Sunday, October 30, 2016

VA -This Funky Thing 3! 20 More Raw & Funky Grooves 1967-1973

Well, here is a 3rd mixtape with raw and groovy funk from the years 1967-1973. Groovy!

01. Calvin Arnold - Funky Way (1967)
02. Dyke & Blazers - The Wobble (1971)
03. Society's Bag - Let it Crawl (1972)
04. Gloria Walker & the Chevelles - You Hit The Spot Baby (1968)
05. Little Buck - Little Boy Blue (1969)
06. Brother Soul - Feelin' Funky (1973)
07. Little Sister - Stanga (1970)
08. Titus Turner - Do You Dig It (1969)
09. South Shore Commission - Right On Brother (1969)
10. John Roberts - Sophisticated Funk (1967)
11. The Brothers - Brothers Groove (1971)
12. Soul Suspects - Handle It (1969)
13. Jimmy Norman - Gangster Of Love (1968)
14. Soul Bros. Inc. - Put It On Him (1972)
15. The Honey Drippers - Impeach The President (1973)
16. Soul Machine - Bag Of Goodies (1968)
17. Bill Crane - Stepin Tall, Part Two (1967)
18. Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - Color Blind (1971)
19. House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free, Part. 1 (1971)
20. Bobby Henry with Andy & The Soul Packers - Hitch Hike One More Gin (1969)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Brother Jack McDuff "Soul Circle" 1968

This is a very groovy gem by Brother Jack McDuff from 1968, with jazzmen Harold Vick, George Benson amog others. The organist definitely knew how to swing on this hip soul-jazz album with his significant  Hammond-B3. Soul Circle is one of his best. Groovy!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

VA - You Got It! The Groovy In-Sound of Cadet Records 1967-1969

Here is a mixtape I made with music from Cadet Records 1967-69, Phil and Leonard Chess more jazzy and experimental etiquette/record label. I made this tape as a compliment to the handfull of terrific compilations from the last ten fifteen years with awesome non-blues but very groovy, swingin', psychedelic and funky stuff from the vault of Cadet/Chess Records. None of the tunes here appears on those compilations as far as I can see. Groovy!

01. Ahmad Jamal - Nature Boy (1967)
02. John Klemmer - Excursion #2 (1969)
03. Shades Of Brown - The Soil I Tilled For You (1969)
04. Jesse Anderson - Swing Too High (1967)
05. Odell Brown & the Organ-izers - Baby You Just Don't Know (1967)
06. Ramsey Lewis - Soul Man (1968)
07. Fugi - Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip (1969)
08. Eddie Fisher Quintet - Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Be Do Da Day (1969)
09. Marlena Shaw - Brother Where Are You (1967)
10. Jeannie Piersol - The Nest (1968)
11. Phil Upchurch - Electrik Head (1969)
12. Rotary Connection - Respect (1969)
13. The Soulful Strings - Paint it Black (1967)
14. Frank D'Rone - Make Me Rainbows (1968)
15. Etta James - You Got It (1968)
16. Clea Bradford - My Love's A Monster (1968)
17. Wildweeds - I'm Dreaming (1968)
18. Dorothy Ashby - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (1969)
19. The Dells - Sittin On The Dock of the Bay (1969)
20. Woody Herman - Hush (1969)

R.I.P. and thank you for the music.
Phil Chess 1921-2016
Leonard Chess 1917-1969

Henson Cargill ‎"Skip A Rope" 1968

Great and moody LP by the Henson Cargill, one of those gentlemen who stand in the shadows of Glen Campbell in the folk/country vein in the late sixties. Skip A Rope is a beutiful gem from 1968. Groovy!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dennis Linde "Same" 1973

The Texas born singer songwriter Dennis Linde made some really groovy stuff in 1970s. He mixed folk, country and groove in a very pleasant way. This is his self titled 2nd LP from 1973. Groovy!


If someone has his other LP's Linde Manor (1970), Trapped In The Suburbs (1974) and Under The Eye (1977), don't be afraid to share them in the comment field/chatbox. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

VA - Street Justice 3! Early Hip Hop, Rap & Beyond 1980-1982

Well, here is another mixtape I made with early rap, 1980-1982. Hope you like it.

01. Nairobi - Funky Soul Makossa (1982)
02. Super-Wolf ‎- Super-Wolf Can Do It (1980)
03. The Mean Machine - Disco Dream (1981)
04. The Chill Factor - Keep On Trying (1980)
05. Treacherous Three - Feel The Heartbeat (1981)
06. Wuf Ticket - Ya Mama (1982)
07. T-Ski Valley - Catch The Beat (1981)
08. Casper - Groovy Ghost Show (1980)
09. Bobby & Demo - Do It Right (1980)
10. Eye Beta Rock & Dr Groove - Super Rock Body Shock (1982)
11. Hurt Em Bad - N.B.A. Rap (1982)
12. Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp - The Gigolo Groove (1981)

Lorraine Ellison "Stay With Me" 1969

Here is Lorraine Ellison's groovy 2nd LP Stay With Me from 1969. She definitely had one of the biggest voices of the 60s soul era. She will forever be remembered for the albums title track.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Little Beaver ‎"Joey" 1972

This is Little Beaver's first LP from 1972, a very groovy set with vibes of both funk and jazz, it includes the minor hit singles Joey and Katie Pearl. He was such a cool cat in those days, and of course a lovely singer and a guitar player. Groovy!


Friday, October 21, 2016

Ofege ‎"Try And Love" 1973

This nigerian LP from 1973 is full of a catchy pop/rock sound from the american west coast scene of 1967-1969, but the Ofege added their own kind of groove to it. Try And Love is not a typical afrobeat record, those high school kids were more interested in the western pop culture. The albums has some really nice fuzzy guitars and harmony singing. Groovy!

Golden Dawn Arkestra ‎"Stargazer" 2016

Highly recomended album by Texas based Golden Dawn Arkestra. The legend says that the leader Zapot Mgwana's mother told him that his father was Sun Ra, wich she has a relationship with back in the days. The music is an totally unique pot of afrobeat, space and psychedelic "rock", spiritual jazz and funk. This groovy album is available on both vinyl and compact disc, support them here. Groovy!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Menahan Street Band ‎"The Crossing" 2012

Menahan Street Band is in some ways an all-star project based in Brooklyn, all members in this groovy instrumental combo are involved with other funky acts like Budos Band, Antibalas and The Dap-Kings. They are also known for back up Charles Bradley, both live and in the studio. Their music is soul/funk with vibes and elements of both latin and afro. You can support the band here. Shake your hips.

Jungle Fire ‎"Tropicoso" 2014

Wonderful an groovy album by the Los Angeles based collective Jungle Fire. Their mix of afrobeat, latin and funk are just brilliant. Available on both vinyl and compact disc, please visit their home here. Shake your hips.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shango Dance Band "Same" 1978

The onetime Fela Kuti bandmate Ojo Okeji's own group Shango Dance Band released this wonderful LP back in 1978, but only to military personal. The music is very similar to Fela's early 70s funk, and the nigerian scne at the time of course. Thanks to Comb & Razor Sound this set finally find a bigger audience (both cd and vinyl) this summer with a nice reissue. Groovy!


Monday, October 17, 2016

VA - Heavy Sound! 36 Cuts From The First Era Of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal 1969-1973

Here is two mixtapes I made with early hard rock from 1969-1973, mostly american and british acts, but there are long haired dudes from all over the world on those tapes. Of course there is elements of blues and vibes of prog in small parts, but the focus is on good time stupid teeth kickin hard rock. Sometimes we all need those heavy riffs, edgy guitars and attitudes. This is just two mixtapes, not a try to do some serious overview of the genre/era. Rock on brothers and sisters!

01. Zior - I Really Do (1971)
02. Highway Robbery - Fifteen (1972)
03. Soho Orange - Freedom Callin' (1971)
04. Head Over Heels - Road Runner (1971)
05. Climax Blues Band - What I've Sowed (1970)
06. Black Cat Bones - Save My Love (1969)
07. Asterix - Look Out (1971)
08. May Blitz - For Mad Men Only (1971)
09. Randy California - Downer (1972)
10. Granicus - Bad Talk (1973)
11. West, Bruce & Laing - Why Dontcha (1972)
12. Taste - Blister On the Moon (1969)
13. Duffy - Rock Solid (1972)
14. Hard Stuff - Millionaire (1972)
15. Dust - Love Me Hard (1971)
16. Killing Floor - Nobody by My Side (1969)
17. ODA - Mable (1973)
18. Charlee - Lord Knows I've Won (1972)
19. Buffalo - Sunrise (Come My Way) (1973)

01. Groundhogs - Cherry Red (1971)
02. Blues Creation - Just I Was Born (1971)
03. Chicken Shack - Daughter Of The Hillside (1971)
04. Bang - Lions, Christians (1972)
05. Nitzinger - Take A Picture (1973)
06. Silver Metre - Compromising Situation (1969)
07. Three Man Army - What's Your Name (1971)
08. Cactus - One Way...Or Another (1971)
09. Captain Beyond - Mesmerization Eclipse (1972)
10. Granicus - You're In America (1973)
11. Jericho - Ethiopia (1972)
12. Stray - Son Of The Father (1971)
13. Luv Machine - Witches Wand (1971)
14. Leaf Hound ‎- Freelance Fiend (1970)
15. Variations - What A Mess Again (1969)
16. Black Sabbath - Under The Sun (1972)
17. Toad - Thoughts (1972)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jacob Miller "Tenement Yard" 1976

Tenement Yard may be a classic already, but I think it deserves more attention. Jacob Miller was such a great singer, and this reggae LP from 1976 is so much more than just the title track. Groovy!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

VA - Modern Grooves 2! 18 Explosive Nu Sounds 2002-2016

Here is another mixtape I made with some modern grooves; nu-soul, neo-funk, disco, afrobeat, etc (I think you got the point) from 2002-2016. Hope you like it. Shake your hips.

01. Lack of Afro - One For The Trouble (2014)
02. Jungle Fire - Firewalker (2013)
03. The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - City Heights (2015)
04. Whitefield Brothers - Safari Strut (2009)
05. Shaolin Afronauts - Boogie Back Accra (2014)
06. Kokolo - The Way Up (2007)
07. Gramatik - Afternoon Soul (2009)
08. New Swing Sextet - La Bien Paga (2013)
09. Lee Fields feat Sugarman & Company - Stand Up (2006)
10. The Menahan Street Band - Tired of Fighting (2008)
11. Smokey Bandits - Cracker Jack (2010)
12. The Juju Orchestra (Feat Terry Callier & Carolyn Leonhart) - What Is Hip (2006)
13. The Sound Defects - Take Out (2008)
14. Benjamin & The Right Direction - Light Of My Life (2016)
15. Orgone - Sophisticated Honky (2007)
16. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - Go Je Je (2005)
17. Alcohol Jazz - S.W.A.T. (2002)
18. Riccio - Flute (2014)


Dave Pike Set ‎"Noisy Silence Gentle Noise" 1969

The american vibraphonist Dave Pike's first LP for legendary MPS label after moving to Germany. Dave Pike Set includes the wonder boy Volker Kriegel on electric guitar and sitar, and together with Pike he made one of the absolute grooviest and best psychedelic soul-jazz records of all time. It's a shame that this album (and the other MPS albums Pike recorded 1969-1973) is so hard to get, the two reissues of this album on cd's was so limited that they are almost as expensive as the rare original vinyls. This is groovy!


Friday, October 14, 2016

The Prince Brothers "Ram Jam" 1980

Ram Jam is an incredibly charming LP by The Prince Brothers from 1980, a very unique mix of mento and roots reggae. They sing fervently and warped in a lovely way, this uptempo album is a true groovy original.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

VA - Modern Grooves! 18 Explosive Nu Sounds 2005-2014

Here is a mixtape I made with some modern grooves; nu-soul, neo-funk, disco, afrobeat, etc (I think you got the point) from 2005-2014. Hope you like it. Shake your hips.

01. The Souljazz Orchestra - Mista President (2007)
02. Esperanto - Night of the Wolf (2007)
03. Killer Funk Disco Allstars - Supermodels & Sponge (Cake Mosh Edit) (2010)
04. Riccio - Flute (2014)
05. Dr. Who - Sandollar Sound (2010)
06. Zafari - Addis Ababa (2002)
07. Saravah Soul - Roubada (2008)
08. Soopasoul - Hustlin (2009)
09. The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - P.I.M.P (2008)
10. Hugo Kant - This Old Tune (2011)
11. Big Boss Man - Oh my Gawd (2005)
12. The Silver Sonics - Peasants Revolt (2014)
13. Nicole Willis and  The Soul Investigators - Invisible Man (2005)
14. Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Bárbaro - Boogaloo 33 (2013)
15.  Funky Destination - The Inside Man (Soopasoul Remix) (2013)
16. Timewarp Inc. - Ghetto Drunk (Acidisco Version, feat Tonkin) (2013)
17. Mounam And Trevor & Lisa - What Needs Mama (2010)
18. The Family Fortune (Ft. Jessica Darling) - Work (2008)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Alex Brown "In Search Of Love" 1970

Alex Brown's In Search Of Love is a long lost soul/funk gem from 1970, and it's a ultra rare LP, sadly never reissued. In the late to early seventies she worked in the studio with Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross. Groovy!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mitch Ryder "The Detroit-Memphis Experiment" 1969

This must be Mitch Ryder's grooviest moment, produced by maestro Steve Cropper (and backed by Booker T & The MG's) in 1969. While his early recordings with the Detroit Wheels sounds like Little Richard goes bananas in the house that Barry Gordy built, this is far more earthy, funky and groovy blue eyed soul/r&b. Sad this gem never been proper reissued.


Willis Alan Ramsey "Same" 1972

The american singer/songwriter Willis Alan Ramsey made this classic album in 1972, a high acclaimed LP among fans of seventies americana. The song Muskrat Candlelight was covered by both America and Captain & Tennille (as Muskrat Love) and went huge a huge hit (esp for America). Sadly this was the only album Ramsey made. Groovy!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Sandy Bull "Fantasias for Guitar & Banjo" 1963

This is american folk music pioneer Sandy Bull's debut LP Fantasias from 1963 with Bill Higgins on drums, he was a multi instrumentalist but in first place he was a guitar player, he was rather unique mixing folk music, jazz, classical, improvisation and music from middle east. Groovy!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Booker Ervin Sextet "Heavy!!!" 1967

American jazz tenor saxophonist Booker Ervin made a bunch of groovy LP's in the mid to late sixties. Heavy!!! from 1967 includes som of the best hard bop ever recorded. Dig it!

Ray Bryant "Up Above The Rock" 1968

This groovy gem by pianist Ray Bryant sounds like a more funky Vince Guaraldi. Up Above The Rock from 1968 is one of those marvelous soul-jazz LP's the Cadet label released in the late sixties. Groovy!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

VA - We Got A Feeling! The Groovy Sounds Of The Beatles (1966-1975)

Well, here is a mixtape I made with groovy cover versions of The Beatles. I ain't a big fan of the fab four, but, of course I like them (is there anybody who doesn't?). Personally I think they most often were rather rigid, didn't swing that much. However, here you have a mixtape full of swingin' acts doin' groovy versions of Beatles songs, God bless Yoko Ono. Shake!

01. Sandie Shaw - Love Me Do (1969)
02. The Harvey Averne Dozen - The Word (1968)
03. The 5th Dimension - I've Got A Feeling (1975)
04. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Something (1972)
05. Harry Nilsson - You Can't Do That (1967)
06. Stardrive with Robert Mason - Strawberry Fields Forever (1973)
07. Gary McFarland - Get Back (1970)
08. Wilson das Neves - Come Together (1970)
09. Katja Ebstein - A Hard Day's Night (1969)
10. Monty Alexander - Let It Be (1970)
11. George Benson - I Want You (She's So Heavy) (1969)
12. Bossa Rio - Eleanor Rigby (1970)
13. Herbie Mann - The Night Before (1966)
14. The Anita Kerr Singers ‎- The Fool On The Hill (1973)
15. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - With A Little Help From My Friends (1968)
16. Lulu - Good Day Sunshine (1970)
17. Volker Kriegel - Norwegian Wood (1968)
18. Made In Sweden - A Day In The Life (1968)
19. The Sunshine Company - Rain (1967)
20. Vince Guaraldi & Bola Sete - I'm A Loser (1966)

Friday, October 7, 2016

VA - SKA'67

Well, here is another mixtape with jamaican ska, it really feels like ska and rock steady flow together in 1967, so I guess there are some vibes of it here too. Hope you like it. Do the ska!

 01. Prince Buster - Dance Cleopatra
02. Hazel & The Jolly Boys - Stop Them
03. Roy Panton - Control Your Temper
04. The Valentines - Guns Fever (Blam Blam Fever)
05. Byron Lee & the Dragonaires - Jamaica Ska
06. Roland Alphonso - The Cat
07. Hopeton Lewis - This Music Got Soul
08. Freddie McKay - Fine Fine Fine
09. The Soul Bros. - Searching For Weapons
10. Tommy McCook and The Supersonics - Persian Ska
11. Winston And George - Denham Town
12. Dandy & His Group - Till Death Do Us Part
13. Lloyd & Glen - That Girl
14. Justin Hinds & Dominoes - No Good Rudie
15. The Skatalites - Lee Harvey Oswald
16. The Gaylads - Africa
17. Jackie Opel - I Am What I Am
18. Dudley Sibley - Run Boy Run
19. Prince Buster & Lee Perry - Too Hot
20. The Wailers & The Skatalites - One Love


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mikey Dread ‎"African Anthem (The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise)" 1979

This is an amazing album by Mikey Dread from 1979, one of the seventies greatest dub albums, this guy sure were a genius at the controls. Groovy!

Sonora Matancera "Canta Bienvenido Granda" 1954

Sonora Matancera were a cuban/afro-cuban band during the 1920s to 1960s. This LP is from 1954 is a gem with delicious and groovy mambo, latin and rumba. Shake your hips!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sammy Davis Jr. ‎"I've Gotta Be Me" 1968

Well, you have to love this groovy album cover, the LP itself is a enjoyable cocktail with groovy jazzpop and swing. This 1968 effort from Sammy Davis Jr. is definitely worth a listen!


Carmen McRae ‎"Just A Little Lovin'" 1970

The great Carmen McRae - here is a groovy and funky LP from 1970, she do wonderful and swingin' versions of songs better known with 8or written by) acts like Dusty Springfield, Tony Joe White, Beatles and Laura Nyro. This is grooves for late nights!


VA - Soul Bamboo! Spiritual And Groovy Jazz-Funk from Japan 1970-1974

Here is two mixtapes I made with funky and spiritual jazz from Japan 1970-1974. Those tapes includes groovy jazz-funk, soul-jazz, librarymusic, experimental, early fusion, a couple of tunes that has vibes of the western "rock" sounds, but with a jazzy groove. Those guys definitely knew how to handle the groovy sounds back then!

01. T. Inomata & Sound L.T.D. - Theme-Mustache (1970)
02. Toshiaki Yokota & Primitive Community - Forbidden Ritual (1971)
03. Teruo Nakumara - Umma Be Me (1973)
04. Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo - Pigmy  (1972)
05. Masabumi Kikuchi - Puzzle Ring (1970)
06. Hiromasa Suzuki  - Ananiyashiewotomewo (1972)
07. Takehiro Honda - Greasy Spoon (1973)
08. People - Shomyo Pt.2 (1971)
09. Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media - High Jack (1970 )
10. Minoru Muraoka - Soul Bamboo (1970)

01. Ryo Kawasaki - Minor Kimuchi (1972)
02. Suzuki Isao Trio - Blow Up (1973)
03. Terumasa Hino Quartet - Hakuchu No Shugeki Theme (1971)
04. Akira Ishikawa - Heated Point (1974)
05. Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd - Furisode (A Long-Sleeved Kimono) [1974]
06. George Otsuka Quartet - Freedom Jazz Dance (1970)
07. Haruomi Hosono - Bara To Yajyu (Rose & Beast) (1973)
08. Happy End - Taifuu (1972)
09. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi - ソーラン節 (1973)
10. Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - The In Crowd (1974)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Beth Carvalho ‎"Andança" 1969

This is the debut album by legendary Beth Carvalho, a singer and guitar player  of samba/bossa from Brazil. Andança from 1969 is a very grovy and moody LP with a warm and tropical sound, and her voice makes you feel like you're in heaven. Groovy!

Kellee Patterson "Maiden Voyage" 1973

Kellee Patterson's debut from 1973 may fascinate, the release by and with Gene Russell on the new Black Jazz Records was a wild card at the time, but it's a great and moody spiritual soul jazz effort. The album has a numberous of well done reissues. Groovy!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ralfi Pagan "Same" 1969

A very nice and gentle latin album by Ralfi Pagan, many of tunes get the vibe of Sam Cooke and other singers from the early american sixties. It's a cool and groovy LP, I bet it was a hip one in 1969.


Monguito Santamaria ‎"Hey Sister" 1969

Mongo Santamaria's son was a groover too, actually Monguito was a bad ass with the microphone, he was a funky dude in the vein of James Brown (or he wish). Hey Sister from 1969 is his second LP, a groovy one, latin mixed with soul, and funk attitude!


Linval Thompson ‎"Six Babylon" 1979

The great singer Linval Thompson, such a wonderful voice he had, one of the absolutely best from Jamaica. Six Babylon is a fantastic roots reggae album from 1979. So groovy!


Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus ‎"Love Thy Neighbour" 1979

Love Thy Neighbour was the last LP recorded in the legendary Black Ark studios in 1979, by Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus. The album is full of their significant nyahbingi drums, dark and hypnotic rhythms, mixed with Black Arks typical sounds of echo's and reverb. Like a love affair with Dadawah's Peace and Love & Congos Heart Of The Congos. Groovy!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mombasa "African Rhythms & Blues" 1975

Pulsating afro funk with american trombonist Lou Blackburn from 1975, fuelled by an extended stay in Africa, Blackburn compiled a band to propel forward his fusion of west coast and ethno jazz. Grooves like a minimalist Fela. Groovy!