Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ifang Bondi "Saraba" 1976

Ifang Bondi were a group from Gambia, they ran out of the group (more famous) The Super Eagles. Saraba was released in 1976 and is today a very rare LP. They combine gambian instruments and folk  (sene-gambian) sound/melodies with some sort of western vibed groove and deep psychedelia. A very groovy, dopey and unique album. Support the band here.



  1. Thank you Aaron!

  2. Hello mr. Groover,
    Thank you for picking Ifang Bondi for your choice!
    However your description of the band (not combo) is quite sketchy, and isn’t doing justice to the pivotal role Ifang Bondi played in the development of contemporary West African music.
    Please check the extensive biography on our Facebook page IFANG BONDI OFFICIAL.
    Greetings, Badou Jobe, founder-member and bandleader of Ifang Bondi and former Super Eagles.

    1. Hello mr. Badou,
      Glad to see you on the blog, and groovy to see you still around, and have your own page. I have now linked to your facebook in the main. Thanks for the music, and keep on groovin.