Friday, May 19, 2017

VA - L.A. (Light Album) 40 Soft Rock Nuggets 1975-1982!

Well, here is two mixtapes I made with some of my "soft rock" favorites from the years 1975-1982 (love it or leave it), some may call the genre yacht rock, FM rock, adult oriented rock, soft pop and so on, there are also a lot of ramifications. I really love this genre, so playful in the crossovers between pop, jazzrock, ligth disco, soul, folk, grooves, rock and harmonies. Please remember this was not a try to do a fair overview of the genre, lots of influental bands from those years are missing here (and the biggest hits), this was just meant to be two groovy mixtapes to fill your head with. Cheers.

01. Archie James Cavanaugh - Take It Easy (1980)
02. Joe Egan - Back On the Road (1979)
03. Mark Gillespie - Traveller In The Night (1981)
04. Walter Egan - Magnet And Steel (1978)
05. The Tarney-Spencer Band - I Can Hear Love (1978)
06. Kalapana - What Do I Do (1975)
07. Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (1976)
08. Danny Kirwan - Wings of a Dove (1979)
09. Wings - Wino Junko (1976)
10. Mondo Rock - Chemistry (1981)
11. The Doobie Brothers - Losin' End (1976)
12. Cecilio and Kapono - Someday (1975)
13. Climax Blues Band - Couldn't Get It Right (1976)
14. Alessi - Driftin (1978)
15. Joe Vitale - Plantation Harbor (1982)
16. Steve Marrs - How Was I To Know (1982)
17. Ben Sidran - Feel Your Groove (1976)
18. Ned Dohenny - To Prove My Love (1979)
19. Jeremy Spencer - Cool Breeze (1979)
20. The Beach Boys - Angel Come Home (1979)

01. The Eagles - One Of These Nights (1975)
02. Terence Boylan - Don't Hang Up Those Dancing Shoes (1977)
03. The Bernie Leadon-Michael Georgiades Band - You're The Singer (1977)
04. Mark-Almond - Lonely People (1978)
05. Michael Franks - Monkey See-Monkey Do (1975)
06. Mick Fleetwood - Walk A Thin Line (1981)
07. Captain & Tennille - You Never Done It Like That (1978)
08. Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) (1981)
09. Debra Laws - How Long (1977)
10. Bob Bennett - Madness Dancing (1982)
11. Felix Cavaliere - Good To Have Love Back (1979)
12. Dwayne Ford - Lovin' And Losin' You (1981)
13. Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady (1977)
14. Donald Fagen - I.G.Y. (1982)
15. Cory Wells - Hard Times (1979)
16. Chilliwack - I Believe (1981)
17. Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce (1976)
18. Marty Balin ‎- Hearts (1981)
19. Dan Peek - Divine Lady (1978)
20. Fleetwood Mac - Over My Head (1975)



  1. Really enjoy the blog. Visit everyday.
    The link does not work for this post

    1. The links worked for my, Floyd. But two hours after your post.

    2. Hi Floyd! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Please click on "mixtape1" and "mixtape2" (not the usual enjoy), I hope it will work for you:-)

  2. Really looking forward to listening to these. Thanks!

  3. I get a little nervous when I see the Eagles. But if you like it, Aaron, then I like it too. Thanks. Always love your mixes.

    1. I totally understand you Diego, The Eagles is not my favorite band in the genre either, but I think "One Of These Nights" is pretty groovy/funky. I'm glad you enjoy the mixes, hope you discovered some new stuff on them as well:-)

  4. A really nice one! Makes one feel like driving along 70s midwest highway, with am radio on (a feeling that me personally never experienced though-))
    Thank you Aaron!

    1. Groovy you liked it:-) I never experienced driving to those tunes in the 70s either (too young). But I remember as a kid in the mid 80s, sitting in the backseat of a car on those sunday-trips listening to radio, much of these kind of music STILL were on radio then:-)

  5. REALLY a teenager in high school in the USA ca. 76-80, MUCH of this would've make me crazy at the time, but it was so melodic and 'of it's time' there is something sweet about it now!!! thanks again!

    1. Cool! Yeah, I can guess much of this music wasn't for teenagers back then? Many of those dudes who recorded in this genre those years actually went on some kind of a second musical career (some even the last). But I guess this kind of music is easier to fell in love in after you went thirty something:-)

  6. Aaron - You never cease to go beyond the limit of what was/is considered cool by the critics and hipsters.

    1. Who cares about critics and/or hipsters? Most of those dudes are just anxious and only in it for their confirmation needs, even if they actually are way too old for it.The hipsters are just superficial daylight shots, who needs 'em? :-)

  7. Thank you so much for this collection, we spent the summer with it on car's cd player and... the kids just loved it!

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy you (and you're family) enjoyed this mixtape:-)