Friday, March 24, 2017

Gary Burton "Tennessee Firebird" 1967

Gary Burton is unarguably one of the best jazz vibraphonists ever, he made a bunch of cool and groovy jazz albums in the 60s and 70s. Burton actually loved the country music as well, so much he went to Nashville at the end of september in 1966 to record (the first? the only?) an jazz-country LP with top country musicians. The result is unique and very groovy in parts. The two Bob Dylan covers may be the highlights (esp. I Want You wich is the definitive version except Dylans own) and an extraordinary version of Hank Williams Alone And Forsaken (it really sounds as modern-jazz, actually like it could have been recorded 2017). Sadly this album were ahead of it's time and sold poorly. And, of course it (sadly) only got a (very limited) reissue in Japan. Groovy!



  1. this is quite a find. first time hearing of it. thanks.

  2. Thanks for this, just been listening to my vinyl of Getz A Go Go with Burton playing.