Sunday, May 15, 2016

Scott Walker "We Had It All" 1974

Well, Scott Walker may not be one of my favorite artists, I really enjoy his ballads from the late sixties - so moody. But, the theatrical and bombastic orchestred tunes he so often did is not my cup of tea at all. This LP from 1974 was he's last album before he retired for some years (he did a short reunion with The Walker Brothers?). As the previous albums from the early seventies this is a more laid back and folky country tinged album. A bunch of the songs were written by the country artist Billy Joe Shaver, then some covers of Gordon Lightfoot (Sundown) and Alex Harvey (Delta Dawn) amog others. To me rather unexpectedly, his voice fits perfect for this soft singer-sonwriter oriented kind of project. This LP definitely deserves more attention!



  1. I agree. His over the top, orchestrated work was something I couldn't come to terms with. But stuff like this; what a voice!

  2. Snakeboy - Yeah, what a voice. Sometimes I think wich record he could have done if he had right material, like the early Leonard Cohen for example.

  3. This man's body of work is second to none. Beginning with Scott 1, 2, 3 and 4 (particularly the Brell songs) leading on to Climate of Hunter, Tilt, The Drift and Bisch Bosh, he has released an astounding set of recordings that stretch the ears and lighten up the soul. I wish he released albums more frequently. Forget the middle of the road mush, leave such second rate material to the millions of crooners.

    1. Terry Peck - Thanks for you comment. I'm not such a big fan of Scott Walker as I mentioned earlier (and the reasons). I really find the LP above groovy. I wish he'd made more albums like that in the old days.

  4. Wow, thanks ... I didn't know this one at all. It will be playing in my house for the weekend :)