Thursday, August 11, 2016

Marlena Shaw "Sweet Beginnings" 1977

Well, I'm also one of those who get bananas over Marlena Shaw's ultra groovy album The Spice Of Life from 1969. But, she actually made some really cool stuff in the mid to late 70s too! Sweet Beginnings from 1977 is a groovy smörgåsbord with soul, funk, disco, attitude and political messages, sometimes with a nice touch of jazz. It's time groove brothers and sisters!


  1. Please post "The Spice Of Life" if you have it. Also, have been meaning to thank you for all of your very groovy shares. I really dug Eddie Palmieri's 1968 "Superimposition". Any more from Mr. Palmieri would be really appreciated. And the Brian Hyland disc was a real treasure. THANKS!

    1. Here you have "The Spice Of Life"

      I will be post some more Eddie Palmieri in a week or two - cheers!

  2. Thanks very much for this. Looking forward to more from Mr. Palmieri.

  3. do you have marlena's 1972marlena? thanks in advance your blog is so cool!