husband-and-wife indie duo Peaking Lights, wich has released a bunch of great records the last ten years with a very droney neo-psychedelic lo-fi electronoic dub. This reissue (vinyl only) is already out of print, but you can find more info about Sani and these recordings on Sahel Sounds homepage.


Rob ‎"Make It Fast, Make It Slow" 1978

You have to love artists like Rob posing as corny and tough at the same time on their own album covers. Make It Fast, Make It Slow from 1978 is his second LP, and he was a pretty big star in Ghana back in the days (maybe still is?). The music on the album is a groovy mix of african funk and soul, and I think it have that special Ghana-sound (if you ask the puritans) too. I'm so thankful that record labels like Soundway and Analog Africa reissued a lot of this 70s stuff and make this wonderful groovy music available for us. Shake it up and do the boogaloo, or just make it funky!

VA - Estupendo Mèxicano 2! Funk From The Mexican 1970s

Here is a 2nd mixtape with groovy stuff from Mexico. This time it's funk from the 1970s. Some tracks are a bit scratchy (of course), it is as it is. But hey! Do the enchilada!

01. Toño Quirazco - Sesión Verde (1971)
02. Los Moonlights - Tijuana Funky (1975)
03. La Onda Chicana - Luz y Fuerza (1973)
04. La Fresa Acida - Danza Negra (1972)
05. Luis Vivi Hernández - Hound Dog (1971)
06. Manny Perez y Los Cachiros - Mi Ritmo Pop (1974)
07. Los Socios del Ritmo - La Gallina (1970)
08. Johnny Laboriel - Bote De Bananas (1972)
09. Pérez Prado y su Orquesta - Sexomanía (1970)
10. Los Golden Jets - 30 - 60 - 90 (1970)
11. Lords Soul Band - Funky Broadway (1970)
12. La Tribu - I Don't Want You More (1971)
13. Cosa Nostra - Get Down And Do It (1971)
14. Grupo Oz - Fly (1972)
15. SOS (Sociedad Organizada en Sonido) - Buscaya Da Yada (1975)
16. Lalo Duarte y la Libre Expresión - La Gallina (1970)
17. Los Black Stones - Piedras Negras (1971)
18. Los Crazy Birds - Crazy Biirds Song (1970)
19. Emily Cranz - Malos Modos (1970)
20. Beans - Por Ser Negro (1970)


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Esko Linnavalli Sextet ‎"Finnish Design" 1973

This LP was recorded in Helsinki, Finland in late 1972 and released 1973 by the finnish jazz musician, arranger, conductor and producer Esko Linnavalli. The players on Finnish Design was the most renowned musicians in Finland at the time - Jukka Tolonen, Eiro Koivistonen, Esko Rosnell, Seppo Paakunainen along with the two swedes Lars-Urban Helje and Bertil Löfgren. The music is a often laid back and groovy mix of jazz, funk, folklore and fusion. The result is actually one of the grooviest efforts from Finland ever!

Janko Nilovic "Soul Impressions" 1975

Janko Nilovic is an montenegrin pianist/multi-instrumentalist and composer, born in Istanbul and moved to France 1960 and have lived there vere since. He released a bunch of records from the late sixties through the seventies. The music is often very typical time and his albums therefore has a big breadth over the years. Soul Impressions from 1975 is most famous for the Drug Song, wich are a incredible groovy instrumental funk. Actually the whole album is fantastic mix of poppy and soulful jazz funk, sometimes with a prychedelic feel. Feel the groove!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Jahmel "Watchful Eyes" 1983

Jahmel was born in Kingston, Jamaica but migrated to america in the early 80s. He was discovered at a dancehall in Rochester, New York by the producer Roydale Anderson. 1982 he took Jahmel back to Jamaica and Harry J's legendary studio and recording this groovy debut album. On the LP he was backed by many of the original members of The Wailers (the Barrett brothers are include). Watchful Eyes is a very mellow and moody roots reggae album and it's highly aclaimed by fans of reggae music. Do the reggae!

Phillip Frazer "Loving You" 1982

A great rootsy reggae LP from 1982 by the man with the powerful and spiritual voice - the Kingston born Phillip Frazer. This is a groovy and mostly laid back reggae album, many tunes goes in minor, sometimes with a lighter touch of dub. It was recorded at Channel One in Jamaica, with engineer Scientist and producer M.Chin. You know it's groovy!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Henry Franklin "The Skipper" 1972

This is Henry Franklins debut album as a leader, it was released on LP 1972 and it´s a very soulful jazz funk album by the bassist. Charles Owens on saxophone and Oscar Brasheer on trumpet does a tremendous job here, they play very spiritual and open minded but in a more traditional jazzy way. In parts The Skipper is a very groovy and mellow LP, moody and laid back funky jazz - only on a couple of tracks they let them self loose in a more free jazz way. Most often Black Jazz Records releases are first class jazz, this is no exception. Groovy!

VA - Disko Türk Müzik 2! 20 Turkish Floorfillers 1976-1982

Here is the 2nd mixtape I made with groovy disco musik from Turkey, this one from the years 1976-1982. A 3rd mixtape with turkish disco will come in a couple of days, for those of you that are interested. Put on your boogie shoes!

01. Osman İşmen Orkestrası - Disco Madımak (1979)
02. Seyyal Taner - Gülme Komşuna (1977)
03. Serpil Barlas - Dert Etmem Kendime (1977)
04. Salim Dündar - Boş Vere Boş Vere (1976)
05. Lale Belkıs - Kendi Dusen Aglamaz (1977)
06. Işıl German Ağlıyorsam - Sen Aldırma (1977)
07. Nil Burak - Kirk Yilda Bir (1978)
08. Bilgen Bengü - Dik Kalbimde Yarayi (1978)
09. Ajda Pekkan - Kim Ne Derse Desin (1976)
10. Nazan Şoray - Iyi Diyelim Iyi Olalim (1980)
11. Neco - Sor Niye (1981)
12. Coşkun Demir - Sen Bensiz Ben Sensiz (1982)
13. Nükhet Duru - Kazandım (1982)
14. Yesim - Her Yerde Kar Var (1982)
15. Tekgül Gözalan - Kimler Var Sağında Solunda (1978)
16. Rüçhan Çamay - Sorma Gitsin (1977)
17. Meral & Zuhal - Umutlarım Bitmesin (1978)
18. Banu Han - Pismanlik (1977)
19. Senay - Sev kardesim (1980)
20. Zerrin Özer - Son Bir Defa (1980)

VA - Disko Türk Müzik! 18 Turkish Floorfillers 1978-1981

This is the first of two mixtapes with groovy disco music from Turkey, this one is from the years 1978-1981. I included a b-side with Claire Evren, she is from Turkey but recorded both her singles singin' in french (or a mish mash of both language) in France in the early eighties. I also read somewhere that the duo Derdiyoklar where a duo from turkey that moved to germany 1979 and record their debut?  

For snobs that only listen to disco music with productions like Nile Rodgers - this is not a mixtape for you. What I can hear the turkish disco music from those years are more related with european easygoing acts like Boney M for example (and what's wrong with Boney M?) rather than the licked sounds from american labels like Casablanca or Phladelphia Internationals. If you are into turkish folklore and catchy disco - I'm sure you find this tape as groovy as I do!

01. İstanbul Çalgıcıları - Köroğlu Dağları (1979)
02. Nil Burak - Ağladımmı Güldümmü (1980)
03. Sevda Karaca - Cik Ortaya (1978)
04. Zerrin Özer - Yalan (1980)
05. Claire Evren - Müzik Ve Ben (1981)
06. Mehmet Pekün - Sabret Dostum (1980)
07. Senay - Dalkavuk (1979)
08. Ayşe Mine - Demek Ki Öyle (1978)
09. Ersan Erdura - Aşıksın (1980)
10. Erol Evgin - Rüya (1981)
11. Nazan Şoray - Tatli Bela (1980)
12. Nazia Hassan - Disco Deewane (1981)
13. Deniz Erkanat - Yetersin Bana (1978)
14. Yasemin Kutsi - Duysun Dünya (1980)
15. Derdiyoklar - Alman Marki (1979)
16. Sibel Egemen - Yine Yalnizim (1981)
17. Yeliz - Rüya (1980)
18. Serpil Örumcer - Hayat (1981)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wojciech Karolak "Easy!" 1975

This highly acclaimed classic from Poland was released in 1975 (some says 1974) by organist Wojchiec Karolak. It's a very groovy jazz/funk/soul/fusion love affair. This LP sold a lot back in the days, so you can get a copy for reasonable money. Get loose with the polish groove!

Yeliz "Same" 1980

I know nothing about the singer Yeliz - but this LP from 1980 seems to be her debut and she is still performing and release albums (or maybe there is someone else called Yeliz in Turkey nowadays?). This ain't turkish disco (maybe some vibe), i'ts rather some kind of up tempo turkish pop, with a big bunch of the dramatic and melancholic turkish folklore. It's pretty groovy and I really like her vioce. Belly dance anyone?  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Serpil Örümcer ‎"Aşka Hasret" 1981

Well, I know nothing about this girl Serpil Örümer, except she's from Turkey, and it seems that she was a rather big star there in the 70s and 80s. I also think she was an actres and a model too, but everything about her on internet is written in the turkish language, and I understand nothing. Aska Hasret must be one of the smoothest disco LP's from Turkey way back (of those I heard), it's a wonderful mix of western inspired late 70s quality disco meeting superb turkish folklore (words in turkish too), and she has a lovely deep voice. 

For some years now it have been a big hype about the turkish psychedelic scene, wouldn't it be time to strike a blow for the Turkish disco now? It's damned groovy!

VA - Estupendo Mèxicano! Soul Funk and R&B From The Mexican 1960s!

This is a mixtape full with soul, funk and r&b from Mexico 1965-1969,a big part of 'em is groovy  and adrenaline-filled covers. You find (for example) some great versions of James Brown, Fontella Bass, Jackie wilson, Stax and Motown as well as a few originals in the same style. Personally I get a bit surprised over how well played most of them is. Some of the recordings are a bit scratchy (of course) but it is what it is. So, take a trip and dance an hour away to the groovy Mèxico!

01. Los Blue Angels - A La Media Noche (1968)
02. Los Dinners - El Amor Es Bueno (1968)
03. Manolo Muñoz - Pudo Ser (1966)
04. Johnny Laboriel - Bigotes Sam (1966)
05. Jorge Querol Con Los Go-Go ‎- Rudi Enamorado (1969)
06. Ela Laboriel - Ya Te Vi (1966)
07. Los Yaki - Barrio Pobre (1965)
08. Los Black Stones - Piedras Negras (1969)
09. Las Ventanas - Alto Mas Alto (1967)
10. El klan - Show Me (1969)
11. Enrique Guzman - Yo No Me Quiero Casar (1966)
12. Los Yorks - Cielo (1967)
13. Los Rockin Devils - Pobre Tonto (1968)
14. Los Pentágonos - Alma En Movimiento (1967)
15. Xavier Medel - Boogaloo Broadway (1968)
16. Rabbits & Carrots - Las Cuatro Culturas (1969)
17. Comparsa Universitaria - Boogaloo En Tijuana (1968)
18. Julian Bert - El Clan S.A (1966)
19. Las Castillón - Shake It Baby (1968)
20. Los Fabulosos Crooners - Vida (1966)
21. Los Sonidos De FM - Alucinante (1967)
22. Los Apson - Pócima De Amor (1965)
23. Loco Valdes & Los Shakes - Tiembla (1967)
24. Los Rockin Devils - Bailando En La Calle (1967)
25. Los Gay Crooners - Con Beto Valtierra (1967)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

VA - Partaj 3! Funk Jazz & Fusion From Sweden 1970-1978

The 3rd mixtape with some groovy jazz and fusion from Sweden 1970-1978. Hope you dig it!

01. Okay Temiz - Sari Kiz (1977)
02. Eje Thelin Group - Time (1975)
03. Spjärnsvallet - Pojkarna (1975)
04. Putte Wickman - Happy New Year (1975)
05. Lars Färnlöf & Radiojazzgruppen - Cachasa (1973)
06. Jan Allan - Debalira (1970)
07. Bengt-Arne Wallin - The Song About A Hole, Somewhere (1972)
08. Bernt Rosengren - Gerda (1974)
09. Birka - Björksav (1978)
10. Lars Gullin - Omericano (1974)
11. Lasse Werner Och Hans Vänner - Sergel (1971)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Nick Ingman "Big Beat" 1973

One of the true classics in the 70s library music genre, the englishman Nick Ingman delivers an inredible groovy LP from start to end. This is an bubbling soup of funky jazz, soul and incentive cross between pop and lounge seasoned with typical moods and sounds from the era. This must be one of the hippest and most groovy records in England by 1973. Just the album cover tells us that there is something beyond the ordinary. Today this is an collector's item and it has sadly never been reissued. Feel the big beat!


Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Bah "Same" 1973

Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Bah was born in Ghana 1944, and he was one of the most aclaimed drummers and percussionists of the seventies - he was a member of both Traffic and Can, and he was also involved with Erc Clapton's Rainbow Concerts in 1973. He also was a well hired studio player trough his career, played with acts like Nick Drake, Tim Hardin and The Rolling Stones (plus many others). This LP was recorded in Stockholm november 1971 with the swedish musicians Janne Schaffer, Gunnar Bergsten, Bengt Dahlén, Maffy Falay and others, but it was released first in 1973. The result is an excellent mix of funky jazz, rock, soul, afro and fusion - typically it sold badly, after all it sounds simillar in parts with the late Traffic. What I heard Bah lived in Sweden most of the seventies until his too early death in 1983. It's very strange that this album never has been reissued, today it's one of the rarest and most sought after swedish vinyls. This one is groovy!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Charanjit Singh ‎"Synthesizing - Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat" 1983

This record may have been analyzed and hyped for some years now, the story and the myth about Charanjit Singh and his recordings in India 1982 has been told over and over again. But, this LP (originally released in 1983) still fascinate and mezmarize. Singh was a well known studio player in a numerous of Bollywood soundtracks in India 1960s-1980s. This album was a kind of synthesize experiment at the time and it was a commercial failure and most all of the copys was destroyed by the record company. The story tells that there is only 100 survived copys. The music is actually what the title says, ten compressed indian ragas played with the top notch synthesizers of the time with drum machines. The beat can only be derived to the acid house genre that molded some years later in the west, and today to some modern electro subgenres. Today you can tell it's far ahead of it's time, that this record probably will survive for ages and inspire new generations. Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat is a hypnotizing and marvelous album with a cold and dark sound, and it's easy to get obsessed by the groove. The album went reissued in 2010 (with a totally different cover, the above is the original) after a european record collector find a copy in India 2002 and went bananas over the bargain. There is an huge amount of information about this recordings on internet - technical mumbo jumbo about the synthesizers, machines and similar stuff - to me it's enuff to just listen and float by. Have a nice trip!


Jim Stafford "Same" 1974

Well, the sharp dressed Florida born Jim Stafford may be a lot more famous in america than here in europe. He is (or was) an comedian, actor and also a musician, and he also briefly was married the queen of delta swamp Bobbie Gentry. This LP from 1974 was his first of two albums that he released back in the seventies (the other one is Not Just Another Pretty Foot from 1975), and it was produced by Lobo and Tony Scotti, it's probably most famous for the two killer country swamp grooves Spiders & Snakes and Swamp Witch (wich both where big selling singles in US). In my opinion this is an hell of a great album (sure it's has two or three silly tunes). I also include a bonus below:-) Do the snake!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

VA - Partaj 2! Funk Jazz & Fusion From Sweden 1974-1978!

Well, here is the 2nd mixtape out of 3 with groovy funk, jazz and fusion from 70s Sweden. As usual this was not a try do a fair overview of this scene, many acts and tunes are missing - this is just a groovy mixtape that sounds great in MY ears. Hope you find something funky:-)

01. Björn Alkes kvartett - Kommunisten (1974)
02. Pop Workshop - Watusi Dance (1974)
03. Soffgruppen - Grunkfunk (1975)
04. Häx Mjölk - Funky Roots (1976)
05. Rena Rama - Royal Song From Dahomey (1977)
06. Resa - The Seventh Seal (1975)
07. Opposite Corner - Hommage á Satie (part a) (1976)
08. Lars Samuelson Och Hans TV-Orkester - Blues No. 3 (1975)
09. Kjell Öhman - Misturada (1975)
10. Finn Sjöberg - I Fatimas Hand (1978)
11. Kornet - Lyrisk Olåt (1977)
12. Ablution - Bluegaloo (1974)
13. Janne Schaffer - Kulan Växer (1974)
14. Sansara - Boutique Sandhamn (1978)


Francis Bebey ‎"African Electronic Music 1975-1982"

The multi-instrumentalist, writer and musicologist, the Cameroon born Francis Bebey mixed African and Western music in a very unique way, and with different drum machines and synthesizers he made an incredible groovy soup 1975-1982. He was a really pioneer of his time, and the makossa always was the basis of his groovy work. Dance to the music!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Ramp "Come Into Knowledge" 1977

The groovy maestro Roy Ayers fished out the group Ramp from Cincinnati, Ohio, and along with Edwin Birdsong and William Allen Ayers arranged this LP (Come Into Knowledge) in 1977. Six of the eight songs on the record Ayers wrote, and he produced this part funky soul/jazz love affair himself wich more than once have been sampled by different acts of hip-hop/rap (and other groovers) ever since. Feel the groove!


VA - Partaj! Funk Jazz & Fusion From Sweden 1971-1974!

Here is a mixtape I made with groovy swedish tracks from the jazz/fusion scene 1971-1974. Some tracks are very funky, some africa tinged and some a bit free jazzy. Sweden was a very spiritual place when it comes to music in the early seventies. Many foreign musicians went to Sweden and stayed here for some years, performed and record with the swedish jazz elite (some of them actually stayed for the rest of their life). This was not a try to do a fair overview of this scene, just a mixtape that sounds groovy in my ears - many big and great swedish artists and recordings isn't include (of course). So, put on your tightest t-shirt, take a zip, feel free and do your grooviest moves!

01. Egba - Cirrus (1974)
02. Nannie Porres - It's Alright Ma (1971)
03. Bertil Strandberg - Cambodia (1973)
04. Rolf Ericson - Consequences (1972)
05. Ibis - Blixtens Gamla Buss (1974)
06. Solar Plexus - Frygisk Samba (1972)
07. Staffan Abeleen Quintets - Mr Minor (1974)
08. Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Bah - Lovin' You Baby (1973)
09. Tony Scott - One For Topsy (1973)
10. Nils Sandström - Manteca (1972)
11. Björn J:son Lindh - Lastbrygga (1971)
12. Mendoza - Summer Days, Winter Cold (1972)
13. Sabu Martinez - My Christina (1973)
14. Splash - Smutsig Jord (1972)
15. Appendix - Space Trip (1973)


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mimis Plessas & The Orbiters ‎"Greece Goes Modern" 1967

This LP from 1967 by composer and conductor Mimis Plessas must be one of the grooviest music that ever came from the sixties Greece, some say this is the holy grail of Greek jazz music. This LP was actually a jazz fusion based on Greek old traditional folk songs, but here expressed with a new fresh beat, funky hip grooves, psychedelia, samba and bossa. The result is a groovy jazz lounge love affair, with fuzzy psychedelic guitars in a Greek atmosphere. Damned groovy!


VA - Dansk Flipper 2! 18 More Groovy Cuts From Denmark 1967-1972!

Here is the 2nd mixtape with groovy cuts from Denmark 1967-1972. The rock scene in Denmark those years was incredible - maybe the best country in scandinavia when it comes to harder edgy rock. Those two mixtapes was not a try to do a fair overview of the danish scene from those years - just some great music for the ears, that's why there ain't no Gasolin, Maxwells, Secret Oyster, Röde Mor (for example). The word "Flipper" means "hippie" in danish:-) Groove to the dansk rock!

01. Cinderella - Carlt (1970)
02. The Savage Rose - Ride My Mountain (Jade) (1968)
03. The Floor - Turn It On (1967)
04. Beefeaters - Shakin` Fingerpop (1967)
05. Jacksons Garden - Fever (1968)
06. Days - Believe Me (1970)
07. Wall - In The Life (1972)
08. Daisy - Lucifer (1969)
09. Fleur De Lis - In Love  (1972)
10. Moses - Beginning (1971)
11. The Old Man and the Sea - Living Dead (1972)
12. Culpeper's Orchard - Gideon's Trap (1971)
13. Day Of Phoenix - I'm Feeling So Lonely (1972)
14. Blue Sun - Afro Blue (1971)
15. Stoke Sect - Flower Children (1967)
16. Freed - Motorcycle (1970)
17. Beefeaters - Night Flight (1967)
18. Ache - Shadow Of A Gipsy (1970)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

VA - Dansk Flipper! 18 Groovy Cuts From Denmark 1967-1972!

Here is the first of two mixtapes I made from the groovy Denmark 1967-1972. The rock scene in Denmark those years was incredible - maybe the best country in scandinavia when it comes to harder edgy rock. This mix includes sitar drenched pop, fuzzy heavy rock, funky grooves, instrumental mod beats, garagerock, a few progressive acts and some folky hippie tunes along with some fusion (and much more). This was not a try to do a fair overview of the danish scene from those years - just some great mixtapes for the ears, that's why there ain't no Gasolin, Maxwells, Secret Oyster, Röde Mor (for example). The word "Flipper" is danish for "hippie":-) Groove to the dansk rock!

01. Young Flowers - Oppe I Tret (1968)
02. The Defenders - Get Ready (1967)
03. Maniacs - 300 Pounds Of Joy (1967)
04. Blues Addicts - 5/4 (1970)
05. Rainbow Band - B.M. (1970)
06. Hurdy Gurdy - Peaceful Open Space (1972)
07. Pan - Song To France (1970)
08. Midnight Sun - Talkin' (1971)
09. Feo - Bjergfyr (1971)
10. Burnin Red Ivanhoe - Across The Windowsill (1970)
11. Delta Blues Band - You Don't Know My Mind (1969)
12. Hair - Supermouth (1970)
13. Alrune Rod - Kender Du Det (1972)
14. Skousen & Ingemann - Herfra Hvor Vi Står (1971)
15. Sir Henry & His Butlers - Pretty Style (1967)
16. Vestenvinden - Byen - Del 1 (1971)
17. Thors Hammer - Evasive Dreams Beyond (1971)
18. Panty - Søren Bruns Død (1971)


VA - A New Birth! 18 Groovy Cuts From 1970s Iran!

Well, this is one of those genres that is hard to find some sensible information about, maybe because much of the information is written in their own language? The tracks is what I suppose recorded before the revolution in the late seventies - sadly I didn't find the year of each recording so I skipped to wrote the few I find on the list below. This mixtape includes groovy pop, some funky stuff, a few with a jazzy and psychedelic touch - every tune is of course tinged by the iranian/persian folk music. Some cuts here are involved at compilations released by different labels (some official, som not) that you still can buy on cd or lp out there. The "signs" on the cover means "a new birth", I used a translation program to get them on the front - hope it's correctly:-) Feel the groove!

01. Dia Prometido - Hava Nagila
02. Neli - Ki Blood
03. Sattar - Shaazdeh Khaanoom  
04. Googoosh - Age Mishod Che Mishod
05. Beti - Gharibaneh
06. Kourosh Yaghmaee - Gole Yakh
07. Mehrpouya - Dokhtare Shab
08. Hassan Shamaizadeh - Safar
09. Amir Rassaie - Tisheh O Risheh
10. Farzin - Khodahafez
11. Giti - Dar Salaame Man Tou Bashi
12. Nooshafarin - Gole Aftabgardoon
13. Shohreh - Del
14. Habib Mohebian - Maadar
15. Afshin Moghaddam - Gharibooneh
16. Morteza - Morteza
17. Azita - Bi To
18. Amir Rassaie - Aroos Khanom


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bobby Patterson "It's Just A Matter Of Time" 1972

Well, he is one of the all-time greatest. Bobby Patterson produced so many soul classics (albums and singles) that it's hard to count. He gave us some heavenly recordings with artists like Fontella Bass, Chuck Jackson and Tommie Young back in the days - the guy also made a bunch of own singles for different labels in the sixties and seventies. He also released the groovy LP It's Just A Matter Of Time for Paula Records in 1972 (he's only in the seventies), wich today is very expensive, you know why when you hear it!  Please note that this cool guy still do performances. Feel the groove!

Tala André Marie "Black Woman" 1976

Well, sometimes you just fell instantly in love - that's what I did with this LP from 1976. Tala Andre Marie was born in Bandjoun, West Cameroon 1950. When he was four years old he lost his mother, at fifteen he went blind, at sixteen he's father died and his grandmother took care of him. He almost immediatly turned into one passion - music. He started some local bands and went discovered by Manu Dibango round 1971 and he made a handful of french produced albums in the seventies. The music on Black Woman is sometimes very groovy, but it also includes some delicate pop with a strong melancholy feel, and it's hard not to get affected while listening. This is definitely one of my desert island discs.

Monday, June 6, 2016

VA - Space Disco 2! 15 More Cosmic Grooves 1977-1979

Well, here is the 2nd mixtape with some groovy Space Disco from 1977-1979. Don't forget to put on your dancing shoes!

01. Transvolta - Disco Computer (1978)
02. Super Souris - Longue Vie A Super Souris (1979)
03. Su Kramer - Magic (1978)
04. Plastic Bertrand - Tout Petit La Planete (1978)
05. Mutation - Eudoxus (1978)
06. Droids - (Do You Have) The Force Parts I & II (1978)
07. Ayisha - Spaceman (1978)
08. Electronic System - Time Trip (1977)
09. Brian Bennett - Solstice (1978)
10. Adolf Stern - More...I Like It (1979)
11. Ganymed - It Takes Me Higher (1978)
12. Rockets - Electric Delight (1979)
13. Moon Birds - Crystal Nº 3 (1977)
14. Linda Law - All the night (1978)
15. Cosmic Gal - Space Fever (1979)

VA - Space Disco! 15 Cosmic Grooves 1977-1979

Well, here is a mixtape with Space Disco from 1977-1979. Some may say this genre is an paranthesis in music history and laugh about it, and some unhealthy worship it. I love it! On this mixtape there is a lot of european acts as well as americans, and most of the tunes is the 12inch versions. This was not a try to do a fair overview of this genre, just a good mixtape, that's why there ain't no Donna Summer or Giorgio Moroder or George Clinton (for example). I guess the scene back then went bananas over Star Trek (and Dr. Who?), Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, and hugged the synthesizer nearly to death (with too much coke in their brains maybe) - but, I think it's still sound very groovy in parts!

01. Telex - Moskow Diskow (1979)
02. Nostromo - Around The World In 80 Seconds (1979)
03. Oliver`s Planet - Dance Machine (1979)
04. Symphonic Band Orchestra - Kafar Abida (1978)
05. The Seebach Band - Bubble Sex (1977)
06. Arpadys - Funky Bass (1978)
07. Space - Tango In Space (1979)
08. Sheila And B. Devotion - Spacer (1979)
09. Munich Machine - Space Warrior (1979)
10. Galaxis - Space Rangers (1978)
11. Peter Moessers Music - High (1977)
12. Charlie Mike Sierra - On The Moon (1978)
13. Biddu Orchestra - Voodoo Man (Instrumental) (1979)
14. Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (1979)
15. Earl Venus & Eternity - Time Tunnel (1978)


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sonido Gallo Negra "Sendero Mistico" 2013

Sonido Gallo Negro is an 9-piece instrumental orchestra from east Mexico City. They played the 1960s Peruvian cumbia with a a touch of boogaloo and chicha with nice farfisa organ, flute, electric guitars, theremin and latin percussion. Their groovy music also has an echo of spaghetti western, psychedelia and surf music. Keep on keepin' on!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media "Head Rock" 1970

Well, this LP from 1970 by Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media must be one of the grooviest and hippest albums ever from Japan, It's a dazzled mix of soul jazz, funk and a touch of rock, especially the psychedelic guitar effects (handled by Ryo Kawasaki). This LP is Inagaki's most sought after, and you know why when you hear it. So, put on your groovy shirt and do some funky mooves!