Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Earl Scruggs "I Saw The Light With Some Help From My Friends" 1972

Earl Scruggs definitely made his grooviest recordings in 1972 with Linda Ronstadt and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, along with producer Don Law. Sure you get some classic foky banjo from Earl, but mostly with a hippie groove and swing from the Dirt Band that the scene today doesn't seems to handle, or carry one. You will get some from the american songbook of couse, but in a more groovy and part funky way!


Monday, January 30, 2017

The Maytals "The Sensational Maytals" 1965

One of the true early jamaican classics. The Sensational Maytals were this legendary groups 2nd LP after changing their names from The Flames and before they changed it again - Toots & The Maytals. Most of the tunes here are ska, but you will also get some early rocksteady, and sadly they also supplys a couple of american r&b-ballads, personally I don't like those ballads at all, but the rest of the album wreck the bones! Groovy!


Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Modulations ‎"It's Rough Out Here" 1975

The Modulations were a soul and vocal group from North Carolina, It's Rough Out There from 1975 were their only LP. You will get deep and groovy soul of the best kind with lovely heartbreaking harmony wich are well produced and lovely orchestrated. Groovy!


Delroy Wilson "Good All Over" 1968

Good All Over is  a fantastic LP from 1968 på the mighty Delroy Wilson released by Coxsone Records. This is rocksteady at it's best. Groovy!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gary Saracho ‎"En Medio" 1973

Impulse Records released more groovy records than a label can dream of from the mid 60s to the mid 70s. Gary Saracho's En Medio from 1973 is one the company's most hidden gems I guess. Saracho played the piano, Jeffey Bahir Hassan did the drums, Carmelo Garcia and Owen Marshall (and oboe) the percussion, Patience Higgins the saxophone, Marvin Palatt the violin, and Jamie Herndon the guitar. The music is som kind of deep and spiritual soul-jazz with latin vibes, funk, improvisation and a sound very similar to the groovy Strate-East label. Sadly there has never been a reissue of this masterpiece. Very groovy!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alpheus "Good Prevails" 2014

Alpheus (aka Neil Martin) was born in London, UK by jamaican parents and become a big part of the reggae scene in London in the 80s and 90s, before he move to US. Martin has a great and deep soulful voice, and it's a kind of shame that he doesn't got more attention. The music on Good Prevails from 2014 is wonderful jamaican soul, roots reggae, ska and rock steady with a lovely retro vibe. the horn section is just amazing. Support Alpheus here, and the Liquidator Lable here. Groovy!

Shadow "Sweet Sweet Dreams" 1984

Shadow (aka Winston Bailey) from Trinidad and Tobago released this kinda cosmic big city "disco" LP in 1984. You will hear the caribbean groove with some african vibes, and a western modern sound as well, soca-boogie? I don't know. Some kind of proto-experimental caribbean funk/disco? Hard to describe this one. It's very groovy and definitely one of a kind. The lovely label Analog Africa has recetly released this album, you should support them here. Groovy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

VA - Blues Groove 6 (1967-1981)

Well, here is another mixtape I made with a more groovy and funky side of the blues!

01. The Newman Family - Two Ton Mama (1972)
02. Andrew Brown - You Made Me Suffer (1973)
03. Cold Blood - I Just Want To Make Love To You (1969)
04. Jimmy Reed - Don't Press Your Luck Woman (1967)
05. Louisiana Red - Country Playboy (1972)
06. Jimmy Bee - Funky Way (1971)
07. Luther "Georgia Boy" Johnson - Woman Don't Lie (1975)
08. Luther Allison - Into My Life (1974)
09. Lonnie Brooks - Greasy Man (1981)
10. Ike Turner - Tacks In My Shoes (1972)
11. T-Bone Walker - Every Day I Have the Blues (1969)
12. Jimmy Dawkins - Make My Way In This World (1972)
13. Cornell Dupree - Teasin' (1974)
14. Charlie Musselwhite - Big Leg Woman (With a Short Short Mini Skirt) (1968)
15. Lowell Fulson - I'm A Drifter (1967)
16. Albert Collins - Master Charge  (1978)
17. Fenton Robinson - She's A Wiggler (1971)
18. J.B. Hutto - Young Hawks' Crawl (1972)
19. George "Harmonica" Smith - Someday You're Gonna Learn (To Treat Me Right) (1970)
20. Pee Wee Crayton - You Were Wrong (1971)

Hindi Zahra ‎"Homeland" 2015

Hindi Zahra is a franco-moroccan singer and actress, and Homeland from 2015 is her 2nd album, and in my opinion one of the best releases from that year. The multi-instrumentalist Hindi definitely shows her influences on this album: Tinariwen and berber music, Beth Gibbons, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits and Manu Chao. There is also some kind gipsy vibe over many of the tracks, and it's rather difficult to put a label on her music, she deliever folk, blues, world, modern pop and rock like no one else, and the album is true gem. Her voice is one of the most beautiful on the planet for the moment. Support her here.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Polish Jazz Quartet "Same" 1964

Polish Jazz Quartet first LP is one of the true classics in the genre of european jazz from the 60s era. The polish jazz scene was huge and very inovative, some of the very best musicians actually were from Poland back then, and there are numerous of amazing records from the 60s and 70s. The sound has very much in common with the swedish scene from the same time. The straight contemporary jazz on this LP from 1964 (some says 1965) is very creative and moody, groovy bop, Twistin' On The Turkish Carpet has some nice oriental vibes with nice improvisations as well. Groovy!


Jimmy Owens "No Escaping It" 1970

This is New Yorker Jimmy Owens first LP, released in 1970 with musicians like Kenny Barron, Billy Cobham, Billy Harper and Sam Brown. The music is one of the finest examples of really groovy soul-jazz from this era. You get excellent moody soul-jazz with a bunch of funky parts. Billy Harper made some real cool work on flute and tenor. Groovy!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Leroy Smart "Ballistic Affair" 1977

Ballistic Affair from 1977 is one of the first LP's by the jamaican singer and producer Leroy Smart (who still record music and perform), recorded at Channel One with a little help from producer Joe Hoo Kim and Sly & Robbie. This is a classic roots reggae album, on a couple of tracks thereare some dub effects, but it's not a dub album at all, just a groovy jamaican love affair. Groovy!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Peter King "Shango" 1974

Peter King was an multi instrumentalist from Nigeria. He moved to England in the early 60s, were he studied, some years later he travel round europe with jazz musicians like Art Blakey, Sonny Rollins and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Shango were written and recorded (in Camden, London) for brittish television in 1974, but for some reasons it wasn't released untill 2002 when Afro Strut released it on cd, support them here. In 2013 the lovely Mr. Bongo re-release the album on both cd and vinyl (with the artwork above), support them here. The music on the album are incredible groovy, funky soul-jazz with afro and highlife. There are some relly groovy flute work on this one as well. Groovy!


VA - When Blues Comes Around 2 (18 Interpretations Of Blues 1957-2016)

Blues is such a big genre, it's a very individual term, it is what it is - just a feeling - like a moody figure inside your brain. Artist from the 1920s till today had their own interpretation - that's what I try to create and mediate with this mixtape, NOT to made and satisfy with just another compilation for puritans, chronologists or hysterical collectors (sure the people behind labels like Biograph, Document, JSP, Yazoo, etc made a great job with those cracky 78's, but blues is so much more than just a historical thing). For me, this is what blues about.

01. Medicine Boy - Time Is a Train (2016)
02. Asie Payton - Nobody But You (1994)
03. Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - Can't Stay Away (1960)
04. Barry Adamson - Come Hell Or High Water (1998)
05. Fire On Fire - Assanine Race (2008)
06. The Consolers - Children Keep On Marching (1968)
07. Tom Rush - You Can't Tell A Book By The Cover (1966)
08. Dan Stuart - What Can I Say (2012)
09. Hindi Zahra - The Moon Is Full (2015)
10. Tom Waits - Gun Street Girl (1985)
11. Cleophus Robinson - Don't Move The Mountain (1966)
12. Al Simmons w. Slim Green And The Cats From Fresno - You Ain't Too Old (1957)
13. Uncle Sinner - Oh Death (2015)
14. Graveyard Train - Get the Gold (2014)
15. Dave Van Ronk - Long John (1963)
16. Dino Valente - Me And My Uncle (1968)
17. Lera Lynn - Lately (2015)
18. Loy Clingman - The Man Who Made an Angel Cry (1958)
19. Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse - Dark Night Of The Soul (Feat David Lynch) (2010)
20. Madeleine Peyroux - Love In Vain (2011)


Quarteto Novo "Same" 1967

Quarteto Novo were a short live quartet from Brazil, and this is their only release. This instrumental album from 1967 is full of groovy and uptempo bossa nova with some nice jazz improvisations. The album includes the classic tune Misturada. Airto Moreira definitely do his job on the percussion on this one. Groovy!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Mister T. "The Return Of The Classic" 2017

Well, this is the grooviest release so far this year. Mister T. aka Dimitris Tedinis is an artist, dj och part of the collective Cold Busted (record lable), lives in Greece, and he has released several of groovy records over the last years. The music is mostly instrumental - a fantastic blend of modern funk, grooves, soul, rap and downbeat, some vibes of afro, triphop and jazz, wich are including very eclectic sampling and diverse sound effects. Bring It Back Again includes some really great samples of Oscar Brown Jr. The album is mostly uptempo with some really great horns! Support Mister T. here! Groovy!


VA - Festligt! Swedish Grooves, Funk & Disco 1974-1981

Whel, here his a mixtape I made some funk & disco from Sweden 1974-81, a couple of tracks are just some kind of folky groove (or just groovy) or AOR. The disco scene were rather popular in Sweden back in the days, and many established swedish artists made a disco track or two (of course), sadly many were more fun than actually great in a international perspective. And, there wasn't that many swedish quality disco LP's out there either (I didn't include Abba in the sense), most of them were (today) obscure singles. Some of the tracks on this tape are actually really great (and groovy), but some of those artists swedish people has some kind of "relation" to, so I guess some of the tunes on this tape actually sounds better in a foreigner's ear. Groovy!

01. John Holm - Du E En Stor Grabb Nu (1976)
02. Tomas Ledin - Ensam Om Natten (1976)
03. Björn Skifs - Don't Stop Now (1977)
04. Lill Lindfors - (Det Är Då) Jag Känner Jag Vill Va' Hos Dej (1975)
05 Anita Strandell - Elektriska Du (1977)
06. Kjell Hansson - Skärgårdsmorgon (1974)
07. Lasse Berghagen - Hej Livet! (1981)
08. Sad Motion - Windsurfing (1980)
09. Per Cussion - Breezin' (1981)
10. Secret Service - Why Don't You Try To Phone (1979)
11. Mikael Rickfors - Dancing On The Edge Of Danger (1979)
12. Taxi - Pröva Livet (1980)
13. The Impossibles - Give It Up (1975)
14. Funky Team - It's About Time (1978)
15. Siw Malmkvist - Jag Gillar Dans (1976)
16. Lasse Samuelson - Sunnysound (1978)
17. GlenDisco - Summerwind (1980)
18. Östen Fladvad - Jag Låg Så Vaken (1974)
19. Helena Salo - Rullskridsko-Disko (1981)
20. Magic - Vi Drar På Disco (1980)


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dinosaur L ‎"24→24 Music" 1981

This is one of those records that you either love or hate, it could be one of those LP's that change your life, and fill your body with love, it could also be music that make you wanna puke. Dinosaur L was one of the now legendary Arthur Russell's first project ever. The album came out in 1981, and it's a eclectic hybrid of disco, funk, electronic, experimental arty farty with a D.I.Y new wave/punk attitude vibe. 24→24 Music isn't for everybody, but we are many who completely loving it! The LP was reissued 2015 with bonus tracks by Traffic Entertainment Group, support them here.


Melvin Jackson "Funky Skull" 1969

Classic LP by Melvin Jackson from 1969, released by Limelight Records. Melvin Jackson was a Chicago born bassist and composer, once member in Eddie Harris famous orchestra. This is a very funky and groovy jazz love affair, with nice elements of both psychedelia and free improvisation. There is a nice cd reissue out there by the legendary Dusty Groove America, support them and buy your grooves here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Walter Wanderley ‎"Batucada" 1967

This is some kind of masterpiece, In a way it's kinda of cheezy. But, you have to love Walter Wandelay, his easy listening-hammond has such a groovy sound all over. This beautiful bossa nova LP was released by Verve Records in 1967, and half of the tunes on this mostly instrumental album were written by maestro Marcos Valle, two tracks has the female singer Talya Ferro on vocal, and she  fill the tunes with such a lovely vibe of jazz. Groovy!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Milton Nascimento "Courage" 1969

Milton Nascimento is an highly acclaimed brazilian singer, guitar player and songwriter, he's famous for his falsetto and tonal range. Courage from 1969 is his 2nd LP, and it's a lovely album full of folky, groovy and part jazzy laid back bossanova. One of his true classics Travessia aopears on this record. Groovy!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Ricardo Ray ‎"Jala Jala Y Boogaloo" 1966

This LP includes a groovy blend of latin rhythms, puerto rican jala jala and some kind of amercin pop beat. The album were rather successful in 1966 (some says it was released in 1967). Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz wrote most of the tunes on this album, and it's a quite unique one. Groovy!


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Antônio Carlos & Jocafi "Mudei De Ideia" 1971

This is a truly gem. The LP has a unique blend of funky samba, psychedelic rock and groovy MPB. Antônio Carlos & Jocafi became a famous and succesful writing duo in Brazil during the 70s. 
Mudei De Ideia from 1971 has now been wonderful reissued (both vinyl and cd) thanks to Mr. Bongo, support them here. Groovy!


Bobbi Humphrey "Flute-In" 1971

This the incredible groovy Bobbi Humphrey's debut LP from 1971. If you love groovy and funky soul-jazz with flute - this is your bag. Groovy!


Friday, January 13, 2017

Arpeggio "Breakout" 1980

The american group Arpeggio was led by singer Jessica Williams, they were founded in 1978 and this was their 3rd and last album. This is a slice of first class groovy american disco how it sounded in 1980, and You Killed The Magic should have been a bigger hit than it actually was, and what a lovely hand clapping! Breakout was produced by the legendary Simon Soussan, who recently has worked and made hits with Patti Brooks, Shalamar and Santa Esmeralda, he also had his own orchestra at the time. Groovy!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kurtis Blow "Same" 1980

The Harlem born rapper Kurtis Blow (Kurtis Walker) needs no introduction, this is his classic debut from 1980. This is old school rap as it best. Groovy!


Yellowman "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng" 1983

Winston Foster/Yellowman released numberous of albums in 1982-83, the guy needs introduction, but this masterpiece is one of the true classics in thedancehall/the new generation of jamaican music at the time. It was recorded at both Joe Gibbs & Channel One, and produced by the genius Henry Junjo Lawes. Put on your sound system, be groovy and shake your hips.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

VA - Partaj 4! Funk Jazz & Fusion From Sweden 1970-1978

Well, here is a 4th mixtape I made with groovy funk, jazz and fusion (some tracks has a psychedelic or world music vibe as well) from the swedish 70s. The lovely swedish actress Lena Nyman is on the cover. A couple of tracks are with foreign musicians who recorded, worked and lived in Sweden at the time, but were produced by swedes, etc. I was fortunate to have coffe (and a long conversation) with Urban Hansson (The Gimmicks) and Thorsten Eckerman (Arbete & Fritid) a couple of years ago, very nice and pleasant people. Groovy!

01. Modern Sound Quintet - Memphis Underground (1971)
02. Hawkey Franzén ‎- Hur Kan Vuxna Veta (1971)
03. Archimedes Badkar - Mister X (1975)
04. Lotus - Zero (1974)
05. Made In Sweden - Little Cloud (1970)
06. Mount Everest Trio - Ramblin' (1975)
07. Spjärnsvallet - Desireless (1975)
08. Alice Babs - Been To Canaan (1973)
09. Janne Schaffer - Bromma Struttin' (1976)
10. Don Cherry - Moving Pictures for the Ear (1974)
11. Arbete & Fritid - Pam-Pam (1971)
12. Modern Music Band - Make Me Smile (1972)
13. The Gimmicks - California Soul (1971)
14. Meta Roos & Nippe Sylwens Band - Here We Are Falling In Love Again (1978)
15. Monica Zetterlund with The Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra - Happy Again (1978)


Monday, January 9, 2017

Jeremy Steig ‎"Fusion" 1972

This 1972 LP by Jeremy Steig is a groovy knockout. Fusion was an album wich only were released in japan for some reason. The flautist may be most famous for Howling For Judy, but this funky jazz-rock fusion is extraordinary, It's a typical of time early 70s hippie groove festivus, much more groovy than his earlier stuff. And, it's a shame that this gem never has been reissued. Groovy!


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ‎"Reggay Hot Cool & Easy" 1972

This is a very charming LP from 1972. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires may not be the heavy weights in reggae, but Reggay Hot Cool & Easy includes some real cool funk and soul-reggae knockouts. Groovy for sure!

K. Frimpong And His Cubano Fiestas "Same" 1977

Alhaji Kwabena Frimpong was a singer from Ghana, through the 70s he worked with two different groups, Vis-A-Vis Band and Cubano Fiestas (on this LP). This self titled album was released in 1977, and it's full of typical of time groovy and funky ghana music. Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena appears on Soundway's (support them here) lovely Ghana Soundz compilation, but the other three songs on this LP has sadly never been reissued. This vinyl rip may not be the best audio experience in your life, but until someone re-release the LP, this one is groovy!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Louie Ramirez And His Conjunto Chango ‎"Vibes Galore" 1965

Louie Ramirez was an legendary vibraphonist and bandleader from New York City (1938-1993). Vibes Galore is an classic LP from 1965. The music you get is an wonderful blend of latin jazz, boogaloo and salsa, actually one of the best in the genre. Groovy!

VA - Groover's Paradise 7! 20 Global Grooves From 1966-1973

Well here is another mixtape I made with grooves from all around the world 1966-1973. You get soul-jazz, mod, funk, library music, folk, groovy soul, psychedelic vibes etc from brazil, finland, america, germany, jamaica, england, sweden and many other places. Dig it!

01. Norma Tanega - You're Dead (1966)
02. Gal Costa - Vou Recomeçar (1969)
03. Lennie Hibbert - Lights (1969)
04. Chicken Curry And His Pop Percussion Orchestra - Librium (1973)
05. Pete Jacques - Hard Work (1972)
06. Trama - Paciência (1973)
07. Harry Stoneham & Johnny Eyden - Coming Home Baby (1967)
08. Marlena Shaw - Where Can I Go (1969)
09. Don Harper - Chamber Pop (1971)
10. Ghetto Brothers - There Is Something In My Heart (1971)
11. Don Fardon - The Dreaming Room (1968)
12. The Silhouettes - Fonky First (1969)
13. Wess & The Airedales - Black Out (1971)
14. Ray Christophs New Sound - Wordless Blues (1969)
15. Billy Butler - The Twang Thang (1969)
16. Roger Simard - Mary Mary (1966)
17. Ray & His Court - Soul Freedom (1973)
18. Claude Vasori - Fantomaniac (1971)
19. Harry Stoneham - Move In (1971)
20. Don Sebesky - Water Brother (1968)


Friday, January 6, 2017

El Gran Pacheco ‎"Mi Nuevo Tumbao..... Cañonazo" 1964

A classic latin LP from 1964 by the legendary Dominican republic musician (percussion and flute) and producer Johnny PachecoMi Nuevo Tumbao..... Cañonazo may also be one of the absolute first releases by Fania Records (founded in 1963). This is groovy!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sugarman Three "Sugar's Boogaloo" 1998

The Sugarman Three was started by saxophonist Neal Sugarman in New York 1996, he also formed the now legendary The Dap-King's and Daptone Records a couple of years later on. But this is his first album in the retro-funk vein, a couple of years before he helped miss Sharon Jones to change the scene forever. With Adam Scone on Hammond B-3 and Rudy Albin on drums (and some sessions musicians) he recorded this groovy and all instrumental (mostly covers) LP Sugar's Boogaloo in 1998. Support The Daptone Records here.

Ocote Soul Sounds And Adrian Quesada ‎"Coconut Rock" 2009

Ocote Soul Sounds is a combo  based in New York with the founder Martin Perna (also known as the genius of Antibalas) and has released severeal albums and singels from 2004 till today. Coconut Rock from 2009 is like a heavenly mixtape of´groovy nu-funk and afrobeat with elements of both ethiopique jazz and soul, with delightful vibes of western psychedelia. Support the band here. Groovy!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Lucky Dube & Super Soul "Kudala Ngikuncenga" 1982

Lucky Dube (from Johannesburg) is probably the biggest and most selling artist in South Africa of all time. He recorded between 1982-2007, he was murdered in the suburb of Rosettenvile 2007. In 1984 he started to record reggae in big quantities, but he also released music in Zulu and africaans. Kudala Ngikuncenga is his 2nd LP, and he was only 18 when he recorded it. The music you get here is some kind of groovy Zulu pop music (mbaqanga), and it's easy to get why Paul Simon got bananas over it when he first heard it. I think Graceland never would exist without this LP. Groovy!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Anthony Johnson "Reggae Feelings" 1983

This a roots reggae gem from 1983 by the lovely singer Anthony Johnson. Very overlooked in my opinion. Reggae Feelings is a groovy, but also a melacholy LP produced by the genius Jah Thomas. We get fantastic percussion, distinct dub effects and a edgy guitar work here, a very heavy sounded roots reggae/dub album for sure. Strangely, there is only one reissue of the album out there, from 2002 (cd only), but I think this one needs a legal vinyl reissue at once!