Friday, November 18, 2016

Gospel Six ‎"A Reason To Pray" 1972

Over the years it's most often (or always) the blues that get the big attention when talking about the legendary Chess Records (and their labels Checker & Cadet), very sad and annoying cause the Chess brothers recorded SO MUCH more (and to be honest their Chicago blues standards is pretty hackneyed). The labels of Chess Records released amazing gems in jazz, latin, soul, funk, r&b, psychedelic, pop, doo wop AND gospel. Here is a very groovy soul-gospel LP (sadly never reissued) from 1972 by the group Gospel Six, some of the tunes has a more funky vibe as well. Groovy!


  1. Very true words. Especially the gospel albums are extremely hard to find. Keep them coming...muchos gracias

  2. chess blues hackneyed? what chess blues are you referring to as hackneyed?

    1. Well - most of it? A BIG part of their well known blues is pretty hackneyd. 2-3 times a year the sleepy magazines Uncut & Mojo gives you a cd with those hackneyd blues standards (just a new album cover, with a new "theme", OH, Paul McCartney choose his Chess favorites? OH, Wilko Johnson choose his Chess favourites, OH, Rolling Stones Chess Jukebox AGAIN:-)

      Same songs over and over again, same "hits". Chess Records deserves better in my opinion than those sleepy collections of blues standards.

  3. Thanx for the funky gospel. Checker, Peacock, Songbird, Sue-Anne, etc. Love em.

  4. Thanks Aaron - This is a new one to me.