Friday, August 18, 2017

VA - Krautfunk 2: More Funky & Groovy Krautrock Sounds From Germany 1972-1981

Well, here is a 2nd mixtape I made with a more groovy and funky take on the german krautrock scene from the 1970s to early 1980s. You will get some serious jazz-funk breaks, cosmische slow disco, typical new waveish kraut funk, folky grooves and some samba as well! Germany definitely knew how to swing in the 70s. Hope some of you dig it.

01. Jane - Auroville (1978)
02. Ralf Nowy - Tschad (1973)
03. Birdy - Snap Snack (1980)
04. Carsten Bohn's Bandstand - Today In The City (1977)
05. Rousseau - Glockenrock (1980)
06. Cyklus - Nito (1979)
07. Klaus Krüger - You Have To Pay (1981)
08. Achterbahn Band - Cold (1979)
09. Cluster - Caramel (1974)
10. Lutz Ulbrich - Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen (1981)
11. Toto Blanke - Arabab (1976)
12. Volker Kriegel - Definitely Suspicious (1972)
13. Real Ax Band - Samba Mortale (1972)
14. Andy Goldner - Club Of Rome (1979)
15. Ashra - Shuttle Cock (1977)
16. Lutz Rahn - Dracula's Kuss (1978)



  1. Very cool. I came in through the fusion door in the 70's. I must admit that I did not know about these bands and certainly did NOT associate Krautrock with fusion or funk. Thanks for the exposure!

    1. Thank you!

      Well, the term krautrock today is a bit stretched I think, some sort of retrospective construction. To me krautrock included rock, experimental, space, jazz, spiritual, ambient, etc and as the 70s went on it included synth, funk,"disco" and so on. The main point seems that the groups/artists came from Germany:-)

      Way back in the 70s I think krautrock mostly was into rock, progressive, art rock and jazz along with keyboard psychedelic mindblowing experiments, and their own take on the british hard rock scene off course.

      Many groups on the tape above (and the other one I made) are just from Germany, many of them wasn't associate with "kraut". But, as many other retro-genres nowadays it's just a new kinda way to lookin' back at the "rock history", "krautfunk" is just a funny word, just as "Country Funk" for example, it's a retrospective word construction:-) But I think Germany put out some really nice disco albums in the late 70s and early 80s!

    2. Germany has historically been a leader in groove whether it was Volker Kriegel or Klaus Doldinger's Passport or even some of the productions of Manfred Eicher. (Of course these are artists with whom I am familiar and by no means a complete listing!) I now understand your approach thanks to your taking the time to share and I must say that I concur. I always look forward to seeing what you have posted and particularly your composite efforts. People like yourself are the reason music brings the world closer together. MANY thanks!

    3. Thanks for you kind words! And agree with you about the german grooves. Volker Kriegel was a true ace (I only heard hi 60s and 70s work thought), and his sessions work in Dave Pike Set recorded in the Black Forrest are one of my all time favs:-)

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