Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alpheus "Good Prevails" 2014

Alpheus (aka Neil Martin) was born in London, UK by jamaican parents and become a big part of the reggae scene in London in the 80s and 90s, before he move to US. Martin has a great and deep soulful voice, and it's a kind of shame that he doesn't got more attention. The music on Good Prevails from 2014 is wonderful jamaican soul, roots reggae, ska and rock steady with a lovely retro vibe. the horn section is just amazing. Support Alpheus here, and the Liquidator Lable here. Groovy!


  1. Thank you, I love classic reggae and rarely hear any newer reggae. I gave this a listen and he sounds really good. I read a little about him and his previous one From Creation is supposed to be good also. Do you have that too? Regardless, I appreciate you turning me on to this guy.

    1. Sounds lovely you enjoyed Alpheus, such a lovely voice and moody retro-reggae. Yes - I have the "From Creation", I can post it HERE in the comment field tomorrow. Thank you for reading the blog!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this really fine retro-reggae album. I just purchased it from CDBaby. You're right, it's important to support the artists when possible.