Friday, January 20, 2017

Mister T. "The Return Of The Classic" 2017

Well, this is the grooviest release so far this year. Mister T. aka Dimitris Tedinis is an artist, dj och part of the collective Cold Busted (record lable), lives in Greece, and he has released several of groovy records over the last years. The music is mostly instrumental - a fantastic blend of modern funk, grooves, soul, rap and downbeat, some vibes of afro, triphop and jazz, wich are including very eclectic sampling and diverse sound effects. Bring It Back Again includes some really great samples of Oscar Brown Jr. The album is mostly uptempo with some really great horns! Support Mister T. here! Groovy!



  1. Thank you so much for your support!So happy you liked the album.
    Big ups from Greece!

    1. Thank YOU for the amazing album:-) Greetings from Sweden.

  2. I'm really diggin' this. It sounded interesting - something that I might like. On first listen I thought it was good but after another listen it kicked in and I've come to like it more & more. Another good discovery! Thanks!

  3. agreed! this is really good! I'm gonna check out his other work. I can't express how much I appreciate this blog - maybe a few 'you may groove to these' underappreciateds/OOPs to return the favor?
    Marz - Make it Right
    Simtec & Wylie - Gettin Over the Hump
    Electric Peanut Butter Company (Shawn Lee & Adrian Quesada)
    Funk Factory - s/t
    The New Apocalypse - Stainless Soul
    The Perfect Circle - s/t
    Original Popcorn (Franz Auffray)
    Donald Austin - Crazy Legs
    Pornosonic - Cream Streets (Don Argott of Serpent Throne)
    El Michaels Affair - Enter the 37th Chamber
    Eddie Senay
    Richard Demaria - A Ecouter
    Blue Phantom - Distortions
    The Psychedelic Aliens
    Mickey & The Soul Generation
    The Last Poets w/ Bernard Purdie - Delights of the Garden
    Black Nasty - Talkin to the People
    Rasputin Stash
    The Stark Reality
    James Mason - Rhythm of Life