Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Inna De Yard "The Soul of Jamaica" 2017

Actually I don't know much about this documentary project called Inna De Yard by the record labels and enthusiasts Chapter Two Records and Makasound. But the project has been going on for about thirteen years, and there are plenty of beautiful recordings. They bring musicians/artists from the Bob Marley-era, on this new album called The Soul Of Jamaica they included artists like Viceroys, Lloyd Parks, Ken Boothe and Cedric Myton from The Congos, and let them jam with the new generation of jamaican musicians, and they made a fresh and soulful acoustic take on the jamaican roots music. The recordings has a phenomenal sound, full of warmth and air (while the recording sessions were done outside at the leader Earl Chinna Smith's own yard in the hills of Kingston), also very moody with a nice melancholy vibe. Support the project here, and here, and read more about this release here. Groovy!


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