Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Serpil Örümcer ‎"Aşka Hasret" 1981

Well, I know nothing about this girl Serpil Örümer, except she's from Turkey, and it seems that she was a rather big star there in the 70s and 80s. I also think she was an actres and a model too, but everything about her on internet is written in the turkish language, and I understand nothing. Aska Hasret must be one of the smoothest disco LP's from Turkey way back (of those I heard), it's a wonderful mix of western inspired late 70s quality disco meeting superb turkish folklore (words in turkish too), and she has a lovely deep voice. 

For some years now it have been a big hype about the turkish psychedelic scene, wouldn't it be time to strike a blow for the Turkish disco now? It's damned groovy!


  1. I think that Turkish scene is overrated Baris Manco for example but this a gem
    Thank you

    1. Thanks:-) I agree with you in parts, definitely about Baris Manco, in my opinion it's only his debut album from 1971 and some singles (and maybe as a producer in the seventies) that are groovy.

    2. Oops , I took at look my collection well Ersen , Mustafa Ozkent , Mogollar , such comps as Bosphorus Bridge are enjoyable , I confess