Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dreadzone "Dread Times" 2017

Dreadzone is a british dub group from London with former Big Audio Dynamite drummer Greg Roberts, and they were formed in the eary 90s, Dread Times is their latest effort (with contributions from Don Letts), and it's a very moody dub/electronic/breaks album for late nights. Support the band here. Groovy!


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  1. Don't forget Dreadzone bassist Leo Williams! He was in the Basement 5, and was recruited by Mick Jones for Big Audio Dynamite. When he, Greg Roberts, and Don Letts left B.A.D. they started a band called Screaming Target and released a decent single ("Who Shot King Tubby") followed by an underwhelming album, Hometown Hi-Fi. Screaming Target broke up, and Dreadzone was formed by Roberts and Williams.

    Leo Williams was also part of Mick Jones' Carbon/Silicon, and Mick sang on a recent Dreadzone single called "Too Late", which I thought was quite good. Thanks for sharing Dread Times!