Sunday, April 30, 2017

Jukka Eskola Orquesta Bossa "Same" 2013

Jukka Eskola is one of the most acclaimed and profilic jazz musicians (trumpe and flugelhorn player) from Finland today. He recorded this wonderful bossa album in Helsinki in 2013. Read more about the dude here, and support him here. Groovy!


Georgia Soul Council ‎"What's for Breakfast" 2016

The seven piece orchestra from Atlanta Georgia Soul Council made an fantastic record last summer called What's For Breakfast. The music is old school instrumental hammond b-3 driven funky soul with a groovy jazz beat with lovely horns. This album are cookin'! Support the band here. Groovy!


Tony Allen "HomeCooking" 2002

Legendary nigerian drummer (worked with Fela Kuti in the 70s) Tony Allen (now based in France) made this gem in 2002 - in my opinion one of his best work ever. The music is the characteristic funky afrobeat, but with a modern sounded twist. Support the man here. Groovy!


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Special Ed ‎"Youngest In Charge" 1989

Youngest In Charge was Brooklyn born Special Ed's (aka Edward K. Archer) first album released in 1989. He later become a member of Crooklyn Dodgers. Great and joyful old school rap/hip hop from the late 80s. Groovy!


Linval Thompson "Linvall" 1978

The legendary jamaican reggae/dub singer and producer Linval Thompson moved early in his life with his mother to Brooklyn, New York, but returned to the island in the mid 70s. He started working with the maestro Phil Pratt. This deep reggae/dub album was released by Clocktower Records in 1978. Groovy!


Le Seigneur Rochereau "Same" 1970

Tabu Ley Rochereau was one of the most profilic singer-songwriters from Congo, he released this LP on his own label Isa in 1970. The music is joyful congolese folk music, with influences of latin american rumba and carribean. Groovy!


Stu Gardner "And the Sanctified Sound" 1974

Part funky southern soul album by the great singer Stu Gardner, released on Volt/Stax back in 1974. Groovy!


Friday, April 28, 2017

VA - See You In Your Dreams! The Dynamic Sound Of Eddie Kramer 1968-1979

Well, here is a mixtape I made with music produced by maestro Eddie Kramer 1968-1979. I deceided to only include songs where he was mentioned as a producer, I know he made a lot of classic recordings at the same time as an enginer only. but I did not include any of them, cause I think Kramer was an extraordinary producer with a smart and unique rock sound way back in the 70s. He produced many LP's by Kiss, and in my opinion he produced their best albums (except from Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album, wich is the best Kiss album I think, both in the way it sounds and for the songs). I believe the first album he produced was the self titled LP by the psychedelic hippie-rockers Graffiti in 1968. Personally I think Mott's (Mott The Hoople) excluded and hated album Shouting And Pointing from 1976 is a hell of a good rock/heavy album, far better than many of their earlier stuff (esp their earliest recordings). It's also pretty funny he produced Twisted Sisters first, and self released single from 1979, Kramer's versions are sadly replaced (or crappy remixed) on their debut album that was released the year after.

01. Foghat - High On Love (1978)
02. Brownsville Station - Rockers' N' Rollers (1977)
03. Kiss - Mr. Speed (1976)
04. Stories - Top Of The City (1973)
05. Puzzle - Hey Medusa (1969)
06. Graffiti  - New Life (1968)
07. Elliott Randall - Brother People (1970)
08. Jimi Hendrix - Ezy Ryder (1971)
09. Spooky Tooth - Fantasy Satisfier (1974)
10. Jobriath - Take Me I'm Yours (1973)
11. Fotomaker - Two Can Make It Work (1978)
12. Mott - Collision Course (1976)
13. Angel - She's A Mover (1977)
14. Twisted Sister - I'll Never Grow Up, Now (1979)
15. Ace Frehley - Rip It Out (1978)
16. Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes - Breast-Fed Gator (1970)
17. Sir Lord Baltimore - Hard Rain Fallin' (1970)
18. Edwin Birdsong - Rising Sign (Funky) (1973)
19. Truth - I Can't Go On (1974)
20. Duke & The Drivers - Rock N Roll High (1975)
21. Buzzy Linhart - That's The Bag I'm In (1970)
22. NRBQ - Magnet (1972)


Mixmasters "Same" 1988

This was the southern californian electro hip-hop Mixmasters first album from 1988. The member Tony "Tony G" Gonzalez went a legendary producer, musician and DJ onwards.  Groovy!


Ranking Joe "Saturday Night Jamdown Style" 1980

This LP from 1980 by the jamaican deejay was recorded at Channel One (produced by Henry "Junjo" Lawes), mixed at King Tubby's by Scientist, and among the musicians are Flabby, Sly, Val Bennett, Bobby Ellis and the Roots Radics Band. You got it? The music is moody deep dub-reggae. Groovy!


Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers "Que Chevere!" 2014

A very swingin' album from 2014 by the New York based Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers. The music is old school boogaloo/latin, with vibes of afrobeat and soul. The leader Ray Lugo got several other projects (Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra for example) in many different groovy directions, what a dude! Groovy!


Scott Bradford "Rock Slides" 1969

Amazing LP from 1969 by Keyboard player Scott Bradford. The music is very groovy jazz-funk with wonderful and spiritual work by Nathan Davis on saxophone and flute. The album got a typical of time hippie-rock vibe and are sometimes very trippy. Groovy!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shelly Thunder "Fresh Out The Pack" 1989

Shelley Thuder was born in Kingston, Jamaica but migrating to Brooklyn, New York in the early 1980s. She start deejaying in the mid 80s and Fresh On The Pack is her 2nd effort. Great ragga hip hop/dancehall from 1989. Groovy!


Marley Marl ‎"In Control Volume 1" 1988

Marley Marl (aka Marlon Lu'ree Williams) was a legendary producer and DJ from Queens, New York. This is his first lp from 1988, very funky and groovy old school hip-hop.


Jack Costanzo "Viva Tirado" 1971

Chicago born Jack "Mr. Bongo" Costanzo released this groovy (and part funky) gem in 1971 on GNP Crescendo with a little help from female singer Gerri Woo. His uptempo mix of latin, pop and jazz will sure save your day. Groovy!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Martha Bass "I'm So Grateful" 1966

Fontella Bass mother Martha Bass (formerly member of Clara Ward Singers) released a handful of albums on her own in the mid to late 60s on Checker Records, amazing and soulful gospel all over, from the church to the masses. Groovy!


Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrası ‎"Gençlik İle Elele" 1973

Mustafa Özkent and his band released this groovy lo-fi kind of LP back in 1973, a great turkish album with psychedelic and folklore vibes meets danceable and funky grooves. Sadly the album and reissue is out of print, but support (and read more about the album) Finders Keepers here. Groovy!


Karl Hector & The Malcouns "Sahara Swing" 2008

This is the german producer and guitarist JJ Whitefield's (also the founder of Poets & The Rhythm and The Whitefield Brothers) first album under the pseudonym (or in the group) Karl Hector & The Malcouns. Sahara Swing was released back in 2008 and is a modern classic today. The music is some unique kind of groovy afrofunk, ethiopique jazz and psychedelic/kraut. Very repetetive and moody. Support the band here. Groovy!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

T.S. Monk ‎"More Of The Good Life" 1981

Amazing and funky disco from 1981 by Thelonious Monk's son, recorded in the heart of New York City, this is his 2nd effort. Put on your boogie shoes! Groovy!


Berndt Egerbladh ‎"Plays The Organ With A Swing" 1968

This is the legendary swedish arranger/composer and organist/pianist Berndt Egerbladh's first LP from 1968, a very groovy hammond soul-jazz album with a typical of time pop-vibe with help from legendary musicians Rune Gustafsson, Red Mitchell, Bertil Löfgren, etc. One of the grooviest 60s albums from Sweden for sure. Groovy!


Benny Golson ‎"Tune In Turn On - To The Hippest Commercials Of The Sixties" 1967

Tune In, Turn on is a true classic from 1967 with Philadelphia arranger and saxophonist Benny Golson, and produced by the mighty Tom Wilson. The crossover between jazz and pop is stunning, very groovy and has the typical of time hip/mod pop-vibe that fits perfectly for your cocktail party or sober happening. Groovy!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Hadley Caliman ‎"Projecting" 1976

The Oklahoma born jazz saxophonis Hadley Caliman made this LP in San Francisco for Catalysist Records in 1976. Projecting (wich is include Kenny Jenkins on bass, among others) is a groovy post/hard bop jazz album with elements and vibes of latin jazz and soul-jazz. Groovy!


Larry Young "Larry Young's Fuel" 1975

This is legendary keyboard player Larry Young's fantastic LP from 1975, incredible groovy and uptempo jazz-funk with a whole lot of soul and early disco as well. On half of the tracks the ultra cool female singer Linda "Tequila" Logan made an incredible work. SO GROOVY!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Speedometer "Downtown Funk 74" 2017

Well, britain's old cult record label KPM Records is back, their funky library music from the 70s are legendary. Speedometer (support the band here) released their first single in 2000 already, and are a highly acclaimed soul/funk (mostly) instrumental orchestra. Downtown Funk '74 from 2017 actually sounds like it was recorded in 1974 - very groovy 70s cinematic funk, and it has the typical sound of KPM, incredible great!


El Michels Affair "Return To The 37th Chamber" 2017

The instrumental combo El Michels Affair is from New York City, and this is their latest album Return To The 37th Chamber. Their music is retro tinged funk and soul, sometimes with vibes of both jazz and hip hop, and it's very cinematic. Support the band here. Groovy!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

VA - Country Groove 14 (1968-1977)

Well, here is a new mixtape I made inspired by the lovely compilations Country Got Soul 1 & 2 (Casual Records), Country Funk 1 & 2 (Light In The Attic) and Delta Swamp Rock 1 & 2 (Soul Jazz Records). None of the songs appears on the titles I mentioned above.

01. Charlie Daniels - Big Man (1970)
02. Billy Joe Royal ‎- Helping Hand (1969)
03. The Hagers - Gamblin' Man (1970)
04. Roy Orbison - Casting My Spell (1970)
05. Travis Wammack - Love Rustler (1975)
06. Roger Morris - The Vigil (1972)
07. Link Wray - Rise and Fall of Jimmy Stokes (1971)
08. Emmett Finley - Where He Cried Last (1971)
09. Hill, Barbata & Ethridge - Long Ago (1971)
10. Bones - Potatoes (1973)
11. Charlie McCoy - Working Man Blues (1975)
12. Rick Roberts - Drunk And Dirty (1972)
13. Lee Hazlewood & Ann Margret - Sweet Thing (1969)
14. The First Edition - Charlie The Fer De Lance (1968)
15. Jesse Winchester - The Nudge (1970)
16. Ben Atkins - Cross My Mind (1971)
17. Finnegan & Wood - Tend To Your Own Business (1972)
18. Gary Farr - Certain Lady (1973)
19. Ed Sanders - Albion Crags (1973)
20. Dennis Linde - Ghost Riders (1977)


Thursday, April 20, 2017

VA - Groover's Paradise 8! 18 Global Grooves From 1967-2016

Well, here is a mixtape I made with world wide groovy stuff from 1967-2016. You will get 70s UK disco, italian library music, latino cocktail, pure funk, ethiopique modern groove, dub disco, japanese soft rock, german electronic valium soul, and much more.

01. Pretty Purdie ‎- Funky Donkey (1967)
02. Roberto Delgado ‎- Mas Que Nada (1969)
03. Disco Dub Band - For The Love Of Money (1976)
04. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Straight Up (2012)
05. Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music (2008)
06. Klaus Schønning - Havmågen (1979)
07. Hailu Mergia - Hari Meru Meru (1985)
08. Belaboris - Yo Vanhassa Talossa (1984)
09. Orgone - Cali Fever (2010)
10. Woima Collective - Puno (2010)
11. Snakeye - Choked Up (1975)
12. Ennio Morricone - Allegretto Per Signora (1970)
13. Raze de Soare - Fereastra Ușă (2015)
14. Miskotom - Downtown (2016)
15. Adrian Gurvitz - Untouchable And Free (1979)
16. Bread & Butter - Japanese Woman (1980)
17. Romano Mussolini - Blues For Alexandra (1974)
18. Sarr Band - Magic Mandrake (1977)


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Steve Reid "Rhythmatism" 1976

Lovely album by the New York jazz drummer Steve Reid from 1976. The music is a spiritual mix of both post-bop-jazz and experimental with african vibes. Great work by David Wertman (bass), Les Walker (piano), Arthur Blythe (slto sax) and Michael Keith (trombone). Groovy!


New Edition "Candy Girl" 1983

Classic 1983 debut LP from Boston's New Edition, with a young Bobby Brown. Candy Girl is full of pleasant funky soul/r&b with elements of hip hop, and some Jackson 5ish pop (Popcorn Love). Groovy!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Duke Bootee "Bust Me Out" 1984

Duke Bootee was a highly acclaimed studio musician and a member of Sugar Hill's studio band. In 1984 he released this LP, the A-side is groovy rap, the B-side is straight 80s funk (even onne reggae tune). Groovy!


Monday, April 17, 2017

VA - Dancehall Dayz 2 (More Jamaican Sounds 1983-1985)

Well, here is another mixtape I made with jamaican dancehall/reggae from 1983-1985. Hope you dig it. Groovy!

01. Robert French - Cut Eye Cut Eye (1985)
02. Papa Monkey - Waterman Style (1985)
03. Tippa Irie - All The Time The Lyric A Rhyme (1984)
04. Brigadier Jerry - Jamaica Jamaica (1984)
05. Captain Sinbad - Eyes Of The Tiger (1983)
06. Sugar Minott - Dancehall Business (1984)
07. Barrington Levy - Black Roses (1983)
08. Eccleton Jarrett - Raindrops (1983)
09. Edi Fitzroy - Pressure (1985)
10. Light Of Love - Melting Pot (1984)
11. Reggae George - Armagiddeon Man (1985)
12. Prince Hammer - Africa Dance Hall (1983)
13. Millo B - Bad Boy Skank (1984)
14. Coco Tea - Too Much (1985)
15. Glen Judah - Mr. Collie Man (1983)
16. Louie Lepkie - Musical Bomb (1984)
17. Junior Delahaye - Stormy (1983)
18. Peter Metro And Zu-Zu - Calypso Calypso (1983)
19. Wayne Smith - Borrow Borrow (1984)
20. White Mice  - Dally Stylie (1985)


Felix & Jarvis "Same" 1983

This 1983 gem is a danceable cocktail of rap, funk, disco, electronic, scratchin and breakdancin. Felix & Jarvis were from Detroit and this was their only effort, but what a knockout! Groovy!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sonny Sharrock "Black Woman" 1969

Black Woman is a very groovy and spiritual free jazz LP from 1969 by New York jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock, released on the Vortex label. Groovy!


Sonny Phillips "Black Magic!" 1970

A very groovy and funky soul-jazz LP from 1970 by the cool Alabama born pianist Sonny Phillips. Groovy!


T-Ski Valley ‎"In The 80's" 1984

In The 80s is an amazing set by Bronx T. Ski Valley (aka Tyrone Cox) from 1984, one of the early era of hip hop/rap's best LP's. Sure the album is heavy influenced by Grandmaster Flash (and other Sugar Hill acts), but the album sure stands on it's own. His "version's" of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing (Sexual Rapping) and Michael Jackson's Billie Jean (Billie Jean Valley Rap) is just a few highlights on this masterpiece. Groovy!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Prince Charles And The City Beat Band ‎"Combat Zone" 1984

The Boston born multi instrumentalist, producer and engineer Prince Charles Alexander made this funky and electronic old school hip hop LP back in 1984. There are vibes of p-funk and rap as well. Groovy!


Creation Rebel "Psychotic Jonkanoo" 1981

Creation Rebels Psychotic Jonkanoo from 1981 is one of the absolutely best british dub & roots reggae productions ever. This is producer and dub genius Adrian Sherwood as it best. Groovy!


Friday, April 14, 2017

The Soul Society "Satisfaction From The Soul Society" 1968

The Soul Society seems to have made this effort only, maybe they just were a groovy studio group? This LP from 1968 includes uptempo covers all over, a very funky album with vibes and elements of latin such as soul, even some psychedelic guitars and bongo drums for your plesure. Groovy!


Sounds Of The City Experience "Same" 1976

Not very much is known about the american group Sounds Of The City Experience, they released this groovy soul LP in 1976, wich today is rare as hell. The album got funky vibes as well as light feathered disco. Jazzman made a reissue on both cd and vinyl in 2013. Groovy!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gene Harris/The 3 Sounds "Same" 1971

Arranged by Monk Higgins and produced by George Butler, this is one of the grooviest and most funky albums that Blue Note ever released. It's hard to understand why the LP never got a reissue the last 30 years. Gene Harris and his The 3 Sounds were almost veterans at the time, and well etablished and highly aclaimed jazz musicians. For lovers of early 70s jazz-funk/soul-jazz. Ultra-groovy!


Three Times Dope ‎"Original Stylin'" 1989

Three Times Dope were a hip hop/rap group from Philadelphia, they released their debut LP Original Stylin' in 1989. The music is typical hip hop of it's time, with groovy and gentle elements of soul and funk. Dig it.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Jolly Brothers "Concious Man" 1977

I don't know the story behind this album, but it was recorded at Black Ark Studios, and produced/enginered by Lee Perry in 1977, the Black Ark Players are the backing band, and what I know The Jolly Brothers released only a 12inch of the title version in 1979. Why the rest of the album was unreleased until 1993 I don't have a clue about. The recordings are very Lee Perryish and are in many ways similar to the warm and gentle LP Heart Of The Congos from the same period. The music on this album is some of the best roots reggae/dub/harmony vocals from the jamaican 70s. A true gem. Groovy!


Tom Zé "Same" 1970

Brazilian Tom Zé get some kind of cult status in the western world when David Byrne re-released his Estudando O Samba (from 1976) on his new Luaka Bop label in the mid 90s. This is Tom Zé's 2nd LP from 1970, and the music is some kinda tropicalia, brazilian pop and psychedelic. Very groovy!


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

VA - Shout It Out Loud! The Dynamic Sound Of Bob Ezrin 1971-1979

Well, here is a mixtape I made with some of my favourite tracks from 1971-1979 produced by the genius and allmighty Bob Ezrin. He made some of the greatest and coolest rock albums of the 70s (Love It To Death, Get Your WingsDestroyer?), was Alice Cooper's own George Martin, produced some nasty rock with Mitch Ryder (Detroit) and Dick Wagner (Ursa Major) in 1971-72. But seriously, he also produced the crappy Tim Curry (interesting false singing though) LP in 1978, the way too far pretentious and unlistenable album with (or by) Roger Waters/Pink Floyd in 1979, and the weird (and mostly pointless) Dr. John effort Hollywood By The Name in 1975, AND some late Sha-Na-Na 45s, why? But, (not to be forgotten) he made some unexpectedly groovy soul-disco 45s 1974-75 (but not so succesfully and now gone with the wind), and some catchy aor/power-pop in 1975-1976 (Jesse Scott & The Babys). A handful of the tracks appears from mono-singles or from vinyl only releases, so the sound quality may not be for hi-fi connosseurs. Cheers!

01. Aerosmith - Lord Of The Thighs (1974)
02. Ursa Major - Lay Me Down (1972)
03. The Babys - Read My Stars (1976)
04. Alice Cooper - Raped and Freezin' (1973)
05. Nils Lofgren - No Mercy (1979)
06. Richard (Dick) Wagner - Small Town Boy (1978)
07. Dr. John ‎- Back By The River (1975)
08. Garry Bonner - Baby, Baby (1974)
09. The Johnson Family - Peace In The Family (1975)
10. Sha-Na-Na - Maybe I'm Old Fashioned (1974)
11. Detroit - Long Neck Goose (1971)
12. Jesse Scott - Easy Summer (1975)
13. Tim Curry - Birds Of A Feather (1978)
14. Peter Gabriel - Modern Love (1977)
15. Kiss - Flaming Youth (1976)
16. Steve Hunter - Eight Miles High (1977)
17. Flo & Eddie - Another Pop Star's Life (1973)
18. Alice Cooper - Long Way To Go (1971)
19. Lou Reed - Caroline Says II (1973)
20. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (1979)


Sunday, April 9, 2017

VA - It's Monkey Time! 28 Songs About Monkeys 1960-1969

We all love monkeys, don't we? Here is a mixtape I made with recordings from 1960-1969 about monkeys, how to do the gorilla and how to go ape, etc. Mostly scratchy soul, r&b, instros, pop, country and western,  rockers, but some jamaicans and funk as well. Groovy!

01. The Pygmies - Don't Monkey With Tarzan (1963)
02. The Tempos - Monkey Doo (1963)
03. Tommy McCook - Monkey Fiddle (1969)
04. Freddy Butler  - The Signifying Monkey (1965)
05. The Go-Rillas - (I Go) King Kong (1965)
06. Paula Lamont - One Monkey Can't Stop the Show (1964)
07. The Revels - Two Little Monkeys (In A Banana Tree) (1960)
08. Johnny Hodges - Monkey Shack (1964)
09. O.V. Wright - Monkey Dog (1965)
10. Eddie Bond - Monkey And The Baboon (1964)
11. Annette Funicello - The Monkeys Uncle (1965)
12. The Human Jungle - Gorilla-Milk (1967)
13. The Shandells - Gorilla (1964)
14. Bo Diddley - Stop My Monkey (1965)
15. Lil Buck & The Top Cats - Monkey In A Sack  (1969)
16. Dinsdell Thorpe - The Monkey Speaks his Mind (1967)
17. Julius And Caesar - Ape On My Fire Escape (1960)
18. Count Yates - Chimpanzee (1961)
19. Jimmy Martin And The Sunny Mountain Boys ‎- Goin' Ape (Over You) (1963)
20. Perry & The Harmonics - Do The Monkey With James (1965)
21. Derrick Harriott - Monkey Ska (1965)
22. Billy Butler - Boston Monkey (1966)
23. Chubby Checker - Karate Monkey (1966)
24. Freddy King - Monkey Donkey (1963)
25. Garnell Cooper & The Kinfolks - Green Monkey (1963)
26. David Allan Coe - Monkey David Wine (1969)
27. The Hubbels - Hippy-Dippy-Funky-Monkey-Double-Bubble-Sitar-Man (1969)
28. Soul Exciters - Funky Monkey (1968)


Too Short "Born To Mack" 1987

Todd Anthony Shaw (aka Too Short) started rapping in the early 80s, he made and sold his own cassettes in Oakland. 1985 he made his first proper album. Born To Mack was released in 1987, funky and groovy old school "gangsta" hip hop. Funky fresh!


Sister Carol "Black Cinderella" 1984

Great dancehall album from 1984 by the jamaican born Sister Carol (she moved to Brooklyn, New York when she was 14). Black Cinderella is her 2nd LP. Groovy!


Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Heliocentrics "A World Of Masks" 2017

The London orchestra The Heliocentrics is based around the producer and drummer Malcom Catto, and they have released albums, toured and been involved in different projects since 2006. The group has a very unique sound and mix of spirutual and spacey jazz, funk, electronics, psychedelica and afro. Their new album A World Of Masks is a hell of a ride, and very groovy. Support the band HERE, and the label Soundway who are releasing this album on cd and vinyl in may.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Luiz Bonfá ‎"Jacaranda" 1973

Wow - this is one the grooviest albums from the early 70s. The brazilian guitar player and composer Luiz Bonfá took a flight to Los Angeles and recorded this groovy and funky LP in 1973 with the legendary groovers Ray Barretto, Idris Muhammed, Stanley Clarke, John Tropea, John Wood, Phil Bordner and Airto Moreria! It's very strange that this LP never been proper reissued over the last two decades. So groovy!


The Counts ‎"What's Up Front That-Counts" 1971

Very groovy album from 1971 by The Counts, released on the hip Detroit label Westbound Records. The music is some kind of part political early 70s funk, with vibes of soul and psychedelia. Groovy!