Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dub Natty Sessions "Same (feat. Dennis Bovell)" 2014

Dub Natty Sessions moved from Venezeula in 2013 to London, the year after they recorded a very groovy roots reggae dub (mostly instrumental) album with legendary Dennis Bovell. Very nice horn section! Support the band here. Groovy!



  1. Hey, thanks for the music. This is definitely my favorite blog!

  2. this is kinda lame, elevator/dental office slagg but hey, thanks for all the other bulging assortment of brain pleasing ear candy the bestest assortment of music around....still as this recording plays in the backround give me the gas or put me out...if Winchester cathedral was in the mix I would of jumped in front of a bus..... please keep posting your miracle of lps......