Wednesday, May 10, 2017

VA - pop #1

Well, here is a mixtape I made with some "pop" favorites from the 80s and early 90s. The term/genre pop (and rock as well) is sometimes pretty hard to sort out what it is I think, maybe it was easier in the 60s for example (even if I wasn't there). In the 80s and 90s it was more liquid, you had all those sub genres and they all sounded different in different countries (and on different labels); pop-punk, synth-pop, power-pop, mod, funk pop, new wave, alternative pop-rock, indie, jangle, garage pop (and garage rock) and sometimes with psychedelic elements AND so on (very messy in parts), sometimes the recordings itself (or 7inches) were so lo-fi that it was hard sort it out. Well - to me the tunes on this mixtape is pop. Maybe there is to many "rock" vibes after all, I don't know. But, to me THIS IS POP!

01. The Moment - In This Town (1985)
02. Flying Color - I'm your Shadow (1987)
03. Runners - Pleasure Zone (1982)
04. Comateens - Donna (1983)
05. Smokin' Dave & the Premo Dopes - Every Summer (1989)
06. The Someloves - Know You Know (1990)
07. The Chyldren - Private Crucifixtion (1987)
08. Industrials - Voodoo Island (1980)
09. Bobby Sutliff - Couldn't Help Myself (1987)
10. White Flag - Don't Give It Away (1992)
11. The Lambrettas - Cortina Mk2 (1980)
12. Silent Guests - Desperate Measures (1981)
13. The Modulators - She's So Cynical (1984)
14. Ed Kuepper - Sea-Air (1986)
15. The Windbreakers - Girl From Washington (1991)
16. Malcom Burn - Walk, Don't Run (1988)
17. The Hangman´s - Love Is Blue (1989)
18. Instructions - Naked Deer (1982)
19. Mixed Feelings - Another Place (Like Home) (1982)
20. Michael Rother - Primadonna (1983)



  1. I don't know any of these groups but I always trust your style, Aaron. I don't think you've ever failed me yet. So thank you for some more of your wonderful compilations. And I can never thank you enough for the tagging you do. Dates are so important to me. Others don't realize how recording or release dates add to the knowledge and enjoyment of the tunes.

  2. Great, thanks a lot!

  3. Pop is pop!
    Greetings from Spain!