Sunday, May 22, 2016

VA - This Funky Thing! 20 Raw & Funky Groovers 1967-1973

Well, this is the 1st of 2 mixtapes with funk from the golden years 1967-1973. It is a wide genre, and I choose to include some funky soul jazz, raw instrumentals, female popcorns, groovy gentlemen, funky R&B and a few in the blaxploitation way. This was not a try to do a fair overview of those funky years, just some good mixtapes for the ears. Sure I could have included Gil Scott-Heron and Fatback Band for example, but you can't include 'em all. James Brown and his diverse constilations, record lable and projects are not included, maybe because I heard them in absurdity. And, I will also share some mixtapes with James Browns singers, groups, projects and productions later on. Feel the funk!

01. The Nu People - I`d Be Nowhere Today (1969)
02. Chuck Edwards - Downtown Soulville (1968)
03. Robert Jay - Alcohol (1973)
04. Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - Color Blind (1971)
05. Jackie Hairston - Hijack (1967)
06. Johnny Otis - Banana Peels (1967)
07. Earnest Jackson - Joy And Affection  (1971)
08. Rhetta Hughes - You're Doing It With Her (When It Should Be Me) (1968)
09. The PCs LTD - Fast Man (1970)
10. Davy Jr. And The Guess Who - Party In Joe Craig's Bar (1969)
11. Pearl Dowell - Good Things (1970)
12. The US - Let's Do It Today (1970)
13. Delores Ealy & The Roadrunners Band - It's About Time I Made A Change (1973)
14. Judson Moore - Everybody Push and Pull (1970)
15. The Dynamic Tints - Be My Lady (1971)
16. Kenneth Wells - Contagious (1967)
17. Original Soul Senders - Soul Brothers Testify Part 1 (1968)
18. B.W. Souls - Marvin's Groove (1969)
19. Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - Trying To Survive (1969)
20. S.O.U.L. - Burning Spear (1971)


  1. Thank you, Aaron. Your mixes are fun and a real treat. And now I see all in one package. Thanks. And don't ever stop providing dates. Recording or release dates are almost like having the record cover in hand. I know what I'm listening to and when it was recorded. Gives me more meaning to the songs.

    1. I'm glad the package seems more correctly! I agree with you within' the recording dates;-)

  2. Cheers

    Cheers Marlon

  3. Thanks for your great compilations. They are appreciated. The graphics are fantastic!

    1. I'm glad you enjoy the mixtapes! And the art as well:-)

  4. Long life for this blog! Amazing!