Thursday, August 18, 2016

Toño Quirazco Y Su Hawaiiana ‎"Jamaica Ska" 1965 & "Ska Vol. II" 1966


Here is the two amazing LP's by Toño Quirazco when he (and his combo) doing the mexican ska. The albums are from 1965 and 1966, and they are very charming. The mexican ska culture has lived ever since, and today is huge. This is groovy?

Toño Quirazco Y Su Hawaiiana ‎"Jamaica Ska" 1965
Toño Quirazco Y Su Hawaiiana "Ska Vol. II" 1966


  1. mp3s without sound

  2. Hello Aaron . when I try to listen these records I always have the same message:unable to open mp3 file. I´ve tried with diferent players without results. Can you upload it again? Thanks for all the good music,
    you´re doing a great work.

  3. Ska from Mexico in the 1960s???? I had no idea!