Thursday, April 20, 2017

VA - Groover's Paradise 8! 18 Global Grooves From 1967-2016

Well, here is a mixtape I made with world wide groovy stuff from 1967-2016. You will get 70s UK disco, italian library music, latino cocktail, pure funk, ethiopique modern groove, dub disco, japanese soft rock, german electronic valium soul, and much more.

01. Pretty Purdie ‎- Funky Donkey (1967)
02. Roberto Delgado ‎- Mas Que Nada (1969)
03. Disco Dub Band - For The Love Of Money (1976)
04. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Straight Up (2012)
05. Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music (2008)
06. Klaus Schønning - Havmågen (1979)
07. Hailu Mergia - Hari Meru Meru (1985)
08. Belaboris - Yo Vanhassa Talossa (1984)
09. Orgone - Cali Fever (2010)
10. Woima Collective - Puno (2010)
11. Snakeye - Choked Up (1975)
12. Ennio Morricone - Allegretto Per Signora (1970)
13. Raze de Soare - Fereastra Ușă (2015)
14. Miskotom - Downtown (2016)
15. Adrian Gurvitz - Untouchable And Free (1979)
16. Bread & Butter - Japanese Woman (1980)
17. Romano Mussolini - Blues For Alexandra (1974)
18. Sarr Band - Magic Mandrake (1977)



  1. thanks mr vincent.
    always look forward to your excellent comps.

  2. So glad to see you're still grooving away, Aaron. Another wonderfully eclectic mix; in another lifetime (or maybe this one) you would make a terrific DJ—on the radio or in the clubs. Love that you kicked it off with Pretty Purdie. He's still going strong, doing drummer spotlights at jazz and R&B festivals.

  3. thanks, Aaron!
    apauling - i just saw Purdie play in Chicago for George Freeman's 90th bday. Super nice guy & wife! She gave my friend's dad their card & said to call/come over for dinner when he goes to PA in August. I asked if he really played on early Beatles & he said he was 1 of 4 session drummers brought in to "fix" the drum tracks & received death threats when he went public with it. I believed him but later looked it up - didn't realize it was so controversial & lots of people think he's lying. Definitely go see him if you get the chance!
    Kenneth G. Spott

  4. @Anonymous: Purdie has a rep as a spinner of tall tales, but that in no way detracts from his stature as a tremendous musician and all around nice guy. With his incredible discography and chops, though, it's hard to imagine why he feels the need to stretch things. I suppose we're all complicated.