Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jim Stafford "Same" 1974

Well, the sharp dressed Florida born Jim Stafford may be a lot more famous in america than here in europe. He is (or was) an comedian, actor and also a musician, and he also briefly was married the queen of delta swamp Bobbie Gentry. This LP from 1974 was his first of two albums that he released back in the seventies (the other one is Not Just Another Pretty Foot from 1975), and it was produced by Lobo and Tony Scotti, it's probably most famous for the two killer country swamp grooves Spiders & Snakes and Swamp Witch (wich both where big selling singles in US). In my opinion this is an hell of a great album (sure it's has two or three silly tunes). I also include a bonus below:-) Do the snake!


  1. Hello! I've been meaning to comment for awhile now, but it's this Jim Stafford post that's finally put me over the top. I love your blog! I'm so pleased that you started it and have kept at it with such fervor. Clearly a labor of love! I was enjoying your earlier compilations when they began appearing over in the Twilightzone comments, and the quality, insight and eclectic FUN has continued here. I'm loving the comps and learning from them, and I'm tickled to see them mixed in with the albums you've been posting. Cheers to you and thanks for sharing, please keep up the good work! :)

    1. Sorry for late answer! Thank you so much for your nice and kind words:-) I'm really happy that you find my mixtapes and posts groovy:-) Have a great day!