Monday, June 20, 2016

Mammane Sani "La Musique Électronique Du Niger" (1979)

Well, i don't know much (nothing) about the Nigerian electronic scene from the late seventies (is there a huge world community of this genre maybe?). But Mammane Sani Abdoulaye is apperently a legend. This LP is an 2013 reissue by Sahel Sounds Records of an extremely rare cassette Sani released in 1979 (recorded in 1978). It was recorded at the National Radio Station in Nigeria, the music was transposed and overdubbed in two takes - and the result is a totally unique piece of art. The instrumental music is very dark and dreamy, repetitive but hypnotic and dopey, and has a timeless beat. These recordings are quite primitive and has a charming lo-fi sound. When I listened to it I immediately thinking of the Wisconsin-based husband-and-wife indie duo Peaking Lights, wich has released a bunch of great records the last ten years with a very droney neo-psychedelic lo-fi electronoic dub. This reissue (vinyl only) is already out of print, but you can find more info about Sani and these recordings on Sahel Sounds homepage.