Friday, March 31, 2017

Kid 'N Play ‎"2 Hype" 1988

Kid'N Play were a duo (Christopher "Kid" Reid and Christopher "Play" Martin) from Queens in New York, and with the dj Mark "DJ Wiz" Eastmond they made their groovy and funky debut album 2 Hype in 1988. Old school hip hop from the late 80s when it's most enjoyable and classic at the same time. Groovy!


Junior Soul "Sings For The People" 1978

A very gentle and soulful roots reggae album from 1978 by Junior Soul (aka Valman Smykle) from the former The Federals. A smooth early mix of lovers rock and jamaican reggae. Groovy!


Chuito & The Latin Uniques ‎"From The Street" 1968

Groovy LP by Chuito & The Latin Uniques from 1968 released on Speed Records. This boogaloo/latin album had a lot of brass in parts, and has also a nice vibe of funky soul in some numbers (Hey Funky Mama for example), maybe because they use Tom Middleton (one of three different vocalists on the album, the other two are Danny Agosto and Norberto Carrasquillo) in some numbers? Groovy!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

D.J. Jazzy Jeff-Fresh Prince ‎"Rock The House" 1987

The hip hop duo D.J. Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince (aka Jeff Townes and Will Smith) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania made this debut cult classic in 1987, still very enjoyable and groovy. Rock the house!


Keeling Beckford "Combination" 1978

Combination is a rare LP by singer (and later producer) Keeling Beckford from 1978. This is a very charming and groovy roots reggae album with nice dub effects on some tracks. Beckford was born in Kingston, Jamaica but moved to London in the mid 70s, but rather quick moved to Brooklyn, New York. From 1980 he went producing early hip hop in the big apple with Grandmaster Flash for 12 Star Records. Groovy!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Diazpora "Islands" 2017

Diazpora are a very groovy act from Germany, they play a splendid old school high energy funk in the vein of The J.B.'s with groovy bass lines, dirty guitars, heavenly horns, and they had a vocalist with energic and nasty attitude. Their music got elements/vibes of both afrofunk and ethiopique jazz, and with vintage rock as well. Support the band HERE. Groovy!


Reggae Regular "Ghetto Rock" 1984

This is a really great UK roots reggae album from 1984. Reggae Regular were formed in south London in 1976, and they released a bunch of singles for Greensleeves Records during the late 70s and 80s. They also released an album in 1980 under the name The Regulars, and were involved in the short lived group I & IGhetto Rock is their first (and only) LP. Groovy!


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh ‎"Throw Down" 1987

New Orleans classic duo - rapper Gregory D and DJ Mannie Fresh first LP Throw Down from 1987. Groovy and funky breakdancin and rappin' old school hip-hop. Throw down!


Byard Lancaster ‎"It's Not Up To Us" 1968

This is the Philadelphia born saxophonist Byard Lancaster's debut LP, released in 1968 by Vortex Records. The album is some kind of crossover and mix between soul-jazz and free-jazz, very spiritual and groovy work.


Groove Holmes "American Pie" 1972

The groove himself, organ player Richard "Groove" Holmes released this funky soul-jazz LP in 1972 on the Groove Merchant label (you got it?). His version of Don McLean's mega hit American Pie may be a little to cheerful, but the rest of the album is very groovy!


Monday, March 27, 2017

El Chicano "Revolucion" 1971

This was the Los Angeles based group El Chicano's 2nd LP. On this album from 1971 they sounded even more (or very similar) to Santana (but more groovy), but thankfully without their endless and hysterical guitar solos and pretty boring jams. This is chicano/latin rock at it's best. So groovy!


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Klaus Doldinger "The Ambassador" 1969

The Ambassador is a wonderful double-album by berliner Klaus Doldinger from 1969, the last in his own name before forming the legendary group Passport the year after. This groovy jazz set includes elements of brazil, middle east, africa and has a cool typical of time hippie-vibe over it. Sadly this LP never got reissued. Groovy!


Allen Kwela "Black Beauty" 1975

Black Beauty is a groovy and funky soul-jazz and cape-jazz LP from South Africa released in 1975. Allen Kwela was one the most famous jazz guitarists from South Africa, he died in Johannesburg in 2003. It's very strange that this album never got a reissue. Groovy!


Saturday, March 25, 2017

VA - 2017, The 1st Quarterly Report

Well, it's very simple: here is 2 mixtapes with my favourite songs from the 2017 so far (the first quartal). Like every year it's a fantastic year for new music of every kinds. There is so much great and groovy tunes "out there", I just had to grab them, feel the groove and spread the words in those 2 mixtapes. Hope you like it and have a nice weekend...

01. Ill Camille - Black Gold
02. Chinese Man - Liar (feat. Kendra Morris, Dillon Cooper)
03. Geoffroy - Pusherman
04. Middle Kids - Your Love
05. Horse Thief - Evil's Rising
06. Devin the Dude - Tonight
07. Wiki & Your Old Droog - What Happened To Fire
08. Kelissa - Topsy Turvy
09. Westside Gunn - Brains Flew By
10. Swifty McVay - Over Protective
11. Zooey - Time to Get Alone
12. Oh No & Tri-State - Tears on My Nautica (feat. Washeyi Choir)
13. Damaged Bug - Bunker Funk
14. Substantial - Follow the Master
15. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Melodys Actual Echo Chamber
16. deadmau5 - Support
17. Daye Jack - Finish Line
18. GoldLink - Summatime
19. The Moonlandingz - The Strangle of Anna
20. Kiefer - Tubesocks

01. Horja - All Time Open (feat.Charra Love)
02. Formation - Buy And Sell
03. Onry Ozzborn - Birfday
04. Your Old Droog - Bangladesh (feat. Heems)
05. Eric Lau - Amerie
06. Lowly - Mornings
07. Loyle Carner - Mean It In The Morning
08. M-Dot - Gleamin' (feat. B.A.M)
09. Murs - G Is for Gentrify 1000 Suns
10. Louis La Roche - All I Had
11. HalfNoise - French Class
12. Popcaan - Addicted
13. Oddisee - NNGE (feat. Toine)
14. Anna Wise - Some Mistakes
15. Nadia Reid - Right On Time
16. Juveniles - Under One Name
17. David Bazan - Make Music
18. Lazerhawk - Dream Within a Dream
19. Page Kennedy - W.C.W (feat. Kuniva)
20. The Alchemist - Amen

Friday, March 24, 2017

VA - I'm There (The Groovy Sounds Of Bob Dylan 1968-1971)

Here is a mixtape I made with cover versions of Bob Dylan songs recorded 1968-1971. This was not a try to do a "best of" zimmerman-covers, not even from the those specific years, and many artists and versions/songs are missing from the period. We all love Roger McGuinn and The Byrds don't we? This was just meant to be a groovy mixtape to fill your head with, and it was pretty fun to put this together. Hope some of you dig it.

01. Terry Boylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues (1969)
02. Sam Lay's Bluesband - Maggie's Farm (1969)
03. Robert E. Lee Brigade - Ballad Of A Thin Man (1970)
04. Lonnie Mack - The Man In Me (1971)
05. Joan Baez - Drifter's Escape (1968)
06. José Feliciano - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (1968)
07. Bold - It's All Over Now Baby Blue (1969)
08. Ramblin' Jack Elliott ‎- Girl From The North Country (1971)
09. Jack Downing - Queen Jane Approximately (1970)
10. The Rainbow Press - As I Went Out One Morning (1969)
11. Melanie - Lay Lady Lay (1971)
12. Cher - Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (1969)
13. Johnny Rivers - Positively 4th Street (1968)
14. The Flying Circus - You Ain't Goin Nowhere (1969)
15. John Davidson - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (1969)
16. Flatt & Scruggs - Wanted Man (1970)
17. Arlo Guthrie - Percy's Song (1970)
18. Rick Nelson - Just Like a Woman (1971)
19. Olivia Newton-John - If Not For You (1971)
20. Ronnie Hawkins - One Too Many Mornings (1970)


Guelewars Band Of Banjul ‎"Tasito" 1980

Guelewars Band Of Banjul were a group from Ghambia, Tasito is their first LP from 1980. The music is some kind of afrobeat/afrofunk with vibes of folk, electronic and psychedelia. Sadly (and strange) this LP never got a reissue, so this is a bit cracky vinyl rip (but still very enjoyable). Groovy!


Gary Burton "Tennessee Firebird" 1967

Gary Burton is unarguably one of the best jazz vibraphonists ever, he made a bunch of cool and groovy jazz albums in the 60s and 70s. Burton actually loved the country music as well, so much he went to Nashville at the end of september in 1966 to record (the first? the only?) an jazz-country LP with top country musicians. The result is unique and very groovy in parts. The two Bob Dylan covers may be the highlights (esp. I Want You wich is the definitive version except Dylans own) and an extraordinary version of Hank Williams Alone And Forsaken (it really sounds as modern-jazz, actually like it could have been recorded 2017). Sadly this album were ahead of it's time and sold poorly. And, of course it (sadly) only got a (very limited) reissue in Japan. Groovy!


Marcos Valle "Previsao do Tempo" 1973

One of Marcos Valle's coolest LP's, Previsao do Tempo was released in 1973 and put the man in a kind of new direction in his career. The music is more groovy brazilian funky than his earlier work, a true gem. Groovy!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Southern Avenue "Same" 2017

Well, Stax Records is alive again. The group Southern Avenue made a great album for the label in february this year, and their mix of retro southern soul with vibes of blues and some kind of "southern" sounded "country/rock" is pleasant. Support the group here. Groovy!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jonny Teupen ‎"Harpadelic" 1969

The german harpist Jonny Teupen released Harpadelic in 1969, a groovy pop-jazz-cocktail in the MPS way. Not as funky and "psychedelic" as Dorothy Ashby's LP's from the same time, but definitely groovy! 


Wolfgang Dauner Quintet ‎"The Oimels" 1969

Highly acclaimed organist Wolfgang Dauner made this groovy and psychedelic LP called The Oimels in 1969 for the hip MPS Records, one of the best and finest examples of crossovers where jazz meets pop/rock/psychedelia from the late 60s era. Siegrid Schwab made a incredible work on guitar and sitar. Sadly this LP never been reissued  except from a limited japan-only release over ten years ago. Groovy!


Bulgarian Jazz Quartet "Jazz Focus '65" 1969

This little masterpiece from MPS Records was recorded in Villingen, Germany in the summer of 1968 by Bulgarian Jazz Quartet, and released in 1969 with the title Jazz Focus '65, confusing? Maybe. But, this is a hell of a great modern jazz LP, standard and moody, but also groovy and spiritual. Amazing flute work by Simeon Shterev.  Groovy!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bobby Byrd ‎"I Need Help (Live On Stage)" 1970

The singer Bobby Howard Byrd worked with James Brown from the mid 50s to the mid 70s (he actually asked Brown to join The Famous Flames in the early 50s), and was married to Vicki Anderson (who also sang with Brown), he also made some releases of his own. I Need Help is part recorded live (and some may be fake live) and part studio from 1969. The sound is of course very similar to the recordings James Brown did at the same time. Funky and groovy!


The Mirettes "Whirlpool" 1969

The Ikettes were formed in 1960 already, and their work with Ike & Tina Turner through the decade is highly acclaimed, in 1968 they changed their name to The Mirettes. This groovy and funky gem from 1969 is very underrated. Groovy!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Galaxy "Hot, Wet & Sticky" 1978

Hot, Wet & Sticky is a great and overlocked funk disco LP from 1978 by Galaxy. Recorded at Fame studios and produced by Wayne Douglas Jr. Groovy!


Newcleus "Jam On Revenge" 1984

Origin from Brooklyn this old school hip hop and electro group Newcleus released Jam On Revenge in 1984, this was their debut LP and is nowadays a classic. Groovy!


The Pepper Pots "Now!" 2009

The Pepper Pots are a very groovy orchestra from Girona, Catalonia. Their music are inspired from the sixties girl group sound, the early Motown era and the early soul Chicago sound. Support the band here. Groovy!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Latinaires "Camel Walk" 1968

Rare and groovy latin boogaloo LP from 1968 with Joe Rivera and friends recorded in Bronx, released by Fania Records and produced by maestro Harvey Averne! Groovy!


The Dells ‎"No Way Back" 1976

The Dells were formed in Harvey, Illinois in 1952 already, No Way Back was their first album for Mercury after more than twenty years of recordings for the Argo/Cadet/Chess label. This groovy and funky soundtrack LP is one of their more vital albums ever. Groovy!


Peter Broggs "Rise and Shine" 1985

Peter Droggs great mid 80s album Rise And Shine. Straight roots reggae in the vein of Gregory Isaacs, Barrington Levy and Errol Holt, released by RAS in 1985. Groovy!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tami Neilson "Don't Be Afraid" 2015

Incredible great album from 2015 by Tami Neilson, canadaian-raised and now based in New Zealand singer (and songwriter). Her music is a late 50s and 60s retro/vintage sounded gospel, soul, blues, country and rockabilly in a very groovy sounded production. Support her here. Groovy!


Carlos Lyra ‎"Saravá!" 1969

Carlos Lyra is a brazilian singer and composer, a true legend in his homeland, and has a long career behind him. Seravá! from 1969 is a warm, gentle and groovy samba/bossa LP, I think it's annoying and unfair that he never got BIG outside Brazil.  Groovy!


Whodini "Same" 1983

These legendary Brooklyn boys were formed in 1981, they were one the first big groups to get nationwide in the first era of hip hop. This is their debut album from 1983. Groovy!


Friday, March 17, 2017

VA - Dancehall Dayz (Jamaican Sounds 1983-1985)

Here is a mixtape I made with jamaican dancehall music (a couple of more straight reggae as well) from 1983-1985. Turn on your sound system!

01. Little Harry - Harry On The Go (1983)
02. Barrington Levy - Trying To Ruin My Life (1983)
03. Boom Back - Road Block (1985)
04. Papa Levi - Mi God Mi King (1984)
05. Mystic Horrizon - Murder Murdee Style (1985)
06. Mikey Dread - Paradise (1983)
07. Frankie & Singy Singy - Prefer The Mother (1984)
08. Josey Wales - Yu Wrong Fe Send Come Call Me (1984)
09. Screwdriver - Ring The Bell (1985)
10. Tony Brutus - Water Pistol (1983)
11. Midnight Riders - Illegal Gun (1985)
12. Don Carlos - Lazer Beam (1983)
13. Carlton Bryan - Gridlock (1984)
14. Bobby Melody - Sensi Man (1985)
15. Little John - Searching Everyday (1983)
16. Half Pint - Mr. Landlord (1983)
17. Clarence Parks - Militant Youth (1984)
18. Ranking Ann - Kill The Police Bill (1984)
19. Ranchy - Just Cool (1984)
20. Frankie Jones - Your Love (1985)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Laura Lee ‎"I Can't Make It Alone" 1974

One of the greatest Chicago soul sisters ever, the lovely Laura Lee. Amazing deep soul from 1974 released by Invictus and Holland Dozier Holland. Groovy!


Latimore "It Ain't Where You Been... It's Where You're Goin'" 1976

Lovely Miami groove from the legendary Latimore, nice mix of groovy soul and laid back disco from one of the finest trademarks from Florida's T.K. Productians. Groovy!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dub Natty Sessions "Same (feat. Dennis Bovell)" 2014

Dub Natty Sessions moved from Venezeula in 2013 to London, the year after they recorded a very groovy roots reggae dub (mostly instrumental) album with legendary Dennis Bovell. Very nice horn section! Support the band here. Groovy!


The Mike Nock Underground "Between or Beyond" 1971

Recorded at MPS studios in Villingen, Germany summer of 1970, this groovy jazz-funk was released in 1971 and has the typical atmosphere of MPS and the "black forrest". Very spiritual and groovy organ work by the New Zealand Mike Nock. Groovy!


Mor Thiam ‎"Dini Safarrar (Drums Of Fire)" 1973

This is a very rare and groovy afro-jazz-folk LP from 1973 by the senegalese drummer Mor Thiam. Dini Safarrar is an highly acclaimed cult classic among enthusiasts of jazz, funk, hip-hop and african music, the label Jazzman Records did a very limited reissue of the album last year. Groovy!


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rashied Ali Quartet ‎"New Directions In Modern Music" 1973

Rashied Ali played drums on John Coltrane's last recordings in 1966-1967, after his death he formed his own quartet, this is their first LP released by Ali himself in 1973 on his Survival Records label (but recorded in 1971). New Directions In Modern Music contains two long tracks, Carlos Ward made an incredible job on alto sax and flute. The music is somewhere between free jazz and avant garde. Groovy!


Johnny Dyani Quartet ‎"Song For Biko" 1979

Moody and spiritual jazz LP from 1979 by Johnny Dyani Quartet - maybe this is the definition of cape jazz after all? Nice work by Don Cherry. Groovy!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Hempress Sativa "Unconquerebel" 2017

Amazing roots reggae by jamaican by female singer and dj Hempress Sativa (aka Kerida Johnson). Unconquerebel is a fantastic produced album by Christopher Mattis and includes great songs with beats of reggae, lovers rock and elements of dub. Support Hempress Sativa here. Groovy!


Prince Jammy Presents Barry Brown ‎"Showcase" 1980

Great set from 1980 with Barry Brown and producer Prince Jammy. You will get roots reggae with nice and restrained dub. Groovy!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

S.O.U.L. ‎"What Is It" 1971

A fantastic debut LP by S.O.U.L. from Cleveland, Ohio, mostly instrumental. The mix of funk, groove and soul with hip psychedelic elements is outstanding. Amazing flute work! Groovy!


Heads Funk Band ‎"Hard World" 1975

Very rare LP from 1975 by the nigerian group Heads Funk Band. The music is western sounded funk with african vibes and elements of "rock". The album got reissued on cd and vinyl by PGM 2016. Very groovy!


Foster Sylvers "Same" 1973

I guess many refuse this LP as some kind of Jackson 5 pastische, but this is a very groovy album by then 11 year old Foster Sylvers. The mix of gentle and groovy soul with funky vibes is lovely. It includes the minor hit Misdeminor, and a groovy version of Paul McCartney's Uncle Albert. Foster Sylvers became a multi instrumentalist, producer and songwriter, and are still active. Groovy!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Superpowers ‎"Revival Time" 2007

Great album from 2007 by the Boston combo The Superpowers. The mix of afrofunk and jazz is lovely. Groovy!


Bon Rock ‎"B-Boy (Oh-La-Oh)" 1983

Groovy and funky LP with early rap/hip-hop by Bon Rock from 1983.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Jeremy Steig "Legwork" 1969

One of the highlights in american flutist Jeremy Steig's career. Legwork was released in 1970 by Solid State Records, Steig is backed by Don Alias and Eddie Gomez. This is groovy jazz with a cool hippie vibe. It includes his biggest "hit" Howlin' For Judy (wich Beastie Boys sampled in Sure Shot). Groovy!


Billy Larkin & The Delegates ‎"Dr. Feelgood" 1968

Dr. Feelgood from 1968 was the last LP Billy Larkin & The Delegates (and their hippest) ever released. This may be the very definition of what organ-driven, funky and groovy soul-jazz is all about.