Monday, July 4, 2016

Matata "Air Fiesta" & "Independence" 1972/1974

Matata was a short lived group from Kenya who recorded two brilliant albums in London the early/mid seventies for the President label, Air Fiesta is their first LP from 1972. The album includes some some great funk, afro soul and also has some kind of moody psychedelic vibes in light parts as well as a reggae tune. Sometimes the music sounds a bit similiar too the groups Cymande and Demon Fuzz. Maybe a bit shattered debut, but groovy for sure!

This LP from 1974 is heavy influenced by James Brown and The JB's - and it's darn funky!  Independence is Matata's second LP and the music is mostly tight ass funk the american style, lightly spiced with the Kenyan afro sound. Incredible groovy!

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