Sunday, August 14, 2016

Joe Isaac Henderson "Give A Helping Hand" 1975

Well, this is some kinda holy grail for collector's of soul, soul/gospel and 70s black music. I know nothing about Joe Isaac Henderson (1950-1999), except he was in the US army in Vietnam, and recorded this LP in 1975, released  on Piggylo Records. Give A Helping Hand includes nearly everything - gospel tinged soul, northern soul (some says), country, funk, a slow blues tinged big band nummer. Please notice that Henderson himself declared he's a "soul country man" on the front cover! The music is really groovy in parts, and has a nice D.I.Y. atmosphere through the whole album. This is definitely worth some listenings! Groovy!



  1. Totally new to me but it looks interesting so I'll take a copy...many thanks for posting.

    1. Hope you find it groovy in part. Thanks for looking:-)