Monday, July 17, 2017

Showbiz & A.G. "Runaway Slave" 1992

Showbiz & A.G. is a american hip hop/rap duo from Bronx, New York, and they started back in 1990. Rodney LeMay (showbiz) is the producer and Ander "The Giant" Barnes (A.G.) is the rapper. Runaway Slave from 1992 was their full lenght debut - and it's full of funky and groovy sampling. Both dudes are still active in the business, sometimes they reunite as well. Groovy!



  1. rather enjoy your mixtapes, have you heard any albums by The Apples from Israel? I think you would like them.


  2. Stunning album is this.

    Stand out tracks are Fat Pockets (although I prefer the mix from the video version) and Soul Clap, what dope hip-hop this is. AG's lyrics wre quite simplistic compared to other folks during the same time but his flow was simply fly. Real hip-hop!

    I say Groover's Choice whats your take on early albums by Inteligent hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi)?

    All the best

    Nathan Randolph