Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nice & Smooth "Same" 1989

Nice & Smooth were a rap duo (Darryl Barnes & Greg Mays) from New York City, this is their self titled debut album from 1989. Classic old school hip hop/rap, very joyful and funky, one of the best albums in the genre from this period - unfairly, their competitors got more attention. Groovy!



  1. Well done on maintaining your blog with an eclectic selection of albums. I'm a hip-hop head by heart and Nice & Smooth are up there as unsung heroes of their genre in hip-hop. I also love the Just-Ice and Schooly D uploads.

    Have you come across Hijack, Caveman or London Posse.

    All the best

    Nathan Randolph

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the choices. And, I agree with you abou Nice & Smooth! Such a favorite.

      I also dig Hijack, Caveman and London Posse, the UK scene is very overlooked in my eyes/ears. There so many great album from that early era (britcore). To me it sounds very refreshing listening to (esp today), the uk rappers had another view and sight. Very joyful and funky:-)