Tuesday, April 11, 2017

VA - Shout It Out Loud! The Dynamic Sound Of Bob Ezrin 1971-1979

Well, here is a mixtape I made with some of my favourite tracks from 1971-1979 produced by the genius and allmighty Bob Ezrin. He made some of the greatest and coolest rock albums of the 70s (Love It To Death, Get Your WingsDestroyer?), was Alice Cooper's own George Martin, produced some nasty rock with Mitch Ryder (Detroit) and Dick Wagner (Ursa Major) in 1971-72. But seriously, he also produced the crappy Tim Curry (interesting false singing though) LP in 1978, the way too far pretentious and unlistenable album with (or by) Roger Waters/Pink Floyd in 1979, and the weird (and mostly pointless) Dr. John effort Hollywood By The Name in 1975, AND some late Sha-Na-Na 45s, why? But, (not to be forgotten) he made some unexpectedly groovy soul-disco 45s 1974-75 (but not so succesfully and now gone with the wind), and some catchy aor/power-pop in 1975-1976 (Jesse Scott & The Babys). A handful of the tracks appears from mono-singles or from vinyl only releases, so the sound quality may not be for hi-fi connosseurs. Cheers!

01. Aerosmith - Lord Of The Thighs (1974)
02. Ursa Major - Lay Me Down (1972)
03. The Babys - Read My Stars (1976)
04. Alice Cooper - Raped and Freezin' (1973)
05. Nils Lofgren - No Mercy (1979)
06. Richard (Dick) Wagner - Small Town Boy (1978)
07. Dr. John ‎- Back By The River (1975)
08. Garry Bonner - Baby, Baby (1974)
09. The Johnson Family - Peace In The Family (1975)
10. Sha-Na-Na - Maybe I'm Old Fashioned (1974)
11. Detroit - Long Neck Goose (1971)
12. Jesse Scott - Easy Summer (1975)
13. Tim Curry - Birds Of A Feather (1978)
14. Peter Gabriel - Modern Love (1977)
15. Kiss - Flaming Youth (1976)
16. Steve Hunter - Eight Miles High (1977)
17. Flo & Eddie - Another Pop Star's Life (1973)
18. Alice Cooper - Long Way To Go (1971)
19. Lou Reed - Caroline Says II (1973)
20. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (1979)



  1. great idea for a comp, Aaron! Thanks for creating it.

  2. Great idea.Love Bob.Minor detail.Bob didn't do Alice Cooper Muscle of Love Teenage Lament.(Great song).He was supposed to,but 2 Jacks ended up doing it,I believe.Thanks for all you do.Cheers.

    1. Thanks:-) You're absolutely right about Teenage Lament/Muscle Of Love - what a brain drop of me:-D

      While it's rather easy to change mixtapes those days I replaced the song with Raped And Freezin from Billion Dollar Babies instead - new/updated link now!

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  4. Thanks for this DL and for the whole blog !!!!

  5. I'l echo the sentiments of the folks who think Bob Ezrin is a terrific launching point for a mix tape, and though I disagree about The Wall, and am sad to see the title track omitted, I'm still psyched to listen to this mix!!! Great work as always and your blog is a treasure! Many, many thanks!!!

  6. Hi!

    And he's CANADIAN!! Thanx for this interesting collection.


    Ciao! For now.