Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Pyramids "King Of Kings" 1974

The Ohio collective The Pyramids definitely took jazz to a different place (and to a higher level) in the early to mid 70s. They mix free/spiritual jazz, fusion and hard bop with wild and primal african folklore, spiced with edgy funk and grooves. This is truly one of a kind - but it's fantastic. Sometimes it reminds me of Ginger Baker's early african solo efforts and Miles Davis masterpiece On The Corner, but this is way more spooky and hypnotic. King Of Kings has three long tracks and one short, this is definitely not for everyone, sadly the limited vinyl only reissue is long out of pring and the original vinyl barely exists. This album is for open minded dudes and fans of the related acts I mentioned, for those of us this is a feast and celebrating of life. Groovy!



  1. Wow. Thanks! One doesn't see this one very often......

  2. You just made my day! I'll have to add this blog to my list!

    -An Ism to Horns and Beats