Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm ‎"A Black Man's Soul" 1969

This instrumental LP was recorded in 1969 in diverse local studios doing the Ike & Tina Turner Reveu tour. A Black Man's Soul includes 12 funky soul jams, most of them are killers, and many of the tracks are heavy sampled by the hip hop scene in the 90s and 2000s. This is groovy!


Luis Gasca ‎"The Little Giant" 1969

Louis Gasca
was born in Texas 1940 (by mexican origins), through the 60s he played with musicians like Stan Kenton and Mongo Santamaria, and later in the decade he become to work on highly acclaimed albums by both Santana and Janis Joplin.  In 1969 he released his first own LP The Little Giant. The music is groovy mix of soul-jazz, latin aith the typical of time funky vibe. Groovy!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Super Cat "Boops!" 1986

Super Cat (aka William Anthony Maragh) was a highly infuental DJ and in some way even a rapper in the late 70s and 80s in Jamaica. Boops! from 1986 is a great example where  the 2nd wave of jamaican dancehall meets hip hop. Groovy!


Michael Prophet "Know The Right" 1981

One of Kingston's finest singers ever, Michael Prophet. This 1981 album was arranged and produced by the mighty Vivian Jackson. Groovy roots reggae with his own touch of  dub.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

A. Doeman And I & I Sound ‎"Natty Result" 1981

I don't much about this LP or artist at all. I think this it's an american-jamaican artist who recorded this album in L.A. around 1981 (some says 1982)?  The production is in nice lo-fi, and the music is roots reggae with some dub effects and melodica. It sounds like Lee Perry should have the hang over of his life and made a record approximately. But, it's very charming and groovy!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Richard Wahnfried "Time Actor" 1979

This is a marvelous LP by Klaus Schulze under the pseudonym Richard Wahnfried from 1979. Time Actor is a really time less piece of art - it could have been recorded today by an intellectual but introvert indie-act. This music is some kind of groovy electronic restrained lo-fi-new wave with kraut rock elements. A true overlooked master piece in the so called "2nd wave of kraut rock". Groovy!


The Independent Movement "Slippin’ Away" 1978

This is a very moody and groovy soul album from 1978 by The Independent Movement (their only release), a couple of tracks have a more typical of time disco-vibe. Groovy!


C.S. Crew "Funky Pack" 1976

A true gem from Nigeria released back in 1976, amazing afro-funk with elements of soul and rock. The album got properly reissued in 2013 by Cultures Of Soul Records, support them here. Groovy!


Friday, May 26, 2017

Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers "Doin' What We Wanna" 1970

Wonderful work by tenor saxophonist Clarence Wheeler and his gang on this groovy and instrumental soul album from 1970, in parts very funky and sometimes with a more moody soul-jazz touch. One of the coolest albums Atlantic Records put out in 1970. Groovy!


Pat Martino ‎"Consciousness" 1974

Consciousness is a very groovy jazz/fusion from 1974 by the italian-american guitar player Pat Martino. The music had some typical mid 70s criminal/detective vibes, and his take on John Coltrane's Impressions is a winner! Groovy!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Walter Bishop Jr "Soul Village" 1977

Amazing album from 1977 by the american and new yorker pianist and composer Walter Bishop Jr. This is a true soul-jazz gem with moody and funky vibes. Among the musicians on the record are Mark Egan, Randy Becker, Steve Kahn and Ed Soph. Groovy!


Tony Murray "Meets Santana" 1987

Nice jamaican roots reggae/dancehall album from 1987 with Tony Murray and Santana with the backing group The Radics (not to be confused with the latin rocker). I don't know much about those dudes, but it's pretty groovy!


Mantronix "Music Madness" 1986

The New York duo Mantronix (Kurtis Mantronik and MC Tee, both Jamaican-americans) released a couple of highly acclaimed albums in the mid 80s. They were true innovatives in the hip hop genre, and their crossover/mix with electrnoic music were fantastic and way ahead of it's time. Music Madness is their 2nd album from 1986. Groovy!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

VA - Reggae Got Soul 4 (20 Soul Covers From The Jamaican 1960s & 1970s)

Well, here is a fourth mixtape with groovy jamaican-reggae soul covers from the 60s & 70s. This mix along with the three previous in this series is some kind of compliment to the highly recomended soul-cover projects by Soul Jazz Records (Studio One Soul 1 & 2), Funky Kingston and Soul Power by Trojan, and of course Blood & Fire's lovely Darker Than Blue. None of the songs on my four mixtapes appears on the compilations I mentioned (I think). Keep on pushin'!

01. Annette Clarke - Just One Look (1973)
02. St. Andrew´s Girls Choir - Walk On By (1969)
03. Owen Gray - Ain't Nobody Home (1968)
04. David Isaacs - Just Enough (To Keep Me Hangin' On) (1971)
05. Alton Ellis - Can I Change My Mind (1969)
06. The Chosen Few - You're A Big Girl Now (1972)
07. The Selectors - Higher and Higher (1975)
08. Winston Francis - Yester Me, Yester You (1970)
09. Maroons - Kung Fu Fighting (1974)
10. Horace Andy - Rock Your Baby (1974)
11. Now Generation - It's Too Late (1974)
12. Marcia Griffiths - Band Of Gold (1970)
13. The Gayletts - Son Of A Preacher Man (1969)
14. Slim Smith - On Broadway (1969)
15. The Heptones - Young, Gifted And Black (1970)
16. The Marvels - Be My Baby (1971)
17. Susan Cadogan - I Say A Little Prayer (1975)
18. Don Cornell - Stop In The Name Of Love (1970)
19. Pat Kelly - Dark End Of The Street (1969)
20. Lloyd Charmers - Let's Get It On (1974)


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

VA - I'm There 2 (More Groovy Sounds Of Bob Dylan 1968-1970)

Here is a 2nd mixtape I made with cover versions of Bob Dylan songs recorded 1968-1970. This was not a try to do a "best of" zimmerman-covers, not even from the those specific years, and many artists and versions/songs are missing from the period. We all love Roger McGuinn and The Byrds don't we? This was just meant to be a groovy mixtape to fill your head with, and it was pretty fun to put this together. Hope some of you dig it.

01. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity ‎- I Am A Lonesome Hobo (1968)
02. Family Dogg - Love Minus Zero (1969)
03. Johnny Jenkins - Down Along The Cove (1970)
04. Billy Preston - She Belongs To Me (1969)
05. Deena Webster - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (1968)
06. Lynn Blessing - Country Pie (1969)
07. Nannie Porres - It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (1969)
08. Hugo Montenegro - Mr Tambourine Man (1970)
09. John Braden - I Want You (1968)
10. Phluph - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (1968)
11. Southwind - You Been On My Mind (1968)
12. Al Kooper - Went To See The Gypsy (1969)
13. Joe Cocker - Dear Landlord (1969)
14. Earl Scruggs - Nashville Skyline Rag (1970)
15. Brewer Shipley - All Along The Watchtower (1970)
16. Taj Mahal - I Pity The Poor Immigrant (1969)
17. The Faces - Wicked Messenger (1970)
18. Raymond Froggatt - Corrina Corrina (1968)
19. Candymen - The Memphis Blues Again (1968)
20. The Serfs - Like A Rolling Stone (1969)


Monday, May 22, 2017

Kohsuke Mine "Out Of Chaos" 1974

Out Of Chaos is the japanese jazz/jazz-fusion tenor saxophoist Kohsuke Mine's 2nd effort, the quartet recorded the album in Tokyo and it was released back in 1974. The album got three longer tracks and it's a great crossover between spiritual, fusion and contemporary jazz. Groovy!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos "Beware" 2015

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos are a rock steady/reagge group from Los Angeles, Beware is their first and only album so far. It's very hard to realize that this album was recorded just two years ago, it sounds like it was recorded in Kingston by jamaican dudes in the mid 70s, so vintage and so retro production (we like!). And, musically this is some kind of early 70s reggae and late 60s rock steady, groovy organs, moody horns, lovely rhythm section, and the singer just blow me away (so the backing vocalists do). Support the band here, and support Truth & Soul Records here. This is a time machine for sure. Groovy!


Randy Brown "Midnight Desire" 1980

Randy Brown was born in Memphis 1952, and recorded with the doo wop group The Newcombers and soulsters The Temprees before went on with a solo career. Midnight Desire from 1980 is a fantastic and moody record (except for one ballad) full of uptempo soul/funk with elements of disco. Lovely produced by Homer Banks for Chocolate City Records! Groovy!


Milt Jackson "And The Hip String Quartet" 1968

Milt "Bags" Jackson was one of americas finest and most profilic (and well respected) vibraphonist in the 50s, 60s and 70s, he played with almost everyone of the biggest jazz stars of it's time. Milton Jackson And The Hip Strings from 1968 is just what the title and album cover tells, a pretty contemporary jazz album with typical of time groovy vibes. But what a great record!


Friday, May 19, 2017

VA - L.A. (Light Album) 40 Soft Rock Nuggets 1975-1982!

Well, here is two mixtapes I made with some of my "soft rock" favorites from the years 1975-1982 (love it or leave it), some may call the genre yacht rock, FM rock, adult oriented rock, soft pop and so on, there are also a lot of ramifications. I really love this genre, so playful in the crossovers between pop, jazzrock, ligth disco, soul, folk, grooves, rock and harmonies. Please remember this was not a try to do a fair overview of the genre, lots of influental bands from those years are missing here (and the biggest hits), this was just meant to be two groovy mixtapes to fill your head with. Cheers.

01. Archie James Cavanaugh - Take It Easy (1980)
02. Joe Egan - Back On the Road (1979)
03. Mark Gillespie - Traveller In The Night (1981)
04. Walter Egan - Magnet And Steel (1978)
05. The Tarney-Spencer Band - I Can Hear Love (1978)
06. Kalapana - What Do I Do (1975)
07. Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (1976)
08. Danny Kirwan - Wings of a Dove (1979)
09. Wings - Wino Junko (1976)
10. Mondo Rock - Chemistry (1981)
11. The Doobie Brothers - Losin' End (1976)
12. Cecilio and Kapono - Someday (1975)
13. Climax Blues Band - Couldn't Get It Right (1976)
14. Alessi - Driftin (1978)
15. Joe Vitale - Plantation Harbor (1982)
16. Steve Marrs - How Was I To Know (1982)
17. Ben Sidran - Feel Your Groove (1976)
18. Ned Dohenny - To Prove My Love (1979)
19. Jeremy Spencer - Cool Breeze (1979)
20. The Beach Boys - Angel Come Home (1979)

01. The Eagles - One Of These Nights (1975)
02. Terence Boylan - Don't Hang Up Those Dancing Shoes (1977)
03. The Bernie Leadon-Michael Georgiades Band - You're The Singer (1977)
04. Mark-Almond - Lonely People (1978)
05. Michael Franks - Monkey See-Monkey Do (1975)
06. Mick Fleetwood - Walk A Thin Line (1981)
07. Captain & Tennille - You Never Done It Like That (1978)
08. Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (1981)
09. Debra Laws - How Long (1977)
10. Bob Bennett - Madness Dancing (1982)
11. Felix Cavaliere - Good To Have Love Back (1979)
12. Dwayne Ford - Lovin' And Losin' You (1981)
13. Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady (1977)
14. Donald Fagen - I.G.Y. (1982)
15. Cory Wells - Hard Times (1979)
16. Chilliwack - I Believe (1981)
17. Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce (1976)
18. Marty Balin ‎- Hearts (1981)
19. Dan Peek - Divine Lady (1978)
20. Fleetwood Mac - Over My Head (1975)


Lloyd McNeill Quartet "Washington Suite" 1970

Washington Suite is an absolute killer jazz album by the american flautist, poet, painter and composer Lloyd McNeil from 1970. The music is very moody, laid back, spiritual and groovy in parts (esp The City Tryptych). There is also elements of african, brazil and european music on this LP. The album has recently been reissued by Soul Jazz Records, support them here. Groovy!


Blay Ambolley "Ketan" 2017

Blay Ambolay is a very profilic musician/singer/producer from Ghana (active since the early 70s), now based in Los Angeles. His latest album Ketan is full of typical funky Ghana afrobeat, afrofunk (also a more laid back high life-jazz number) and grooves. Great produced albums! Support him here. And, also support his german record lable  Agogo Records here. Groovy!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Expanders "Same" 2011

The Expanders from California are maybe be one of americas best roots reggae acts from the 2010s? They formed in 2003 already (as an live act), and this release from 2011 is their album debut. First class Bob Marley-era roots reggae,  and the album is perfectly late 70s produced, a couple of tunes has some dub effect. This is groovy as hell. Support the band here.


Shirley Brown ‎"Woman To Woman" 1974

Shirley Brown's voice is often compared to Aretha Franklin, and musically they have similarities. The singer was discovered by guitar maestro Albert King at the age of fourteen in 1962 at the Harlem Club in Brooklyn. Woman To Woman is an extraordinary great soul (with gospel vibes) album from 1974 (also her first), released by Truth Records (then a part of the Stax empire). She is still active (esp live), support her here. Groovy!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Honoro Avolonto "Same" 1983

Avolonto Honore started as a conga player in Benin's now legendary T.P. Orchestro Poly-Rytmo (and other bands as well) in 1969. This is his fourth solo effort, recorded in 1983 (sounds like the 70s tough) with the different vocalists that are mentioned on the front cover. The guitar player  Adjadohoun Maximus made an incredible work on the last track; the nine minutes  Tin Lon Non, hypnotic afrofunk with edgy psychedelic guitar work. The A-side of the record includes Honore's own take on the highlife music. Groovy!


Ska Cubano "Ay Caramba!" 2006

Ska Cubano was a London based orchestra formed in 2001, what I knew they have suspended recently. Their music old school jamaican ska, mixed with afro-cuban, latin, cumbia and calypso. The result is inceredible groovy. Ay Caramba from 2006 was their 2nd (on in my opinion best produced) effort. They were a highly regarded live act. Support the band here. Groovy!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jazzy Jeff "On Fire" 1985

MC Jazzy Jeff (not to be confused with DJ Jazzy Jeff) was an american rapper from Bronx, New York, and member of the Funky 4+1 from 1979-2002. On Fire from 1985 was his only solo effort. The music is raw old school hip hop/rap with a sometime typical of time bombastic production.


Rusty Bryant "Soul Liberation" 1970

Rysty Bryant were an american tenor saxophonist born in West Virginia late 1920s. Through the 60s and 70s he worked frequently with lots of groovy dudes like Boogaloo Joe Jones, Hank Marr, Richard Groove Holmes  and Sonny Philips. Soul Liberation from 1970 is a very moody soul-jazz album, you get both groove and smoky late night feels. Groovy!


Quantic And Nidia Gongora "Curao" 2017

Quantic (aka Will Holland) is a highly acclaimed and renowned musician, producer and innovator of quality danceble music from New York, a very productive man in modern grooves. His latest projet is with the colombian singer Nidia Góngora. Quantic's music on this release is as usual a very groovy affair, a pure afro-caribic love happening full with air, positivity and love. Support Quantic here, and Tru Thoughts Records here. Groovy!


Monday, May 15, 2017

The Soul Surfers "Soul Rock!" 2015

The Soul Surfers are a fantastic moscow/russian collective that has released a huge bunch of rare and groovy funky 45's through the 2000s. Soul Rock from 2015 is their only full length album so far, and their mix of old school funk with hammond and fuzzy/psychedelic guitars are a true winner. Support the band here and their record label Ubiquity Records here. Groovy!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Snooky Pryor "Do It If You Want To" 1973

I do not often post blues albums here, but I think this LP from 1973 with harmonica legend Snooky Pryor is a great and pretty groovy (and funky) LP in parts, but mostly straight blues. Bluesway Records had a really fresh sound in the early 70s, and did a modern take on the blues scene then - tryin to catch a new audience maybe. Pryor was born in Mississippi in 1921, and he is in my opinion a bit overlooked as a harmonica player, and, he had a real powerful and emotional voice as well. He started his career in the 50s and recorded some real great sides for JOB Records too. Groovy!


The Sensational Saints "You Won't Believe It" 1973

The gospel group The Sensational Saints were formed in Alabama in the 50s already, and in 1973 they released their one and only album on the local King James label. The album is amazingly groovy in parts, funk/soul meets gospel and their voices are fantastic. You can read more about the album, and support Numero Group HERE, who reissued this wonderful album back in 2014. Groovy!


Barrington Spence "Star In The Ghetto" 1982

Barrington Spence was one of those overlooked jamaican artists from the 70s and early 80s, this great singer made some really groovy roots reggae recordings back then. What I know is Star In The Ghetto from 1982 was his last album, along with the groovy Fatman Riddim Section as a backing band. Groovy!


Black Rock & Ron ‎"Stop The World" 1989

In 1989 Lord Black, The Ruler Master Rock & Ron Scratch from Hollis Queens, New York made this amazing LP (almost by their own, self produced), Stop The World is a James Brown-funky old school hip-hop/rap record with a lot of scratch, nice sampling och joyful attitude. Sadly they only made this album.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

VA - The Bristol Syndrome 5 (Trip Hop & Beyond 1996-2013)

Well, here is another mixtape I made with trip hop & beyond from 1996-2013.

01. Neroche - The Departure (2013)
02. Savages - Getting Crazy Sometimes (2008)
03. Thievery Corporation - The State of The Union (2002)
04. The Limp Twins - Sunday Driver (2003)
05. Vanilla - Rashida (2013)
06. DJ Food - Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ Mix) (1996)
07. Blue - Simonian (1996)
08. Tomas Dvorak - Nanorobot Tune (2009)
09. DJ Concept - Black Holes (2012)
10. Groove Armada - At The River (1998)
11. Axis360 - Advancement (2011)
12. Costanza - Burqa (2008)
13. Up, Bustle and Out - The Beatiful Lure (1997)
14. Kosheen - Resist (2001)
15. Guts - I Want You Tonight (2009)
16. Aloan - One Dance For Destiny (2007)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Bobby Williams "Anybody Can be a Nobody" 1976

The "obscure" singer Bobby Williams made his debut in 1974 with the LP Funky Superfly, and gave James Brown a run for the money. In 1976 he made this album, wich are a more sophisticated and well produced affair, and mix Miami funk with both disco and mayfield-era-soul. Groovy!


Machito "Machito Goes Memphis" 1968

Machito (aka Francisco Raul Gutierrez Grillo) was born in Havana, Cuba in 1908, he was an arranger, composer, singer and maracas player. Hes genuine mix latin jazz, afro cuban jazz, salsa and pop were in part amazing. This LP from 1968 he does a take on the typical of time soul and r&b hits. Groovy!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

VA - Cream Of The Crop! Groover's Choice 1st Anniversary Mixtape!

Well, here is a new mixtape I made with groovy tunes from 2017 only (mostly some sort of electronic, reggae, soul, hip-hop), just to celebrate the first anniversary of this blog. I think it's very groovy that some many people enjoy the site, and enjoy the posts and mixtapes. Many thanks to the people of the beautiful blog Twilight Zone,  for the support, and for their wonderful readers and enthusiasts. Thank you so much for the past year folks! Hope to see you all next year with a new anniversary mixtape. Don't forget that music is the biggest and most friendly of all religions.

01. 6th Borough Project - Back Where It All Began
02. Spaceface - Parachute
03. Theme Park - 10 AM
04. Gawvi - Giana
05. Haley Smalls - Real One
06. Wayne J - Murderer
07. Cookin' On 3 Burners - This Girl (feat. Kylie Auldist)
08. The Head And The Heart - Rhythm & Blues
09. Chronixx - Majesty
10. Abstract Rude & DJ Vadim - Neva Brake Up
11. Spose - Ayup
12. Tristesse Contemporaine - Let's Go
13. Milky Chance - Doing Good
14. Slugabed - Earth Is Gone Sorry (ft. Lum)
15. Geoffroy - Coastline
16. Tornado Wallace - Today
17. Methyl Ethel - Weeds Through the Rind
18. Leaf Dog - Linguistics
19. Mop Mop feat. Anthony Joseph - Totem (Nicola Cruz Remix)
20. Paul Weller - The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

VA - pop #1

Well, here is a mixtape I made with some "pop" favorites from the 80s and early 90s. The term/genre pop (and rock as well) is sometimes pretty hard to sort out what it is I think, maybe it was easier in the 60s for example (even if I wasn't there). In the 80s and 90s it was more liquid, you had all those sub genres and they all sounded different in different countries (and on different labels); pop-punk, synth-pop, power-pop, mod, funk pop, new wave, alternative pop-rock, indie, jangle, garage pop (and garage rock) and sometimes with psychedelic elements AND so on (very messy in parts), sometimes the recordings itself (or 7inches) were so lo-fi that it was hard sort it out. Well - to me the tunes on this mixtape is pop. Maybe there is to many "rock" vibes after all, I don't know. But, to me THIS IS POP!

01. The Moment - In This Town (1985)
02. Flying Color - I'm your Shadow (1987)
03. Runners - Pleasure Zone (1982)
04. Comateens - Donna (1983)
05. Smokin' Dave & the Premo Dopes - Every Summer (1989)
06. The Someloves - Know You Know (1990)
07. The Chyldren - Private Crucifixtion (1987)
08. Industrials - Voodoo Island (1980)
09. Bobby Sutliff - Couldn't Help Myself (1987)
10. White Flag - Don't Give It Away (1992)
11. The Lambrettas - Cortina Mk2 (1980)
12. Silent Guests - Desperate Measures (1981)
13. The Modulators - She's So Cynical (1984)
14. Ed Kuepper - Sea-Air (1986)
15. The Windbreakers - Girl From Washington (1991)
16. Malcom Burn - Walk, Don't Run (1988)
17. The Hangman´s - Love Is Blue (1989)
18. Instructions - Naked Deer (1982)
19. Mixed Feelings - Another Place (Like Home) (1982)
20. Michael Rother - Primadonna (1983)


Dorothy Morrison "Brand New Day" 1970

Dorothy Morrison was a well known background singer through the 70s, mostly for rock acts (Graham Nash, Boz Scaggs, Thomas Jefferson-Kay, Link Wray, etc). She made Brand New Morning in 1970, her first and only solo release. The album includes nice work of the Sun Ra drummer Jimmy "Papa Funk" Johnson and and guitar player David Spinozza (known for his work with both Paul McCartney, John Lennon and James Taylor in the 70s). The result is a soul-gospel love affair. Groovy!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Skinshape "Life and Love" 2017

Skinshape is the London based multi instrumentalist and producer Will Dorey's own project. Life & Love is groovy, part funky and a very moody, in a very unique way he mix slow dub, vintage soul/funk, folk, electronic, trip-hop, psychedelia and makes a world of his own. With his beautiful laid back voice he made a groovy and stoney album the will save many late nights, for a lot of people. Support the dude here. Groovy!


Inna De Yard "The Soul of Jamaica" 2017

Actually I don't know much about this documentary project called Inna De Yard by the record labels and enthusiasts Chapter Two Records and Makasound. But the project has been going on for about thirteen years, and there are plenty of beautiful recordings. They bring musicians/artists from the Bob Marley-era, on this new album called The Soul Of Jamaica they included artists like Viceroys, Lloyd Parks, Ken Boothe and Cedric Myton from The Congos, and let them jam with the new generation of jamaican musicians, and they made a fresh and soulful acoustic take on the jamaican roots music. The recordings has a phenomenal sound, full of warmth and air (while the recording sessions were done outside at the leader Earl Chinna Smith's own yard in the hills of Kingston), also very moody with a nice melancholy vibe. Support the project here, and here, and read more about this release here. Groovy!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Ramon Morris "Sweet Sister Funk" 1974

Very little is known about the american tenor saxophonist (almost nothing) Ramon Morris. In the early 70s he played on records with Art Blakey, Woody Shaw, Reuben Wilson and Curtis Fuller. In 1974 he released Sweet Sister Funk for Groove Merchant Records, he's only album, and after he went into mystery? This jazz gem is definitely one of the grooviest and coolest soul-jazz/jazz-funk albums from the first half of th e70s. Groovy!


Paul Pena "Same" 1971

Paul Pena was born in Massachusetts in 1950 but moved to San Francisco in the late 60s, he was born with congenital glaucome and in 1970 he went completely blind (died in 2008). He was an extraordinary guitar player and he had a very unique voice. The music on this album is some kind of folky soul/funk, in parts very similar to Richie Havens, but with a more funky and groovy approach and sometimes with a more "rock" sound. Pena recorded a second album in the mid 70s, but it wasn't released untill the year 2000, and that record included the Pena-written tune Jet Airliner wich his friend Steve Miller recorded and had an enormous hit with in 1977. Groovy!


Novi Singers "Torpedo" 1970

Torpedo is a very groovy gem from 1970 by Novi Singers - a vocal jazz group from Warsaw, Poland. They were all multi instrumentalist and they use their voice like an ideal instrument. This LP has a joyful vibe of pop, and are a bit of jazzy funky hippy-dippy thing, cool instrumentation with a lot of flute. Groovy!


Niagara ‎"S.U.B." 1972

Niagara was a some kind of super group based in Munich, and the german drummer/jazz musician Klaus Weiss was their frontman. The all instrumental S.U.B. from 1972 is a delicious smörgåsbord of rhythms. The ground may be moody and groovy jazz-funk/fusion, but with a buch of latin and afro elements, and typical of time hippie-rock vibes as well. Incredible groovy!


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ultramagnetic MC's "Critical Beatdown" 1988

Ultramagnetic MC's
were an act from Bronx, New York and Critical Beatdown from 1988 was their first album. The members Ced Gee, Kool Keith, TR Love and DJ Moe Love were formerly break dancers for the New York City Breakers. Many of the album's tunes were released as singles between 1986-1989 (such as Ego Trippin' and Travelling At The Speed Of Thoughts). They truly inovate the scene, and this is hardcore hip-hop at it's best. Groovy!


Don Bryant "Don't Give Up On Love" 2017

The legendary voice of Memphis soul Don Bryant man is back, the singer  deliever this first classy and rootsy southern soul album the 12th of may on Fat Possum Records. In the 60s he released a bunch of singles and a LP for the the highly aclaimed Hi Records (in the 70s he went focus on songwriting, producing and as a arranger on several soul classics). Many of the old dudes from the Hi's Rhythm Band is backing Bryant on this welcome release. You will definitely recognise the warm groovy sound of Hi on Don't Give Up On Love. Support Don Bryant (and pre-order the album) and Fat Possum Records HERE. Groovy!


Joe Torres "Latino Con Soul" 1967

Joe Torres one and only LP, recorded in 1966 for World Pacific Records (released in 1967). This groovy and moody latin albums must be one of the best in the genre, Latin Con Soul is a real cooker for sure. Groovy!


Harold Vick "Don't Look Back" 1974

The North Carolina tenor saxophonist Harold Vick recorded Don't Look Back for Strata-East Records in 1974, the result is a spiritual and groovy contemporary jazz album with soul-jazz vibes. Groovy!