Friday, July 29, 2016

Brian Hyland "Same" 1970

Well, I know nothing about Brian Hyland except he was some kind of teenage pop idol in the early to mid sixties - I'm not a big fan of traditional teenage pop from that period - maybe therefor I know such a little about the guy. This LP from 1970, released on the UNI label is a beautiful one, produced and mostly written by Del Shannon. I think this album was meant to be a comeback? What I understand he had a big AM-Radio hit in US from this album with The Impressions Gypsy Woman, a nice cover version, so are the version of The Thrill Is Gone. The album is actually very groovy, and full of great sunny, often uptempo soft-pop, It's well produced and it reminds me a bit of  both Neil Diamonds best moments, and with Paul Williams lovely LP Someday Man. Feelin' groovy!


  1. a lovely album indeed, i particularly like "on the east side"..

  2. Thanks Aaron - New to me, I look forward to playing it!