Monday, June 20, 2016

Rob ‎"Make It Fast, Make It Slow" 1978

You have to love artists like Rob posing as corny and tough at the same time on their own album covers. Make It Fast, Make It Slow from 1978 is his second LP, and he was a pretty big star in Ghana back in the days (maybe still is?). The music on the album is a groovy mix of african funk and soul, and I think it have that special Ghana-sound (if you ask the puritans) too. I'm so thankful that record labels like Soundway and Analog Africa reissued a lot of this 70s stuff and make this wonderful groovy music available for us. Shake it up and do the boogaloo, or just make it funky!


  1. It's a kind of cheesy cover, but the music in the grooves is 100% greasy funk, African-style. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Aaron!

    1. Thank you for hangin' around in here and found some grooves:-D