Monday, February 13, 2017

Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona ‎"Fantastic Party (Die Tanzplatte Für Heiße Stunden)" 1970

The misleading album cover (and title) may not have catched the big hip german audience in 1970, cause most of the buyer's thought it was something in the vein of James Last or a cozy and cheezy hammond party for adults. I don't know much about Staff Carpenborg, but this LP is one of the funkiest psychedelic trips recorded in europe in 1970 (and is today a very rare and expensive vinyl) - early krautrock if you like. The music is very typical of time groovy and funky, but with a lot of weird effects, psychedelic vibes, fuzzy and acid guitars, etc. The album got an unofficial reissue on cd and vinyl in 2008 (sadly with a new/wrong cover). Groovy!


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  1. Not exactly "Tago Mago" in terms of funkiness or psychedelia, this record is basically a cheesy exploitation of the then- emerging Krautrock sound. The English titles are extremely laughable: "Heavy Stainy Needles", "Shummy Poor Clessford Idea in Troody Taprest Noodles"... but you know what? I like this record. It does have a groove, somewhere between Kosmische Musik and easy listening trash, not as good as the French "Expérience" S/T album from 1971, which is in the same vein, but still quite enjoyable.