Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Bridge "Overdrive" 1972

The Bridge may be one of the first groups of the german organist Kristan Schultze. This LP from 1972 called "Overdrive", and have the lovely subtitle Rock Jazz Party (back then it was released as an budget album by the label Tempo Records). The LP is a dazzling mix of groovy jazz-funk, fusion and easy listening. In 2002 the album got vindicated by a nice reissue, but with a new and different album cover, and renamed as Kristian Shultze Set "Recreation". For this post i choosed the original album cover art and the original title. This sure is a groovy and funky party!



  1. Oooh yeah, here's to a groovy Sunday morning! Feels good. Thankyou Aaron!

  2. I just played this album for the first time this morning, very cool.