Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VA - Feelin' Groovy! 20 Cuts From The Soft & Sunny America 1966-1970

A really groovy era for sure. Sometimes a bit too hippy dippy and silly in my opinion (too many strawberries, suns and popsicles?). This mixtape was not a try to do a complete overview of the american sunshine genre at all. I'ts a just my picture of the groovy happening 1966-1970, just a bunch of favorite tunes. There's no Beach Boys, Left Banke or Grass Roots here but I dig 'em for sure! I really respect the people who made the enourmous series in this genre full of raspy cracky obscure singles, but to be honest I ain't that obsessed with the scene. This music makes it better (in my opinion) with a great and crispy sound quality, so the harmonies, orchestration och groove really fill the mind. Feelin' Groovy!

01. The Moon - Someday Girl (1968)
02. The Tokens - Portrait Of My Love (1967)
03. The Gentle Soul - Our National Anthem (1968)
04. Mamas & The Papas - Somebody Groovy (1966)
05. The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band - Antagonizing Friend (1967)
06. The Association - Never My Love (1967)
07. The Happenings - Go Away, Little Girl (1966)
08. The Vogues - Just What I've Been Looking For (1968)
09. The Millenium - It's You (1968)
10. Buckinghams - You Are Gone (1967)
11. Brian Hyland - On the East Side (1970)
12. American Breed - Don't Forget About Me (1967)
13. Blades Of Grass - Satin Slipper (1968)
14. Montage - I Shall Call Her Mary (1968)
15. The Cowsills - The Rain, The Park & Other Things (1967)
16. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Queen Nymphet (1967)
17. Fun & Games - The Way She Smiles (1968)
18. The Clique - I'll Hold Out My Hand (1969)
19. Love Generation - Love Is A Rainy Sunday (1968)
20. The Sunshine Company - Back On The Street Again (1967)



  1. I don't know what to say other than thank you. You have given us so many groovy shares that I have created your own folder on my computer. "Aaron Vincent" so I know where your files are. And it's filling fast.

    1. JohnnyDiego - I'm overwhelmed by your kind comments. I'm really glad you feel the comps groovy:-D

  2. Thanks again for two more great comps to check out.

    1. Gyro1966 - So happy you find them interesting!

  3. Hey JD, I have the same! A special file called 'Grooves' just for Aaron's excellent selections. I figured that was a good title. It's what the world needs now... more grooves! :)

    1. Bilbo - You got that right for sure, the world needs to be a groovier place today! :-)

  4. Good to see we are probably a lot to have created a special folder for Aaron Vincent.
    Dear Aaron, sure that if Elvis could have heard any of your compilations, he would have said "I want it, I need it and I love It"

    1. LittleJack - I'm honored to have a own folder! Thanks for your kind comments as well:-)

  5. Thank you Aaron! Your new blog is shaping up very nicely!